Mustang Monte Carlo Bars 1964-1970

Ford Mustang Monte Carlo Bars

Mustang Monte Carlo Bars 1964-1970

Ford Mustang Monte Carlo Bars
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Monte Carlo Bars

Could the front end of your classic Ford Mustang use a little more rigidity while you’re making sharp turns on the track or those windy backroads? Are you looking for an aftermarket add-on that will help balance out your suspension system? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the previous questions, it would be wise to browse through CJ Pony Parts’ selection of Mustang Monte Carlo Bars. Ford Mustang monte carlo bars are popular suspension upgrades that many classic muscle car owners install in their engine compartments. If you want quality monte carlo bars for Mustangs, CJ’s is the place to go!

In a perfect world, all roads and surfaces would be completely flat and free of any potholes and breaks in the pavement. Unfortunately, the condition of many major American highways are far from ideal. In order to compensate for all of the unpredictable driving conditions, your Ford Mustang features a fully-functional suspension system. A Ford Mustang's suspension system encompasses your muscle car’s springs and struts &shocks, as well as the wheels & tires. Together, all of these Mustang suspension parts collaborate to increase friction between the tires and the road surface, which will allow for easier steering capabilities and a better overall handle.

While your stock Mustang suspension system is perfectly capable, there is always room for improvement. At times, heavy cornering could be an issue, and the front end of your Ford Mustang might not be equipped to handle certain maneuvers. Well, that is where the Mustang monte carlo bars earn their keep!

Mustang monte carlo bars perform similar tasks in the First Generation Mustangs as the shock tower braces do for the late-model pony cars. Developed by famed automotive designed Carroll Shelby, Ford Mustang monte carlo bars stop shock towers flex and maintain proper wheel alignment during hard cornering.

In an effort to provide more structural support to the front end of the vehicle, Mustang monte carlo bars attach to the tops of the shock towers, and run straight across the engine bay. In addition to ensuring that the front wheels never lose their equilibrium while cornering, Mustang monte carlo bars excel in preventing shock tower stress cracks.

There are two types of Ford Mustang monte carlo bars: Straight and curved. The unique design of the curved Mustang monte carlo bars allow for extra clearance for oval air cleaners and aftermarket distributors. If you are unsatisfied with your factory suspension system or if you are thinking about engaging in any type of performance-driving, it would be a good idea to consider adding a new Mustang monte carlo bar to your vehicle.

Great Deals on Mustang Monte Carlo Bars at CJ Pony Parts

Are you thinking about restoring your First Generation Ford Mustang? If so, don’t forget about the suspension system! While many classic car owners insist on rebuilding their suspension systems to match the original specs, there is nothing wrong with adding one or two aftermarket enhancements. Not only will they improve your handling, but Mustang monte carlo bars can help add some shine to your engine bay. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts offers a large selection of monte carlo bars for Mustangs as well as Mustang monte carlo bar accessories. Be sure to note your vehicle’s year and model before you purchase any Ford Mustang monte carlo bars from CJ’s.

In order to accommodate its wide customer base, CJ Pony Parts sells both straight and curved Mustang monte carlo bars from Global West, Scott Drake, and Total Control Products. Regardless of which well-respected vendor that you select, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting a premium Mustang monte carlo bar that will not let you down! Be sure to check to see if the necessary mounting hardware is included before you make your final purchase.

If a monte carlo bar came standard in your classic pony, there is a chance that your factory equipment has run its course. Similarly, after many years of residing alongside the shock towers and other engine parts, your stock monte carlo bar might have lost some of its shine. In an effort to keep your suspension system in top shape, while preserving your engine bay’s appearance, CJ’s features Mustang monte carlo bars that are crafted from high-quality metal, and are available with either chrome or metallic black finishes. Please note that if you need extra room for an upgraded air cleaner or distributor, it would be wise to select a curved Mustang monte carlo bar instead of a standard straight one.

Once you have finished shopping around for new Ford Mustang monte carlo bars, why not spruce up the rest of your suspension system? While you’re on the site, feel free to browse through CJ’s selection of Mustang panhard bars, strut rods, and more!