Best Off-Road Builds At SEMA 2018

Best Off-Road Builds At SEMA 2018

Last Updated February 5, 2020

Some of the most off-road capable vehicles were at SEMA 2018. Once a year, the titans of the automotive aftermarket industry gather in the Las-Vegas convention center to show off the most exciting and inventive car parts. Since off-roading is a big reason many car owners modify their vehicles, it’s only logical that some of the most exciting rock crawlers, trailblazers, and mudders would all be in attendance at this year’s SEMA show.

At SEMA 2018, CJ Pony Parts was proud to collaborate with Ford to build the heavily customized Mustang GT Supercharged Smokeshow. Even though our suped up drifter isn’t an off-road vehicle, it still represents some of the core tenants of customization that SEMA exemplifies. Whether your car kicks up clouds of mud or smoke, a whole slew of aftermarket parts will surely amplify your experience.

In the off-roading world, the Jeep Wrangler still reigns supreme. That being said, there are plenty of new off-roading vehicles to contend with. The new Ford Raptor for example specifically has off-roading centric driving modes built into the vehicle. The Toyota Tacoma as well has been a truck with an increasing amount of off-roading focus put into it. Our team at SEMA 2018 took some time out of their hectic schedule to spotlight some of the best off-road vehicles at SEMA 2018! While there were hundreds of impressive off-roading vehicles at SEMA 2018, here are some of our favorites.

2018 Ford F-250 SEMA

In case you get lost in the woods, there’s a map on the side of this outdoor equipped F-250. Just don’t get it too muddy.

F-150 Freak-O-Boost SEMA

With a truck like this, there are no trails that you could not conquer.

Ford Expedition 2018 SEMA

For once, the name Ford Expedition makes complete sense. This car could easily handle an expedition or two.

SEMA 2018 Ford Explorer

Similarly, this car’s name seems logical as well. This vehicle is equipped to explore anything and everything.

SEMA Ford Ranger 2018

Where this truck is going, it doesn’t need roads!

Baja Boss SEMA 2018

Someone call Bruce Springsteen and tell him that there’s a new boss in town.

Blue Offroading Bronco 2018 SEMA

There isn’t too much to say about this stunning blue Bronco besides that it’s a beautiful vehicle.

Dana 60 Ford Ranger

While this Ford Ranger does look like a tube of toothpaste, it’s clear that it’ll shine off-road.

Offroading Ranger and Motorcycle SEMA 2018

This Ranger looks quite modest until you notice that there’s practically a football field between the front wheel and the wheel well.

SEMA 2018 Rugged Ridge Jeep

You can see how this Jeep would own the trails by the way it claims that boulder.

Ford F-150 SEMA 2018 Kayack

This F150 paints an image of a wonderful day, kayaking by the light of the sun and sitting by the campfire under the stars.

Silverado Offroad SEMA 2018

Does anyone else hear the Lion King theme?

Snolift Offroad SEMA 2018

So many options. Not only are there two powerful and rugged vehicles, but there are also a whole slew of extra tires there in the back.

Mattrack SEMA 2018 Truck

Mattracks like these are the coolest! There’s almost nothing they can’t tread on.

Webshop Bronco SEMA 2018

These Broncos are all fantastic. Those tires are unbelievably shiny as well.

2018 SEMA Show Ford Ranger

While the paint job screams fast, those wheels scream rugged.

Wood Grain Truck SEMA 2018

Forget about wood paneling, how about a wood covered F-250? Be sure not to park this in the woods, you may not be able to find it.

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Best Off-Road Builds At SEMA 2018

These off-roading vehicles represent the peak of all-terrain vehicles. At the yearly SEMA show in the Las Vegas Convention Center, some of the most rugged cars, trucks, and SUVs come down from the trails and display their impressive array of aftermarket parts. 2018 was an especially good year for off-road vehicles, and here are our best picks.