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Wheels and tires are some of the easiest styling upgrades you can make on your Mustang. There's a wide range of styles and sizes out there, and it's important that you find ones that not only fit your Mustang, but have a look that you find amazing. With the huge selection of wheels available from Niche, you'll be able to find one of their high quality products that you like and that will look perfect. Shop now.
When you’re looking for wheels to go on your favorite pony car, you need to make sure they fit different criteria. First, they have to support your ride with a smooth, sleek drive. Next, they have to give you adequate contact with the pavement whenever you’re driving. And, of course, they have to look good.

You can also opt to choose strong, lightweight wheels that can still last through repeated use, even on the racetrack. Many of those wheels also provide adequate space and air around your brakes for them to cool off as you slow down. While you can check out a lot of different wheels for your ride, these are your high-performance models that’ll give you the powerful, smooth, and sleek car you’ve always wanted.

If you’re not looking for racing upgrades, we also carry a variety of other Niche wheels that can suit your car. We even offer them at some of the best prices on the market so you can buy what you need without breaking the bank!

Niche wheels — Sport Series

Niche offers six different series of wheels, each with their own unique characteristics, which should allow you to easily find the Niche Wheels that are perfect for your Mustang. The Niche Sport Series features case monoblock construction with no lip. They have spokes that extend from the center to the outer edge of the lip, which allows for staggered fitments and for you to add much larger brakes to your Mustang.

Niche wheels — Touring Series

The Touring Series from Niche, meanwhile, are one-piece cast wheels that feature a concave or convex face profile. These wheels from Niche come in either matte black or two tone finishes with a stainless steel lip, giving a three-piece look.

Niche wheels — Racing Series

Niche also offers the Racing Series, which uses a dual lug monoblock construction and is designed with performance in mind. The Racing Series wheels by Niche are strong, light and also work with larger brake caliper upgrades. The 3PC. Forged wheels by Niche use the finest materials and assembly techniques and every set is custom made for your car and your desired fitment, with dozens of customization options available. The Monotec Wheels from Niche are the ultimate in custom manufacturing, with each being cut from a single block of 6061-T6 forged aluminum for the best combination of strength and low weight.

Niche wheels — Track Series

Finally, the Track Series from Niche gives the ultimate in strength and performance for those applications that require it. Each Niche product is hand-made at their facility in California, guaranteeing the highest quality construction and attention to detail.

Personalize Your ‘Stang With Niche Rims

Wheels can make or break a car. We’ve all seen it: a super-hot custom Mustang with the perfect wheels that finish off the look. We’ve also seen a great Mustang ruined by the wrong wheels that are either too small or old, worn and damaged. Get the full package with your custom Mustang and some stylish Niche wheels. While some individuals prefer the high-tech look of a machined face and silver finish, others might prefer a classy black chrome.

To make your choice easier, we include large color photos right here on our website, so you can easily picture your new wheels on your Mustang. We also include all the information you need about size, finish and pricing to help you make your decision. Once you’ve chosen, it’s a simple matter of completing your order with our secure online checkout.

While you’re at it, why not select some new tires to go with your Niche wheels? Your Mustang will look great with new wheels, and perform even better with some aggressive, sticky rubber at all corners. Niche wheels are designed for wide, low-profile tires, which is the look enthusiasts want for their sports car. We even offer package deals that include mounting and balancing, so your Niche wheels and tires arrive ready to bolt in place! Our goal is to minimize the time your Mustang is on the hoist so you can maximize your time on the road and at the track!

CJ Pony Parts offers many Niche Mustang Wheels for 2005-2014 Mustangs, each suited for a different application. That’s why we offer Niche wheels to you and other customers — you should have all the wheels you could need at your fingertips. Most purchases above the order minimum are available with free shipping. Ordering your new Niche products is simple, too, with each part available online or by calling the CJ Pony Parts sales team. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction by helping you find the right Niche wheels for your ride and assisting you through the purchase. Take advantage of our great pricing and shipping and get your set of Niche wheels today!