Chevy C10 Gift Guide

Chevy C10 Gift Guide

Last Updated December 2, 2021 | Meghan Drummond

If you’re looking for the perfect present for a Chevy C10 enthusiast this holiday season, then hopefully this list of our favorite C10-appropriate gifts will have something for you.

We’ve got C10-related gifts at every price point, so whether you’re looking for a little something to shove in their stocking or trying to find a present that will make their jaw drop, there are plenty of options.

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C10 Stocking Stuffers

Lowered C10s are a common sight. If the person you’re buying for has a lowered C10 that could use a little more cushion in its ride, then these gas shocks should do the trick. These shocks respond quickly to road conditions, smoothing out a rough ride while still providing superb handling.

One of the best parts of making a restomod classic truck is upgrading the original parts that were a little less than stellar. This LED parking light assembly is a perfect example of this concept. Sure, LED lights weren’t readily available in the ‘70s, but we know that they’re brighter, so why not upgrade now?

A new lock and ignition cylinder set provides factory quality keys if they’ve lost theirs as well as a new rust-free and stick-free lock. If they’ve been having trouble with their locks, this is a replacement set that’ll be a perfect match and keep the classic look of their C10 in place.

Exterior mirrors have an unfortunate habit of absorbing a lot of dents and dings, plus the glass can get damaged which makes them significantly less effective. A new exterior mirror that looks vintage is a perfect present for a C10 enthusiast.

Is the person you’re shopping for really and truly a Chevy-enthusiast to their core? This air cleaner not only makes sure that their air intake is cleaner, but also adds a little Chevy-themed underhood dress-up so they can pop their hood with pride.

C10 Gifts Under $30

Though C10s are a popular pickup for restoration, there are a lot of little parts that get forgotten, even by enthusiasts. Replacing these parts can make a huge difference in how the truck feels, and be very appreciated.

A great example of a part that gets forgotten is an armrest pad. Though these take a huge beating and almost certainly need to be replaced after their years of service, it’s one of those details that changes the way the interior of the truck feels in a big way. Likewise, a new sun visor bracket can help bring a little extra comfort and ease-of-use to a C10.

For sealing the glass, weatherstripping can get worn down over time and need to be replaced. This is especially true for C10s that have endured a lot of weather or been parked out in the sun. Replacing the weatherstripping is a great holiday present as the cold air sets in.

One of the parts of a truck that gets dirtiest is the felt bar that rests inside the driver and passenger windows. If dirty, the felt bar can actually streak, or even scratch, the glass. Cleaning them is possible, but if they’re totally worn out then replacing the felt bar is one of those little fixes that everyone appreciates.

Suspension components get a workout in a classic truck, and though people tend to remember to change out the obvious components, they often reinstall the original coil spring retainers, despite an abundance of dirt and rust. Replacing the coil spring retainers is a good way to protect the rest of their suspension, and these are a direct fit replacement.

C10 Gifts Under $50

Classic trucks look amazing, but they often have safety equipment that’s a little less than optimal. Thankfully, there are ways to improve the safety aspects of a Chevy C10 without compromising on the vintage appeal.

Improved headlights, backup lights, and parking lights are all great presents that will help to make their C10 a little bit safer. Upgrading exterior lights are easy mods, so even if they’re new to the world of working on their own truck, they’ll be able to install these easily. Brighter LED options make sure that they’ll be seen from a distance.

Exterior mods don’t just have to be lights though. If they have a door that sticks or has started to accumulate rust, then a new set of exterior door handles will really improve their day to day life in their truck. Likewise, a new seatbelt seat that’s free from stains or tears can really spruce up an interior and make every ride safer.

C10 Gifts Under $75

There’s something particularly striking about a vintage truck with modern touches, and these exterior mirrors with LED turn signals are perfect for that look. Though the mirrors themselves are decidedly vintage, the LED turn signals are a modern touch that adds a little style.

LED taillights are another way to give modern touches to a vintage truck. They also improve safety while adding a stylish touch. Though many enthusiasts remember to upgrade their C10’s headlights, the taillights are just as important for safety.

Tie rods are an important part of any vehicle’s steering. These sleeves add a layer of protection for them and look attractive while doing so. Though they’re especially attractive on a lowered C10, these sleeves will add a touch of modernity to any C10 build. The billeted aluminum finish on these looks great.

