Mustang Panhard Bars 1964-2014

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Mustang Panhard Bars 1964-2014

Panhard Bars
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Panhard Bars

Are you experiencing any bone-jarring flex and twist from the rear axle on your late-model Ford Mustang? Does something not feel right in your car's suspension system? If you can relate to either scenario above, it would be wise to invest in a new panhard bar. Adjustable Mustang Panhard Bars are essential suspension modifications that many Ford owners purchase if they decide to lower their muscle cars or make any modifications to the rear axle area. If you are searching for the best panhard bars for Mustangs, look no further than CJ's!

If you are part of a Mustang Club or if you simply enjoy showing off your muscle car to the masses, chances are that you are looking to make your Ford Mustang stand out from the pack, both visually and performance-wise. Lowering your Mustang is a popular aftermarket upgrade that many late-model pony car owners make in order to achieve a more aggressive stance and create more performance capabilities on the road and on the track.

As exciting as the possibility of a lowered Mustang is, however, you must make several important suspension modifications before you perform any major upgrades to your rear axle. Aside from locating aftermarket lowering springs, selecting the correct Mustang panhard bar is one of the most important aftermarket mods that you can make when you decide to lower your car.

When a Mustang is lowered, the rear end of the car will slightly shift to the driver's side of the vehicle, which will kick the tires out to one side over the other. In order to combat this common dilemma, Mustang panhard bars are designed to keep the car's rear axle centered, which will prevent any issues with your suspension system and your drivetrain.

Unlike many factory panhard bars that do not have to deal with any changes to the rear axle, aftermarket Mustang panhard bars are smaller in size, and are built to help your newly lowered pony's axle re-center, so that you can enjoy the same suspension balance in your lowered Mustang as the factory 4x4 stance!

Some Ford drivers elect to remain with their factory suspension parts, even if they have lowered their vehicles, but the risks of neglecting your stock panhard bar far outweigh the rewards of pinching pennies. Factory Mustang panhard bars are not built to withstand any large-scale modifications to the rear axle and could be rendered worthless over time.

Driving around with the incorrect Mustang panhard bar for your modified vehicle could cause detrimental lateral movement of the axle, which could open the door to even further issues down the road. The best way to avoid any suspension-related problems is to purchase a new Mustang panhard bar before you decide to lower your muscle car.

Find the Best Mustang Panhard Bars at CJ Pony Parts

Though they are not required in S550s, Ford Mustang panhard bars are extremely prevalent in Fox Body, SN95, and S197 pony cars. By design, stock Mustang panhard bars favor comfort over performance, and thus, are not engineered to handle any future upgrades to the suspension system. Whether you are refining your Fox Body or if you are looking to lower your S197, CJ Pony Parts would love to help!

CJ's sells a wide variety of adjustable panhard bars for Mustangs that will help take your suspension system to the next level! There are many different types of Ford Mustang panhard bars, and it is important to pick one that correctly corresponds with not only your pony car’s generation but also with whatever goals you have for your suspension system. Because we care about your performance on the streets and the track, CJ’s only carries aftermarket Mustang panhard bars from the most trusted names in the industry.

Regardless of which popular brand that you select, you can rest easy knowing that you will be acquiring a proper adjustable panhard bar that will be a significant upgrade from your factory setup. Be sure to note your muscle car's correct year as well as any fitment requirements prior to checking out. Additionally, be sure to check the bar's measurements before you make your final purchase.

Along with adjustable Mustang panhard bars, CJ's offers panhard bar relocation brackets and complete spring kits that will help you seamlessly adjust your pony car's suspension system. What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ Pony Parts for the best Mustang panhard bars on the market today!