The Best Mustangs From Mustang Week 2018

The Best Mustangs From Mustang Week 2018

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | Andrew Boyle

For many Americans, Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end of summer- a brief reprieve from the long school year and fall work schedule that lies ahead.

Most students and working professionals only get Labor Day itself off before returning to the grind, but for Ford Mustang fans, the party is just getting started!

The first full week in September is a time of celebration for the Mustang community, when thousands of pony car diehards descend upon Myrtle Beach SC for a party unlike any other.

This glorious five-day period is known as Mustang Week!

Mustang Week brings together muscle car aficionados of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate the past, present, and future of everyone’s favorite vehicle, the Ford Mustang.

From Meet-n-Greets to Track Days, to Car Shows, to CJ Pony Parts-sponsored events, there is something for everyone at Mustang Week. As usual, the team at CJ’s was on hand in Myrtle, taking in the week’s many fun activities, highlighted by our own meet event at the Liberty Tap Room on Friday, September 7.

Chris, Bill, and the rest of the crew worked countless hours all week to deliver live coverage from all of the major events. Even before the fun got started, CJ’s provided guests with a list of places to eat near all of the events, and of course, a list of things NOT to do while at Mustang Week.

In the midst of all of their hosting duties and hard work behind the scenes, the CJ Pony Parts crew was able to stop and take in their surroundings for a few moments each day. Only instead of hitting the beach with the rest of the tourists, our guys scoured the parking lots to find their favorite Mustangs from Mustang Week in their spare time.

Like everyone else in attendance, the crew from CJ’s are pony car enthusiasts themselves and spent time trying to capture pictures of the best Mustangs from Mustang Week during the five-day period. From classics to customized late-model builds, the competition to determine the best Mustangs at Mustang Week has never been more intense, and our list will continue to grow as the event winds down.

Be sure to stay posted right here and on our main Mustang Week 2018 article for all of the latest info from the beach.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at some of the best Mustangs from Mustang Week 2018 so far.

Classic Mustang in light gray, rear shot

Black S550 Mustang front angle

Bright Blue Fox Body Mustang with white Shelby stripes and a cowl hoood

Bright red 2018 Mustang with black accents, rear shot

S550 GT350 in light gray

S197 Shelby Mustang with green, gold, and matte black wrap

1966 White Mustang

White S550 convertible with blue side mirrors, badging, wheel accents and ground effects

Red Fox Body Mustang with cowl hood and bronze wheels

Heavily modified Mustang in metallic wrap with hood up

F-100 Burnout at Mustang Week

dark blue New Edge Cobra, front view

White SN95 Cobra with hood up

Light gold S550 Mustang with fender flares, purple headlights and black ground effects

Rolling Shot at Mustang at Mustang Week

Young Mustang Fans at Mustang Week

Side Shot of Mustang at Mustang Week

Red Classic Mustang Autocross

S550 Burn Out at Mustang Week

dark gray Fox Body Hatchback at Mustang Week

Green Classic Mustang at Mustang Week

Light Green New Edge Mustang convertible with cowl induction hood and flag decal

S197 GT500 at Mustang Week

Lowered Blue S550 at Mustang Week

Follow CJ’s social channels for more on the best Mustangs from Mustang Week 2018, as well as continuing coverage from Myrtle Beach!

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The Best Mustangs From Mustang Week 2018

From First Generation builds to S550s, thousands of Ford Mustang lovers descended upon Myrtle Beach for the annual Mustang Week celebration. To help you experience Mustang Week from the comforts of your own home, we have selected our favorite Mustangs from this year’s event. This is your one-stop-shop for the best Mustangs from Mustang Week 2018!

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