Costs of Commuting State by State

Costs of Commuting State by State

Last Updated February 5, 2020

Many Americans are accustomed to long daily commutes and fluctuating gas prices. But some states have it worse than others.

For example, did you know Hawaii has the most expensive average price per gallon at $4.30?

Or that the longest average commute time is 31.31 mins/day in Maryland?

We compiled data from, AAA, and the EPA, based off the national MPG average of 23.6 and the average MPH on highway and rural roads per state into the infographic below:

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Cost of Commuting Infographic
Costs of Commuting State by State

Ever wondered how your commute costs compare to other states? Then check out this infographic from CJs that looks at some of the expenses and time factors that go into your commute. You can also see which state has the shortest commute times and which have the longest.