Mustang Temperature Sending Unit (1965-1995) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • Teflon Thread Tape
  • Pipe Thread Compound
  • 11/16-inch Flex Head Gear Wrench or 11/16-inch Six Point Deep Well Socket & Ratchet
  • Container for Coolant
Install Difficulty:
  • Easy
  • Easy Project
Mustang Temperature Sending Unit Install Image
1. To start installing your new Mustang Temperature Sending Unit, make sure the engine is cool. Disconnect the positive battery cable.
2. Place a clean container under the radiator drain plug. Drain at least one gallon of coolant to ensure the coolant level is below temperature sending unit. The temperature sending unit of a 289/302 is on the Mustang intake manifold between the distributor and the carburetor.
Mustang Temperature Sending Unit Install Image
3. Remove the wire by pulling straight up. Use 11/16-inch box end wrench, or 6-point socket & ratchet to remove old sending unit. Do this by turning counterclockwise. Remove any debris left behind from the old sealant.
Mustang Temperature Sending Unit Install Image
4. Prepare the new sending unit by adding four turns of Teflon tape in a counterclockwise direction, then apply pipe thread compound over the Teflon tape. Thread the new sending unit into the intake (clockwise) by hand being careful not to cross thread, then tighten with wrench or socket. Reinstall wire.
Mustang Temperature Sending Unit Install Image
5. Consider replacing radiator hoses, heater hoses, and Mustang thermostat before replacing the coolant. Refill the radiator with clean coolant. If you choose not to reuse the coolant you drained, make sure you dispose of it properly. Start engine and check for leaks. After the engine has reached operating temperature, shut it off and let it cool, then recheck coolant.
6. Go for a drive and enjoy your new Mustang Temperature Sending Unit.