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Though you frequently utilize it, when was the last time that you truly thought about the condition of your Mustang Trunk Area? After many years of stuffing cargo inside your Mustang trunk and slamming the door shut without any regard for its well-being, your original Mustang trunk parts are going to age rather quickly. If you are restoring your classic Ford Mustang from the ground-up or if you are looking to make improvements to the rear of your late-model muscle car, be sure to give your Ford Mustang trunk area the makeover that it deserves.

When you load up at the grocery store or go on a major shopping spree at your favorite retail outlet, your biggest concern is likely getting all of your precious cargo home safely and in one piece. While some Ford Mustangs are not blessed with a backseat area with extra storage, every pony car features a reliable Mustang trunk area that acts a safe haven for your belongings. Obviously, the best way to protect your possessions is to make sure that your Mustang trunk area is secure and that no unwanted material can penetrate the inner workings of you pony car. While this may seem simplistic in theory, it is not always as easy as it sounds.

Your Mustang trunk area is loaded with numerous Mustang trunk parts that perform the simple, yet important task of securing the rear area of your muscle car. In addition to a lid, door latches, and various exterior decals, your Mustang trunk area features a sturdy floor mat and floor pan on the inside.

Your Mustang trunk area’s body & sheet metal and interior parts have an important symbiotic relationship. You cannot secure the items inside your Mustang trunk if the doors do not close, and your cargo will not stay in place if your Mustang trunk’s floor pan has rusted out.

If you are unlucky enough to get rear-ended out there on the road, you are going to need to check on the condition of your Ford Mustang trunk area immediately following the collision. Outside of the Mustang bumper and the taillights, your Mustang trunk area is going to be the most negatively affected area of the car. If the metal Mustang trunk floor pan has been bent in any way as a result of the crash, it might be cheaper than to replace it all together. Similarly, if your Mustang trunk lid has been damaged from either a wreck or from repeated abuse from the elements, it would be wise to replace it along with your other Mustang exterior trunk parts as soon as possible.

Secure Your Trunk With Mustang Trunk Area Parts From CJ's

Whether it’s as a result of damage or repeated use, your Mustang trunk parts can eventually run their course. Because the Mustang trunk area features distinct parts on both the inside and outside of the vehicle, it can be stressful determining which area of the trunk to attack first. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts offers all of the trunk parts for Mustangs that you could ever need! CJ’s features Mustang trunk area parts for pony cars from 1964.5 all the way through the present day.

If you are in the process of restoring your Mustang’s trunk area, obtaining a new Mustang trunk floor pan would be an excellent place to begin. CJ Pony Parts offers a wide variety of Mustang trunk floors and floor pans to accommodate First Generation pony cars of all years and models.

If you are simply looking to replace a rusted out section of your floor rather than swapping your entire piece, CJ’s offers direct-fit replacements for certain parts of your Mustang trunk floor. These floor sections are constructed from premium sheet metal and can be easily installed in the desired location. Keeping your floor clean is a great way to preserve the Mustang trunk area, and CJ’s offers premium trunk floor mats that will allow you to do so.

If your Mustang trunk area’s exterior could use some work, CJ’s offers Mustang trunk lids and Ford Mustang side trunk floors. The lids are direct replacements for your factory parts, and can work alongside your factory mounting hinges and latches. The Ford Mustang side trunk floors mount to the driver or passenger side of the gas tank and meets up with the inside quarter panel. These aftermarket upgrades are made of sturdy metal and painted black in order to resist rust and corrosion. CJ’s sells these Mustang side trunk floors either individually or as pairs.

Now that you have selected the correct Mustang trunk area parts for your muscle car, it is time to draw attention to the rest of your Ford Mustang’s exterior. While you’re on the site, feel free to take a look at CJ’s array of Mustang fenders, floor pans, grilles, and more!