Covercraft vs. Coverking

Covercraft vs. Coverking

Last Updated February 5, 2020

In the Mustang community, it's widely acknowledged that there are two industry leaders for car covers. While CJ Pony Parts sells products from both of these companies, Covercraft and Coverking, the choice between these seemingly simple products can be a tough one, as both companies offer excellent products with very different selling points.


Covercraft is a family-owned company, with nearly 50 years of experience in the industry. They started in Southern California as a two-man shop and grew into an industry pioneer of custom-patterned car covers. Now, still family-owned, their product line has expanded to include 80,000 patterns of car covers for nearly all models of car, including the Mustang, and numerous other automotive products.

Coverking Satin StretchCoverking Satin Stretch car cover in Gotta Have It Green on Gotta Have It Street.

Meanwhile, Coverking was also founded in Southern California, in 1986 by an industrial and electrical engineer, who had previously worked in the aerospace industry. He applied that engineering experience into his new venture, utilizing advanced CAD/CAM systems to design better fitting and higher quality products. Coverking started making high-quality custom dash covers and eventually transitioned into car covers, soon becoming one of the industry leaders.

Covercraft vs Coverking Products Overview

CJ Pony Parts offers both the Satin Stretch and Stormproof lines from Coverking. Both lines are excellent custom car covers but are made for very different purposes. The Satin Stretch is an indoor car cover. It utilizes Lycra fibers for stretching around your Mustang and has the softest fleece inner lining available. Coverking’s Stormproof car cover may be one of the toughest car covers ever made. It is both water-resistant and breathable, plus offers outstanding sun and UV protection. Plus, the fabric won’t fade and needs no treatment or coating to be most effective. All Coverking covers utilize unique pattern designs, featuring as few seams as possible and a perfect fit. CJ Pony Parts offers both of these Coverking lines for every year of Mustang, including custom fit products for many special edition cars.

Covercraft Block-ItCovercraft Block-It 380 series car cover on a 2005-2009 Mustang.

Although Covercraft offers many different car cover products, CJ Pony Parts is currently offering the Covercraft Block-It series of covers, which are some of their high quality, but less expensive custom car cover products. They come in two different styles: The Block-It 200 Series and the Block-It 380 Series. These covers are custom designed to fit every year of Mustang, from 1965-2020, except the 1974-1978 Mustang IIs.

Both of the Covercraft Block-It series car covers are extremely capable in all-weather conditions and feature a three-layer polypropylene system, which is very close to 100% waterproof. It is very breathable, easily allowing any moisture that might have passed through the cover to escape. These Covercraft car covers also have a very soft touch against your Mustang’s paint, protecting it from any scratches or marks. Like many of Covercraft’s covers, the Block-It series features fabric manufactured by Kimberly Clark for the highest in technology and quality. The difference between the Block-It 200 and the Block-It 380 Series is the lighter duty nature of the 200 series, which is only able to withstand light outdoor duty, while the 380 series can handle more active weather.


While both car cover companies offer products that are custom fit to your specific Mustang model, there is a wide difference in the options available. Covercraft offers just two colors: The Block-It 200 series comes in gray, while the Block-It 380 series comes in taupe. They also feature the official, Ford licensed tri-bar logo, just for Mustang owners.

Coverking StormproofCoverking Stormproof car cover

Coverking car covers have quite a few more colors available. For Mustangs, the Stormproof covers can come in one of seven available colors, with optional black stripes. The Satin Stretch is offered in 13 colors for Mustang owners, with white, black and gray stripes available.

Covercraft vs Coverking Price

There is also a big difference in price between the two manufacturers. Covercraft’s Block-It 200 series covers are priced starting under $100, while the Block-It 380 series covers are closer to the $200 mark from CJ Pony Parts. Meanwhile, Coverking will generally be the more pricey of the two. All of our Coverking covers are more than $100 more expensive, starting at $319.99.


Shopping for a car cover for your Mustang can be a challenge, as there are dozens of manufacturers and options available, making the choice complex. CJ Pony Parts has made it easy, though, bringing options from two premium brands and letting you choose between the custom fit, high quality, standard products from Covercraft, or the more expensive, more customizable car covers from Coverking.

Will you be using Covercraft or Coverking to protect your Mustang?

Covercraft vs. Coverking

Car covers are simple products which couldn't be more complex. Two of the Mustang industry leaders in car covers are Coverking and Covercraft. Both of these companies have excellent products with different selling points. CJ's breaks down the difference between Covercraft and Coverking.

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