Oracle Lighting LED Underbody Rock Light ColorSHIFT Bluetooth 4-Piece Kit

Oracle Lighting:
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  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Bluetooth Control
  • Color Changeable
  • App Works With Android or iOS
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Oracle Lighting Bluetooth ColorSHIFT LED 4-Piece Underbody Rock Light Kit.

When off-roading in harsh terrain, you can never have too much lighting at night to show the way, or help you through some tough spots. Adding this Oracle Lighting Bluetooth ColorSHIFT LED 4-Piece Underbody Rock Light Kit to your off-road machine will give you lighting that is focused on the ground around your vehicle to better navigate obstacles right under you.

Features and Benefits:
- 9-32V Input Voltage
- 3x 3W Cree LEDs Per Module
- 36W Total Output
- Powder-Coated Aluminum Housing
- 150 Degree Angle of Illumination
- IP68 Waterproof Rating
- 11.4 Feet of Wire Per Module
- App Works with Android or iOs

Oracle Lighting uses aluminum powder-coated housings to encase the LEDs in a protective housing with waterproof construction and heavy gauge wiring that is built to endure in any conditions. These underbody rock lights will fit just about any off-road vehicle and can be installed in your vehicle's wheel wells in front of and behind the tires. Having these lights provide more visibility of the ground around your vehicle with 150 degrees of illumination which allows you to navigate the terrain much easier. Whether it be rocks, mud, water or even sand. Each of the 4 modules contains 3 Cree LEDs that produce 3W each for a total of 36W! And with Oracle’s ColorSHIFT LED Technology, you can select from thousands of colors and control the function of the LEDs via the Bluetooth App, which is free to download from the App store.

Kit Includes:
- (4) Oracle ColorSHIFT Rock Lights
- (1) Bluetooth Control Module
- (8) Rubber Mounts, 4 Flush Mounts, and 4 Curved Mounts
- Installation Hardware

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

As you can see with our 2016 Jeep Wrangler, we've installed a ton of LED upgrades, but today we're gonna take it a step further, and give it some more off-road visibility and a nice custom touch by installing this Oracle ColorSHIFT rock light kit.

This rock light kit includes four color changing super bright LEDs that are controlled via Bluetooth to give your Jeep better off-road visibility and a nice custom touch. It includes all necessary wiring and hardware for an easy installation, and today we're gonna install it on our 2016 Jeep Wrangler.

Tools you'll need for this installation, a drill, 5/32" drill bit, 7/64" hex key, 1/4" ratchet, 7mm socket, 3/8" ratchet, 10mm socket, panel removal tool, a set of cutters, crimpers, and strippers, and safety glasses.

The first thing you want to do is find out where you want to mount the lights. In our case, we're gonna mount one light behind each front wheel right here. Put the light where you want it to be mounted, then grab a 5/32" drill bit, and drill the holes for the mounting bolts. Grab a 1/2" drill bit, and drill a hole right in the center for the wire to go through.

The kit comes with two different mounts, we're gonna be using the flat mounts. Take the wire for the LED, stick it through the center. Pull it all the way through. Now you can position it nicely on the mount. Run the wire through the hole that we just drilled, and install the LED just like that. Insert the provided hardware. Tighten up the bolt with a 7/64" hex key. Run the wiring behind the splash guard, and move on to the next light.

While we're up front, we're gonna mount our second light right here. Remove the clips holding in the fender liner to make it easier to run the wire. Find the location where you want to mount the rear light, and the repeat the same process that you did up front. Run the wire through the hole, then install the provided hardware in the holes that you drilled, then tighten up the bolt. Then run the wire back here to hide it. We're gonna mount our second rear LED right behind the fender right here.

Get all your wires to central location, then you can mount the hub. We're gonna mount it right here on this gas tank plate, and then hook up all the wires. There's conveniently holes already drilled right here, so you won't need to do any kind of drilling. Then hook up all the wires. They're really easy to connect. Push them together, and then twist on the lock. Once you connect all the LED wires, all you need to do is hook this up to a power and a ground. We're gonna hook ours up to our trail rocker system. Once you finish all your wiring, test to make sure the system works.

The LEDs are controlled via Bluetooth from your smartphone. You can get the app through the App Store for either your Android or Apple device. There's tons of colors to choose from, and effects.

Our Oracle rock lights are installed. They're actually incredibly bright, they look really good too. Installation's gonna take you about two hours, and before you know it, you'll be heading off-road.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Bronco years:

This product will fit the following F-100 years:

  • 1948,
  • 1949,
  • 1950,
  • 1951,
  • 1952,
  • 1953,
  • 1954,
  • 1955,
  • 1956,
  • 1957,
  • 1958,
  • 1959,
  • 1960,
  • 1961,
  • 1962,
  • 1963,
  • 1964,
  • 1965,
  • 1966,
  • 1967,
  • 1968,
  • 1969,
  • 1970,
  • 1971,
  • 1972,
  • 1973,
  • 1974,
  • 1975,
  • 1976,
  • 1977,
  • 1978,
  • 1979,

This product will fit the following F-150 years:

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