Mustang Scott Drake Remote Trunk Release (1965-1966) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • Ratchet & Socket Set (with Deep Sockets)
  • Power Drill & Drill Bits
  • Phillips Screw Drivers
Install Difficulty:
  • Difficulty
  • Easy Project
Preparation: To prepare for the installation of your new Mustang Scott Drake C7AZ-62432A00-A Remote Trunk Release Kit, first determine your preferred location of the remote release handle. Usually it is mounted between the drivers seat and the door sill plate. Be mindful of full adjustment of the seat, both forward and rear. The rear seat will need to be removed.
1. Position the remote handle with base in a comfortable location next to the drivers seat. We recommend that you punch holes in the floor through the Mustang carpet into the floor prior to drilling. Caution must be taken whenever you drill through the carpet as the drill bit can easily pull carpet loop fibers out of the floor of the carpet. Use the four pan head stainless steel mounting screws which have been provided.
Mustang Scott Drake Remote Trunk Release Kit Install Image
2. For a more concealed cable installation, the cable can be routed underneath the Mustang door sill plate to the interior quarter panel along the top rear seat/trunk divider to the passenger side. Route the cable into the trunk area near the right trunk hinge. Route the cable on the underside of the trunk lid using a clamp for both slots on the frame of the trunk. Route the cable through the opening in the trunk frame near to the latch and clamp at this opening. As the cable goes inside this opening, remove the slack in the cable housing as the latch is installed with the cable attached.
Mustang Scott Drake Remote Trunk Release Kit Install Image
3. Using the cable retaining clamps provided and #8 screws, secure the cable along the path to the trunk. CAUTION: Avoid sharp bends in the cable during routing. Use gentle sweeping bends so that the cable is not restricted inside the housing. Cable should not obstruct the rear seat.
Mustang Scott Drake Remote Trunk Release Kit Install Image
4. With a 1/2" socket remove the two bolts that retain the trunk latch. With the 7/8" deep socket remove the trunk lock cylinder retainer nut. Remove the nut washer and sleeve from inside the Mustang trunk lid and remove the lock cylinder housing from the rear.
5. Insert the trunk key into the Mustang trunk lock cylinder. The secret to removing the key cylinder from the housing is pushing in the small pin/button located on the top of the cylinder housing. Rotate the key clockwise approximately 45 degrees to the right while applying pressure to the brass pin. Once the pin is fully depressed pull the cylinder from the housing. Remove the cylinder extension/stem and replace with the special remote control extension/stem which has been provided in your hardware kit. Slip the cylinder back into the housing and turn the key until the small pin/button locks into the housing. Slip the lock assembly back into the trunk lid and reinstall in reverse order. WARNING: Failure to install new remote control extension stem probably will result in cable failure.
6. Install the wire clip on the end of the remote control cable to the trunk latch lever latch assembly. Finally reinstall the trunk latch assembly to the trunk lid. Your new Mustang Scott Drake Remote Trunk Release Kit is now ready for use!
Mustang Scott Drake Remote Trunk Release Kit Install Image