Classic Ford Truck Gift Guide

Classic Ford Truck Gift Guide

Last Updated March 15, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

Classic Ford Broncos and F-100 are some of the most rewarding vehicles to restore. Now that trucks are the best-selling class of vehicles on the market, old trucks carry with them an increased nostalgia factor. With the release of a new Bronco, and the continued success of the F-150, someone close to you may be looking to start a classic Ford truck restoration project or rather, shower their existing truck with a little extra love. This holiday season, help them improve their vehicle even further with a gift from CJ Pony Parts.

Stocking Stuffers: For The Ford Truck Enthusiast

Remember, gifts come in all sizes. Even the smallest auto parts can make a big impact on your loved one’s classic Ford truck project. At the end of the day, it’s the small details that really breathe life into their restoration. Little details like period-correct dome lights and the proper window crank handle really make your Bronco or F-100 a living example of the past.

Ford Classic Truck Gifts Under $30

There are plenty of critical classic Ford truck parts under 30 dollars. You’d be surprised how much of a difference something like a glovebox liner can make. For gifts in this price range, be observant! See what odds and ends your loved one’s project Bronco or F-100 lacks. Maybe its doors rattle, maybe the window crank isn’t working anymore. Regardless, these parts make great gifts and can really show how much you care about their project.

Remember, these small details really do add up. The point of restoring a vehicle isn't just for bragging rights, it's to make their Bronco or F-100 a rolling museum of sorts. Even if you don't know what the big deal is about any of these parts, they are likely an invaluable part of their project and will be appreciated accordingly.

Ford Classic Truck Gifts Under $50

Classic Bronco Restoration Project

These gifts can make an even bigger impact on your loved one project truck. Serious parts of their first-gen Bronco or F-100 can be fixed up or replaced for under 50 dollars. Things as visible as the taillight bezel or as critical as the alternator wiring harness can be gifted for just a handful of cash.

Finally, a sound dampening mat is a great gift that can help keep the interior of their Bronco or F-100 nice and quiet on the inside. As nice as it is to hear engine rumble (especially an old V8) a sonically insulated cabin is a must if they plan on regularly driving their truck. These sheets are easy to cut and install and offer thermal insulation as well.

Ford Classic Truck Gifts Under $75

Some of these gifts can noticeably and visibly improve your loved one’s truck. For less than 75 dollars, they could get a whole new side mirror assembly or a tailgate damper kit. These gifts aren’t only minor aesthetic improvements, but functional ones as well.

While there are other potential options for rearview mirrors for an F-100, why settle for anything but the original? These chrome-plated reproductions of the original stock F-100 rearview mirrors will fit right into the interior of their truck and look great.

a new rocker panel for your loved one's classic Ford Bronco can truly save them a lot of trouble. Rocker panels can become serious rust magnets, and trying to find a proper donor on another Bronco can be a hassle. These replacement rocker panels can help keep their Bronco healthy and in working order.

Ford Classic Truck Gifts Under $150

Red F-100

Now we’re getting into the more serious gifts. Some of these gifts may only bear significance to the truck’s owner, but that doesn’t make them any less thoughtful. If you are curious exactly how these parts are important for that classic Bronco or F-100, then don’t be shy: the CJ Pony Parts Resource Center has plenty of informational articles available to help you understand how truly important that water pump is to their Bronco or F-100 project.

If your loved one's Bronco is riding a little rough, then maybe they need to replace their leaf springs . These are another part of the vehicle that could be easily ruined by rust. This is a great gift that keeps their Bronco under control and comfortable.

Ford Classic Truck Gifts Under $300

Gifts at this price level will really make that classic Ford truck fan in your life’s day. Larger and more important pieces of first-gen Broncos and F-100s can be bought at this price point. If you notice a missing vent window on their truck, or if you’ve heard them grumbling about shakey steering, the fixes for them are available below.

One of the quintessential aspects of old trucks like the F-100 is the full-length bench seats. If the seats of that special F-100 owner in your life are looking a little rough, then you should buy them a new bench seat upholstery set. These come in your choice of color and are designed to fit over the OEM F-100 bench seats. This gift will really tie the whole truck together.

Ford Classic Truck Gifts Under $500

Parked First Generation Ford Bronco

These products will make a very large impact on whatever Bronco or F-100 they are installed on. Things like a brake booster conversion kit, an upgraded steering wheel, and a forward-tilting hood are available for under 500 dollars. These gifts can both seriously impact their truck's performance and overall "wow" factor. For example, if they have put a lot of work and effort into making their F-100's engine bay look clean, then the forward tilting hood kit allows them to more easily show it all off. Additionally, a brand new, classic style steering wheel caps off the whole vehicle's restored feel. There are plenty of other wonderful options in this price bracket as well, like an upgraded carburetor or exhaust system.

CJ Pony Parts Gift Cards: For The Picky Ford Classic Truck Owners

Restoring and maintaining a classic Ford truck is a lot of work, and the parts that need replacing now will likely be different than what needs replacing in the future. Since that's the case, future proof your gift by buying your loved one a CJ Pony Parts' Gift Card. These gift cards start at $5 and go up to $500, so you can help prepare that classic Ford truck owner in your life for whatever goes wrong with their vehicle.

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

Classic Bronco and F-100 restoration is a long involved process. Although that truck aficionado in your life may spend hours upon hours in the garage wrenching away on their project, it doesn't mean that they are alone. A nice and thoughtful gift, no matter what size or price, can let them know how much you care about them and their passions.

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Classic Ford Truck Gift Guide

If you are looking to give a gift to the owner of an F-100 or first-generation Bronco, then look no further than this classic Ford truck gift guide.