Pregnancy Stage Size Compared to Car Parts

Pregnancy Stage Size Compared to Car Parts

Last Updated February 5, 2020

The internet has an overabundance of pregnancy size charts using fruits and veggies to give you an idea of your baby's size over time. And don't get us wrong, these are handy and fun ways to get an idea of how big your little one is getting over time. Being a site dedicated to auto enthusiasts, however, means that we wanted to provide a chart that looks at things from a slightly different perspective. For those times when you can't remember how big a kumquat is, take a look at our infographic to track your baby's size in relation to car parts!

[click the infographic below]

Pregnancy Stage Car Parts Comparison
Pregnancy Stage Size Compared to Car Parts

Designed especially for auto enthusiasts, check out our handy chart to track the size of your baby throughout pregnancy, using everyday car parts as a comparison!

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