Mustang Quarter Panels 1964-2004

Quarter Panels

Mustang Quarter Panels 1964-2004

Quarter Panels
When was the last time that you checked on the condition of your Mustang Quarter Panels? Not only do they provide necessary structural support, the Ford Mustang quarter panels are an essential part of the vehicle’s body, and are one of the first things that catch a person’s eye when they are looking at your muscle car. Having polished and well-kept Mustang quarter panels can go a long way towards both keeping you safe, and maintaining your Ford Mustang’s curb appeal.
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Quarter Panels

A Ford Mustang’s body & sheet metal is constructed from hundreds of different Mustang exterior parts, with each of them serving a distinct purpose. Though every one of them is important, some Mustang exterior parts are responsible for both linking two parts of the car together, while enhancing the car’s overall appearance at the same time.

The large and extremely important area between the rear doors and truck is covered by the Mustang quarter panels. The rear area of the Ford Mustang is always susceptible to contact from other cars, as well as road debris or hazardous material that has been kicked up from the Mustang tires, so it is essential to keep your Mustang quarter panels clean and in top-shape at all times.

Unlike many of the car’s exterior body parts that are easily detachable, the Ford Mustang quarter panels are welded in place. In order to install new Mustang quarter panels, the old ones must be physically cut off, and the aftermarket upgrades must be accurately welded in. Though new Mustang body panels fit seamlessly in their designated area, cutting off the old parts and welding in the new ones is a labor intensive process. If you are rebuilding a classic pony car from the ground-up, you are going to need to play even closer attention the holes that you are drilling and the heat you are extracting when it is time to install your new Mustang quarter panels.

You want to do everything that you can to protect your Mustang’s beautiful body frame work, but in order to do that, you need to make sure that your Mustang body panels are in working order. Similar to the Mustang fenders, the Ford Mustang body panels are at a high-risk of damage during a collision. Additionally, all of those years of making contact with dirt and road-debris head-on will eventually take its toll on your Mustang quarter panels. If you are beginning to see remnants of dust or dirt constantly pop up around your rear wheel well, there is a good chance that you will need to replace your Mustang body panels.

Find the Best Mustang Quarter Panels at CJ Pony Parts

Though you might be dreading all of the labor that goes into it, Mustang quarter panels are some of the most important purchases that you can make to protect your car’s body. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts features a wide selection of Mustang body panels for pony cars from 1964 all the way through 2014. Whether you are restoring your classic Ford Mustang or if your existing Mustang body panels are damaged beyond repair, CJ’s is the place to go for aftermarket upgrades!

CJ Pony Parts offer a wide variety of Mustang quarter panels as well as Mustang quarter panel skins for convertibles, coupes, and fastbacks. The Ford Mustang quarter panels are available either individually or in pairs. If your Mustang body panels have suffered extensive damage beyond repair, purchasing new ones from either Ford, Dynacorn, or Scott Drake would be less expensive then undergoing the lengthy repair process.

Regardless of which well-respected brand that you choose, you can be assured that the Mustang body panels that you buy from CJ’s are constructed from heavy-gauged stamped steel, and will include lips that extend to both the door jamb and to the rocker area. Prior to attaching, make sure that you have the correct panels for both the driver and passenger sides.

If you are looking to repair or replace certain section of your Mustang body panels, CJ’s offers a selection of Mustang quarter panel patches as well as Mustang quarter panel skins. Mustang quarter panel skins allow you to cut off the rusted out portion of the panel and replace the section over the top of the old one. The skins allow you to save time and money trying to patch up your Mustang body panels, and instead replace the bruised area with crisp body lines that are identical to your original equipment.

In addition to Mustang quarter panels, Mustang quarter panel skins, and patches, CJ Pony Parts offers panel ornaments, panel reflections, and panel reflectors. If you are in need of other Mustang body framework parts, feel free to check out CJ’s selection of Mustang dash assemblies, Mustang door hinges, Mustang floor pans, and more!