If the person you’re shopping for just finished a thorough interior detailing or restoration, then they’ll likely be thrilled to get a set of original style cutpile floor mats. Floor mats allow for easy cleaning when necessary and add a touch of comfort to any C10. These are available in a wide range of colors, so you can either go for an exact match or pick something that you think they’ll like.

C10 Gifts Under $150

If the person you’re shopping for has ever expressed an interest in “slamming” their truck, then this c-notch kit is a perfect present. A c-notch kit creates the clearance that’s necessary for lowering a classic truck significantly. This one is made out of solid steel and includes the mounting hardware that they’ll need for installation. No need to worry if they’re not an experienced welder, this kit allows for bolt-on installation as well.

Sequential taillights are a favorite modification for just about every make and model of vehicle, and there are good reasons for that. Not only is it an easy modification that instantly gets notices, but it’s also attractive and fun. These won’t signal turns any better than their existing turn signals, but they’ll certainly do it with a little more style.

Power steering is one of those little modern conveniences that most people take for granted. Unfortunately, C10 enthusiasts don’t really have that luxury. Power steering wasn’t standard, or even an option, for a significant portion of the C10’s history. That doesn’t mean that they can’t add it now though! This power steering bracket conversion kit will give them a place to mount their power steering box of choice.

Front sway bars are an easy way to improve the handling and cornering of a classic truck. This particular kit includes a powder-coated bar, as well as all of the mounting brackets and hardware that they’ll need to install it. If the person you’re living for lives in an area where they take frequent turns or corners, then this is a fantastic present.

C10 Gifts Under $300

If their C10’s dashpad is cracking or showing signs of UV damage, then it may be time for a new one. Because the dashpad takes up such a large portion of the front of a truck, replacing one is a great way to add a touch of newness to any interior restoration. These come in a variety of colors, so you can exactly replace the one they have-or try out a whole new dash color.

Tie rods are a crucial component of the steering mechanism of a C10. There’s no specific time when you should replace them, but if the steering has started to feel less than responsive then a new set of tie rods will fix the problem. This set replaces every pivot point and joints. This kit includes both the upper and lower ball joints as well as the inner and outer tie rod ends. It’s a full-on steering renovation. The Ridetech steering kit offers the same performance upgrade for older C10s.

If you know that they’ve purchased and loved the totally tubular trailing arms, then this rear sway bar kit is another improvement for their handling. It helps when cornering and reduces body roll, especially important for people who take their C10 on curvy roads.

C10 Gifts Under $500

Drop spindles are one of several ways to lower a C10, and this set is perfect for a drop. These drop spindles include the upper and lower ball joints, as well as the tie rod ends, so they’ll be able to drop their pickup without negatively impacting their steering.

The original gas tank for the Chevy C10 was behind the cab. This is less than ideal if they’ve been considering ways to get more space in their cabin. A flush bed fuel tank conversion kit is the perfect solution to this classic conundrum. It mounts the gas tank behind the rear axle, underneath the bed, a significantly more modern location.

There are other ways to modernize a Chevy C10 as well. Power windows are a luxurious modern amenity that many C10 enthusiasts have had to do without. Not only is this a great touch for the interior, but it’s also safer, since trying to crank a window while rolling down the highway is definitely an example of a “distraction.”

This LED exterior upgrade kit includes sequential LED taillights, LED parking lights, LED backup lights, and LED marker lights. Not only do they look sharp, but these lights are better for visibility, and require less power to operate than the standard lights. If you’re interested in supporting their C10 love but want to make sure they have the very best in safety improvements, then this LED kit is an easy choice.

Another safety upgrade is this brake booster kit. Though C10 enthusiasts tend to focus on modifications that increase their horsepower and the ability of their truck to go quickly, its just as important to modify their brakes so that they can stop quickly as well. In addition to being a practical and thoughtful upgrade, this brake booster is also attractive and has that wow factor that many are looking for with their holiday gift-giving.

Still Unsure?

Hopefully, one, or more, of these presents is perfect for the classic truck lover in your life, but if not, don’t worry! Gift cards are always a thoughtful option that give them the ability to choose what they need the most. CJ’s offers gift cards starting at just $5, making them a great way for groups to go in on large presents as well.

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Chevy C10 Gift Guide

Our gift guide will help you find the perfect present for every C10 enthusiast on your holiday shopping list. Whether you're looking for a few stocking stuffers or something to drop their jaw, our list has a variety of presents for every budget.