2021 Ford Bronco Exterior

2021 Ford Bronco Exterior

Last Updated March 13, 2020

One of the most heated topics surrounding the 2021 Ford Bronco release is the exterior. The Ford Bronco’s classic boxy style is recognizable all around the world. Once word spread of the new Bronco, enthusiasts began to wonder about the appearance. Would Ford stick to the original well-loved design or would they modernize the Bronco?

We’re pleased that all the prototypes we’ve seen have stayed true to the original Bronco styling. Ford hasn’t shared any official photos, but some images have been leaked on forums. These photos imply that the 2021 Bronco will have the famous boxy shape, round headlights, and an aggressive stance.

The Bronco R vs 2021 Bronco Exterior

Rod Hall's classic Bronco and The Bronco R in the desert during sunset

Back in 1969, the Bronco was the last 4x4 vehicle to win an overall victory in the Baja 1000. For the 50th anniversary in 2019, Ford debuted a Bronco R race prototype to compete in the desert race.

Ford’s goal for this model was to make it “unmistakably Bronco at first sight.” The first-generation Bronco was the main inspiration for the build. Yet, Ford attests that the Bronco R also hints to the 2021 Bronco.

The Bronco R didn’t quite make it to the finish line this time around. But the prototype is the closest look we’ve gotten at what could be the new Bronco. In this side-by-side photo, you can see Rod Hall’s classic Bronco that won in 1967 compared to the Bronco R.

The iconic “Bronco” grill and boxy exterior are present, although more modernized. Of course, the actual production model won’t be ready to conquer the Baja 1000 right off the lot. Though we would be happy to see some of the same style elements on the 2021 Bronco.

2021 Bronco Patents

Ford filed for several patent designs that may be featured in the 2020 Bronco exterior. Patents don’t guarantee anything, but we like what we’ve seen so far.

One patent is for split-level doors, so we know Ford is serious about staying true to the Bronco’s open-air roots. Another patent has a tube door concept equipped with an airbag for enhanced safety.

What we’re excited about, though, is the door panel patent. To compete with the Jeep Wrangler, the Bronco’s doors need to be removable. Ford filed a patent for quick-release door skins that could give the Bronco an edge over the Wrangler.

Patent drawing showing how the Bronco's quick-release door works

Wrangler doors are easy enough to get off with a few tools, but doors that come off with the touch of a button? Even better.

Upgrade Your 2021 Bronco’s Exterior

Some Bronco enthusiasts will choose to keep their 2021 Bronco as close to stock as possible. For those who plan on going off-road, body armor, bumpers, fender flares, and other gear can help protect your brand new rig.

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Source: Ford Media Center

2021 Ford Bronco Exterior

Since 1966, the Ford Bronco has been an off-roading legend. Enthusiasts were ecstatic when Ford announced they were bringing back the Bronco. But will the 2021 Bronco exterior live up to its historic counterpart? Everything we’ve seen so far indicates that Ford will be basing the new design on the older generation.