Mustang Rear Valance (1969-1970) Installation Instructions

1. To start the installation of your new Mustang Rear Valance, take pictures of old panel's fitment. Note the gap between it and the quarter panel. Note the locations of the screw holes. Note that there is a bolt and clip inside the outer most point of the panel. The nut is in the quarter panel trunk extension area. All others are on the outside behind the bumper. Most are Phillips screws, though the two nuts in the trunk are 3/8-inch. There is room for a socket wrench to get it out.
2. Once you have the old panel removed, fit the new Mustang valance in place.
3. Install the Mustang backup light kit into the panel. Be sure each of the bolt locations are good and that the light will pull up tight against the valance.
Mustang Rear Valance Install Image
4. Once the valance's fit is good, remove it and block it with 400 grit paper to find any highs or lows that may need filled. Fix as needed.
 Rear Valance Install Image
5. Apply a Mustang epoxy primer.
Mustang Rear Valance Install Image
6. Once that is dry, apply another three coats of the Mustang primer.
7. Refit your new Mustang Rear Valance to the car, align all edges, and attach it, then you're done!
Mustang Rear Valance Install Image