2018 Ford Focus Spied

2018 Ford Focus Spied

Last Updated November 13, 2020

Okay, obviously there is a lot of hype around the 2018 Mustang, but don’t forget about the Ford Focus! The 2018 Ford Focus was spotted with the production body shell in the midst of cold-weather testing. With the remaining camouflage plastered throughout the vehicle, it’s tough to determine what real changes were made, which leaves quite a bit up to the imagination.

2018 Focus MK4 Exterior

2018 Ford Focus Side

At first glance from the side profile, you can see the same general shape and wheelbase of the 2018 Focus still remains relatively close to the same. Perhaps even a bit stubbier in the rear as the bumper shape seems to sit in further than the current MK3 Focus. But then, if you transition to the rear photos, you can see that there is some sort of cover covering the camouflage. With that said, it’s tough to say what is part of the camouflage on this pre-production version, and what would actually be on the actual production 2018 Focus.

In addition to the funky looking cover over the rear, you can see that there is a cutout of sorts for the driver side which implies there could be dual exhaust for the MK4 Focus. This wouldn’t be anything new, considering many other vehicles in this class, such as the Mazda 3, come standard with dual exhaust. It’s also not uncommon for a pre-production vehicle to feature a non-standard exhaust system due to testing purposes.

Moving to the front of the vehicle, the front bumper also seems to have some sort of cover on top of the camouflage. This cover is even less revealing than the rear since it seems to absorb any curvature that would be designed into the bumper cover -- meaning there isn’t much we can make of what the front would look like. However, the headlights are almost completely visible and seem to be a bit different than the outgoing 2017 model.

It should also be noted that we are ignoring the “steelie” wheels since there are clearly snow tires on this car for cold-weather testing. In many cases, Ford has shown with their pre-production models that they almost always use non-production version wheels up until the car is removed of all camouflage. Aside from that, there isn’t much more we can gather from the exterior.

2018 Ford Focus 3/4 Shot

2018 Ford Focus MK4 Interior

Judging by this photo provided by Car Advice, there are definitely a few changes to the 2018 Focus interior. The first major difference you’d notice is the center stack in the dashboard. In the 2017 Focus SE (pictured right) you can see that the center stack and shifter all seem to be designed and integrated together in a more diagonal angle from the driver. Whereas the spy photo from Car Advice the entertainment center and HVAC controls seem to be more vertical and the shifter is near parallel with the floor. These photos aren’t 100% confirmed, but it ought to be interesting to see what the interior would look like on a Titanium model with SYNC and the full-size touchscreen.

2017 vs 2018 Focus Interior

2018 Ford Focus MK4 Photos

2018 Ford Focus Front

2018 Ford Focus 1/4

2018 Ford Focus Front Bumper

2018 Ford Focus Side

2018 Ford Focus 3/4

2018 Ford Focus Rear Low

2018 Ford Focus Rear Bumper

Image Credit: AutoEvolution.com, CarAdvice.com, Ford.com

2018 Ford Focus Spied

With all the hype around the 2018 Mustang in recent months, many have forgotten about one of the world’s most popular passenger cars - the Ford Focus. Here at CJ’s we are excited about the 2018 Focus not only because it means a redesign for the base model Focus, but also a potential redesign for the known and loved Focus ST. Read more as we provide the latest details we know about the 2018 Ford Focus MK4 redesign!