Mustang Suspension 1964-2020

Mustang Suspension 1964-2020

Mustang Suspension 1964-2020

Mustang Suspension 1964-2020
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The Mustang Suspension is an important system that protects you and your passengers from a painful ride down the road since you would otherwise be feeling each and every bump in the road. The Mustang suspension also protects many of the Mustang engine components in your Mustang, since they would otherwise be bounced around a lot without a Mustang suspension to protect them, and many would be unable to survive the bouncing. Needless to say, your Mustang suspension is a very important system, and one that you want to make sure is always working its best.

Here's just a few of the benefits of an upgraded Mustang suspension system:

  • Higher quality, more reliable parts
  • Better look
  • Safety
  • Ability to tailor the suspension to the purpose of your Mustang (racing, street, etc.)

However, if your Mustang suspension is working correctly already, you may desire to utilize one of CJ Pony Parts' Mustang suspension components to upgrade and build a Mustang that just rides better, or is designed for a specific purpose, like racing. Many components, including those from BMR, Eibach, Ford Racing and Maximum Motorsports, are perfect for performance suspension upgrades, to get your Mustang suspension ready for the harsher ride of a drag strip or a fast drive down a country road.

Another possibility to consider with a Mustang suspension upgrade is the style it can give your Mustang. Lowering your Mustang is an option that many pursue, not just because of the benefits it gives you, but because of the great look of a lowered Mustang. CJ Pony Parts offers many lowering spring kits for the Mustang suspensions of just about any Mustang on the road. Browse CJ's inventory and find the lowering kit that has the ride height and performance characteristics you're looking for and make your order today.

CJ Pony Parts sells hundreds of Mustang suspension parts, and these Mustang suspension components are available for any Mustang. From 1964-2020, CJ Pony Parts has bumpsteer kits, Mustang springs, both front and rear control arms, sway bars, plus full Mustang suspension kits and many other components to help owners upgrade or maintain their Mustang suspension. Many of these parts feature CJ's install videos, where Bill Tumas shows you exactly how to install the part on your Mustang. Many other Mustang suspension parts have customer installs and manufacturer instructions available online. Order online via CJ's easy to use and secure website, or give the CJ Pony Parts sales team a call.