Favorite Cars and Trucks from Caffeine and Octane 2019

Favorite Cars and Trucks from Caffeine and Octane 2019

Last Updated July 20, 2021 | C.J. Tragakis

It was my first time in Atlanta. Visiting some friends for the long Labor Day weekend, I was excited to visit some of the city’s popular attractions: The Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and the Delta Flight Museum. These were all really fun to visit, no doubt about it. But I was just as pumped when I found out that I’d also be in town for the once-a-month Caffeine and Octane car show, the largest show of its kind in all of North America.

And it was huge. Before you even arrive at the parking lots that are covered with hundreds of vehicles of every type imaginable, you hear the roars of engines of all different kinds too, as vehicles entered, exited, and drove down the boulevard. The thundering growl of Mustangs mixed with the screams of exotic Italian V10s, not to mention the whooshes of turbocharged four-cylinders and the roars of motorbikes. This was a place for enthusiasts of all kinds. I’m not sure if visiting Caffeine and Octane in September on Labor Day weekend meant that there were even more people than usual, but it was a truly overwhelming experience in the best way possible.

Caffeine and Octane is held in the expansive parking lots of the otherwise unassuming Perimeter Mall, located in the northern Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody. It’s free for all to attend, and occurs on the first Sunday morning of every month. For additional details or to learn more about the event, check out on the Caffeine and Octane website to find out more. If you’re an enthusiast that happens to be in the area, it’s definitely worth the visit. In the meantime, check out some favorite vehicles spotted at the show!

Favorite Rides from Caffeine and Octane - Labor Day 2019

Caffeine and Octane 1956 Ford F-100

There’s a reason why the 1956 Ford F-100 remains a favorite, and red is certainly its color.

Caffeine and Octane 2019 Mustang Bullitt

The first black 2019 Bullitt I’ve seen in the wild! Purists will argue for Dark Highland Green only, but you can’t deny that it still looks fantastic.

Caffeine and Octane All Black S197 Mustang

The contrast of these highlighter yellow calipers really stands out on this otherwise blacked-out build.

Caffeine and Octane Two Door Jeep Wrangler JL

This 2-door Wrangler JL is looking great with that lift and goes to show that you don’t always have to wash your car before a show.

Caffeine and Octane Blue Ford Bronco

This clean first-gen Bronco sports a timeless color scheme. Details like the red Ford lettering that matches the pinstripe and wheel center caps really bring it together.

Caffeine and Octane Old Ford F100

It seems like putting an old-timey business logo on the side of your classic truck is pretty popular right now. But make no mistake, this F-100 is from a legit present-day company that’s proud to show off their work!

Caffeine and Octane Pair of Chevy 3100 Trucks

The classic truck community was out in full force, and I got to see a very diverse group of Chevy pickups. There were some 3100s like these two, plus a good number of C10s and even a C30.

Caffeine and Octane Focus RS and Fox Body Mustang

This limited-edition Focus RS is another sad reminder of what we’re no longer able to have in the U.S. But the Fox Body is also a reminder that what’s old will be new again and that enthusiasts will always revive the classics!

Caffeine and Octane Ford Focus ST

There were also a number of Focus STs. For me, there aren’t too many cars where I'd say that white exterior paint looks more than “just fine." But on the Ford hot hatches, I think it looks really nice.

Caffeine and Octane Ford F-150 and Lamborghini Gallardo

Sure, there were designated sections for each style of vehicle. But there was plenty of intermingling as well, and this Ford F-150 looked right at home next to the almost-as-green Lamborghini.

Caffeine and Octane Orange Chevrolet Apache

This 1958 Chevy Apache is a gorgeous example of the post-war American pickup truck style. As the predecessor to the C10 that would debut two years later, the design remains much-beloved to this day.

Caffeine and Octane Ford F-150 Raptor

There were lots of modern big trucks too, including this F-150 Raptor.

Caffeine and Octane Gray Ford Mustang GT

Customized vanity plates didn’t seem very common in Georgia overall, but Caffeine and Octane was naturally home to some great ones. This Mustang GT was driving very safely and at appropriate parking lot speeds. Sending would come later, no doubt.

Caffeine and Octane Mustang GT350 Avalanche Gray

I'm of the mind that Avalanche Gray is not only the best color for the GT350 but one of the best colors for the S550 Mustang in general. Pictures hardly do it justice.

Caffeine and Octane 1966 Mustang Yellow

This classic 1966 Mustang convertible was another standout in the vintage section.

Caffeine and Octane Four Door Jeep Wrangler JL

It’s true that Atlanta does get pretty hot and humid, but a soft-top JL Wrangler is a great way to enjoy the breeze.

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Favorite Cars and Trucks from Caffeine and Octane 2019

As the largest and perhaps most diverse car show in the country, there’s truly something that everyone can appreciate at Caffeine and Octane in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out some of the favorite rides from the September 2019 event.