2021 Ford Bronco Interior

2021 Ford Bronco Interior

Last Updated March 18, 2020

There’s been as much speculation for the 2021 Ford Bronco interior as the exterior. Although plenty of spy shots show the Bronco’s boxy outer shell, few reveal much about what lies inside. We’ve only been able to catch glimpses of the interior via spy shots of a Bronco test mule.

Ford’s been keeping a pretty tight lid on what’s inside the Bronco. From what we’ve seen, the Bronco will feature modern yet practical features for on and off-road use.

Sneak Peek at the 2021 Bronco Interior

2021 Brono Interior spy shot showing touchscreen, terrain controls, and toggle switches

Thanks to a Car and Driver spy shot, we were able to get a sneak peek at the new Bronco interior. Along with a large touch screen, we can see terrain controls and six toggle switches on the ceiling. The terrain controls would let drivers change between different modes. This isn't anything new and is standard on many 4WD vehicles nowadays.

Toggle switches are great for controlling accessories that need electricity, such as light bars, winches, lockers, and air compressors. Ford’s mentioned that they will be offering over 150 accessories for the Bronco. With that many options, you’ll have no trouble finding a use for your toggle switches.

2021 Bronco Two-Door vs Four-Door

When Ford first announced the 2021 Bronco, a two-door model was an uncertainty. Since then, spy shots of a Bronco with a shorter wheelbase have proven otherwise. Exact specifications aren’t available yet for either the interior or exterior. For an idea, the wheelbase on the two-door Jeep JL Wrangler is 96.8 inches. The four-door JL Wrangler Unlimited’s wheelbase is 118.4 inches, 21.6 inches longer than the two-door.

As expected, the two-door Bronco will have a smaller interior than the four-door model. If the two-door model is anything like the Wrangler, the legroom in the backseat will be pretty tight. We’re unsure if the back seats will fold like the Wrangler. But that could give both the two-door and four-door Bronco more cargo space if needed.

2021 Bronco Interior Accessories

There’s no doubt that the interior of the 2021 Bronco will be a combination of comfort and practicality. It's almost a necessity for an off-roader. There's got to be the perfect balance of durability and comfort.

You may still want to add your own personal touch with seat covers, floor mats, shift knobs, and other interior accessories. Sign up for our newsletter to get emails when new Bronco interior parts are available.

Source: Car and Driver

2021 Ford Bronco Interior

We can’t wait to see what Ford’s plans are for the 2021 Bronco interior. A few sneak peeks show that the inside will feature a terrain management system, toggle switches, and a large touch screen. We’re also hoping the Bronco will have foldable back seats for added cargo space.