At Home? Binge-Worthy Mustang Content

At Home? Binge-Worthy Mustang Content

Last Updated August 7, 2020

Take a break from Netflix and level-up your "Mustang Expert" status. Here you'll find curated Mustang videos and articles. Grab a snack, sit down for a couple of hours and watch Bill as he installs parts, reviews products, and more. Find inspiration for your next build, learn more abuot the different generations or brush up on your pony car knowledge.

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Classic Mustang Videos

Unbelievable Mustang Restorations!

Bill takes you to Peterson Restorations and introduces you to Ben Peterson, the man who can restore any Mustang no matter how rusty, damaged or how far gone it is! Peterson restorations is doing top notch, world class restorations and keeping history alive one mustang at a time.

Check out classic Mustang restoration parts.

The Original Ford Mustang BULLITT: Bill Interviews Owner Sean Kiernan

It's The Holy Grail of Mustang, and Bill here at CJ's couldn't be happier to be in its presence! Join Bill as he interviews Sean Kiernan and geeks out over the original 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback that appeared in the movie, “BULLITT.”

How To Buy Your First Classic Mustang

In this CJ's Resource Center video, Bill & the crew at CJ's give you the 411 on the buying your very first classic Mustang! Before you go out and catch your first pony, let CJ's help you make sure you do it right!

Read the article here.

Foxbody Content

Buying a Fox Body Mustang? Here's what you NEED to look for

In this classic buying guide, Bill gives you important tips when looking for your very first Fox Body Mustang!

Get all the parts you'll need here.

How to Safely Run Wheel Spacers and Adapters

Bill explains how to safely use wheel spacers and adapters on your vehicle.

Find some wheel spacers for your Foxbody.

Fixing Gangster Lean On Your Foxbody Seats

Bill walks you through a common problem with Foxbody seats and shows you how to fix that gangster lean once and for all.

Get all the parts you'll need here.

Foxbody Resources

Foxbody Restoration GuideFoxbody Restoration Guide

From the first stages of research and preparation to applying those final finishing touches, our Fox Body Mustang restoration guide walks you through the restoration process. Though you’ll have a lot of choices to make, it’s tough to go wrong with a Fox Body as long as you plan out your restoration in advance.

Coyote Swap With A Foxbody MustangCoyote Swap With A Foxbody Mustang

Swapping a Coyote engine into a Fox Body Mustang is a great way to get 420 horsepower in a car that weighs less than 3,000 pounds. Putting a new engine in a car involves swapping out a few more pieces than just the engine though. From the transmission to the exhaust, these are some of our recommendations for what you should look at to have a successful Coyote Swap. Put a little Coyote in your Fox and get the ride of your life.

Building a Foxbody Mustang Drift CarBuilding a Foxbody Mustang Drift Car

If you’re considering turning a Fox Body Mustang into a drift 'Stang then there are a few things to consider. While most of these are improvements you’d make to any performance build, there are a few drift-specific modifications. From how to stiffen your chassis to what your suspension should look like, we’ve collected some of our top tips for making a Fox go sideways.

Mustang Third Generation Quiz Mustang Third Generation Quiz

The Mustang saw a resurgence in popularity with the introduction of the third generation but how much do you know about this generation? Test yourself with this quiz on the third generation Mustangs and see how much you really know.

SN95 Content

Mustang vs Turbo Truck Race

The wait is over! Following our Sleeper F-150 review, Brendan decides to call out Bill's 1996 Mystic Cobra. Our best of three showdown was held at Beaver Springs Raceway in Beaver Springs, PA. Who will win this epic matchup?

Street Car vs Race Car: Bill weighs in on the subject

Street Car vs Race Car? From message boards to forums to social media groups, people never agree on the definition of a street car. Bill goes over his thoughts and wants to know what you think.

Classic Dash 6-Gauge Kit with AutoMeter Gauges

Bill shows you how to install a Classic Dash 6-Gauge Kit with a Black Instrument Bezel and AutoMeter Ultra-Lite Electric Gauges. You’ll be able to replace your instrumentation while adding some serious style to your interior.

Read more about the kit here.

S197 Videos

ACCELATEC Black Leather Steering Wheel for your 2010-2014 Mustang

Featuring a black leather top and bottom and black alcantara suede on either side, this direct-fit replacement steering wheel utilizes a unique, race-inspired design. Stylistically, this black leather steering wheel is accented by contrasting red stitching and a red center stripe.

Read more about it here.

Mustang Pedders Adjustable Coilover Kit eXtreme Xa 2005-2014 Installation

Take the handling and performance of your S197 to the next level with this premium adjustable coilover kit from the masters at Pedders Suspension. Boost your Mustang experience today and get back on the road in no time with the streamlined installation of this sensational coilover kit.

Read more about the kit here.

Mustang BMR Watts Link Assembly Coupe 2005-2014 Installation

Available in a Black Hammertone and Red Powder Coat finish for your 2005-2014 Coupe Mustang, this Watts Link Assembly locates the rear-end housing and eliminates lateral axle movement by keeping the differential perfectly centered under the car through the suspension’s entire range of motion.

Check out the Read more about the assembly here.

S550 Videos

Mustang Maintenance & Detailing

Now is the perfect time to get your Mustang ready while stuck at home. With car season almost here we want to share everything you can do in the meantime to maintenance and detail your Mustang.

Find more car detailing supplies here.

Finding the perfect wheel setup for function and form

Bill talks about wheel fitment options and what you'll need in order to achieve the killer look and performance that you're going for with your S550 Mustang. Wheel back spacing, offset and tire size will all be discussed whether youre going for a drag racing setup or a killer stance look.

Check out some new wheels for your S550.

2018-2020 Mustang GT 700 Horsepower & 610 lb-ft Torque with a Roush Phase 1 Supercharger Install!

Raw power is just an install away for your 2018 5.0L Mustang. Roush delivers an impressive 700 Horsepower and 610 lb-ft of Torque with this badass Phase 1 Supercharger kit. After the better part of a weekend, and closely following these video or text instructions you'll be back on the road in no time.

Check out the Check out superchargers for your S550.

At Home? Binge-Worthy Mustang Content

Stuck inside? Take a break and catch up on our top Mustang guides, articles, and how-to's. We have taken the time to compile an extensive list of some of the hottest content for you. There's no better time to sit back, relax, and learn!