The Ford Bronco Warthog

The Ford Bronco Warthog

Last Updated January 19, 2021 | C.J. Tragakis

The Ford Bronco Warthog is an upcoming trim level of the new 2021 Ford Bronco. This Raptor-equivalent will be the top-dog of the Bronco off-roading family. It may still get a different name (like "Bronco Raptor"), but "Warthog" is the most likely after a trademark was filed by Ford in September 2020.

Either way, this special trim is sure to get a unique color, wheels, and badging. But what really separates it are the features designed to entice hardcore off-roaders.

What We Know About the Bronco Warthog

News about the Warthog continues to trickle out at a slow pace with only a few spy shots and teaser images to go on. What we do know is that Ford has been testing a prototype vehicle with massive tires and enhanced off-road parts. There appear to be stronger axles and a rear anti-roll bar.

37-Inch Off-Road Tires

The tires are confirmed to be 37 inches in diameter. For comparison, the Wrangler Rubicon comes with 33s and the Bronco’s Sasquatch package has 35s. The 37" tires also necessitate a bigger lift kit, wider stance, and oversized fender flares.

Spy Shot of Ford Bronco Warthog Front

FOX Live Valve Shocks

Photos released in early December 2020 also show another component being tested, this time in the suspension. There are FOX Live Valve shocks on the Warthog test vehicle, the same ones used on the F-150 Raptor. This isn’t too surprising, as both trims are from the Ford Performance team. The active shocks can be electronically-controlled to adapt to changing terrain.

Spy Shot of Ford Bronco Warthog Rear

Bronco Warthog Release Date

We don’t know an exact release date yet, but we do know this trim won’t be hitting dealerships at the same time as the other Bronco models. Expect a 2022 model year release with an arrival in late 2021.

Where Did Ford Get the Warthog Name?

The Warthog moniker is completely new for Ford. Could it be an ode to the semi-famous off-roading vehicle in the HALO video game series? Some enthusiasts seem to think so. Alternatively, it may just be a rugged and tough name based on the African wild pig.

In response to user comments about the use of the Raptor and Warthog names, Ford has only replied with a zipped-lips emoji. There’s nothing confirmed at this point, and Ford could even end up using both names on two trims or packages.

Spy Shot of Ford Bronco Warthog Side

Is a V8 Bronco On the Way?

With Jeep releasing the new HEMI 392 Wrangler as a direct threat to the Bronco’s debut, Ford could feel pressure to add a V8 of their own.

But with the way Ford has positioned their models lately, that seems unlikely. It’s not an issue of fitting something like the Coyote V8 under the hood. There’s probably enough space. The bigger problem would be fuel economy standards and Ford’s preference for the EcoBoost line of motors.

Plus, on social media, Ford has replied that the "GOAT" (reference to both "Greatest of All Time" and the Bronco’s "Go Over Any [Type of] Terrain" modes) doesn’t need a V8. Expect to see the twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 in the Bronco Warthog, but a V8 would be a nice surprise!

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The Ford Bronco Warthog

Boasting a bigger lift kit and 37-inch tires, the new Bronco Warthog prototype is getting lots of attention. Discover what we’ve learned from spy shots and leaks.