Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST Holiday Gift Guide

Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST Holiday Gift Guide

Last Updated March 15, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

The Fiesta ST and Focus ST hot hatches might not be sold in the Americas anymore, but the enthusiast community is as strong as ever. If you have family or friends that own one of these incredibly fun cars, they’re sure to appreciate one of these great gifts. Even if you’re the only ST owner you know, you can still treat yourself with the ultimate present for the holidays!

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for some affordable stocking stuffers or small gifts, there are a variety of great options for the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. While there are tons of accessories and visual upgrades to check out, the Steeda clutch spring assist kit is one product that will have a massive impact on day-to-day driving. This seemingly tiny fix can really smooth out the clutch pedal feel, which can be somewhat stacky in stock form. In terms of bang-for-your-buck, must-have items, many Focus ST enthusiasts consider this an essential upgrade.

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Gifts Under $30

You don’t have to break the bank to get a fantastic gift for the enthusiast in your life. Check out these less expensive options, including the Accelatec sound symposer delete kit. This super simple upgrade will allow the driver to experience the true, “natural” sound of their engine and exhaust, while also cleaning things up under the hood.

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Gifts Under $50

A budget of $50 really opens up the possibilities for customizing the Fiesta ST or Focus ST. An aftermarket shift knob is one of the most popular options. They’re easy to install, and the dozens of options allow for a custom look and feel in the cabin. Or add some LED reverse light bulbs, for output that’s brighter than stock, allowing you to better see and be seen when backing up.

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Gifts Under $75

For enthusiasts that engage in spirited driving with their Focus ST, a throttle pedal spacer is truly a necessity to perform heel-toe shifting. This is another great mod that isn’t the most expensive, but makes a big difference in the driving experience and can be installed by novices as well. You can also take a look at air filters and wheel spacers.

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Gifts Under $150

The Focus RS airbox from Ford Performance can add a lot of style to the engine bay of a Focus ST, while also allowing the driver to better enjoy the turbo and intake noises. For weekend racers and autocrossers, an aftermarket rear motor mount like the one from cp-e is considered essential equipment to help mitigate wheel hop. A hood strut kit will make time in the garage and at car shows more enjoyable, while those that deal with a lot of snow or mud can really appreciate a good set of protective floorliners.

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Gifts Under $300

To really take things to the next level, you can check out some springs, cold air intakes, or even a new steering wheel. You can get the lowered stance and improved handling of a coil spring kit to completely change the look and performance of the Focus ST. For those looking to amp things up under the hood, the excellent K&N Cold Air Intake Typhoon kit provides noticeably increased airflow and immense potential.

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Gifts Under $500

For maximum impact, a budget of up to $500 will really open doors in terms of the upgrades you can select for the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. The short throw shifter from Ford Performance will really offer a sporty, crisp shifting experience. You can also give the enthusiast in your life some fantastic sound enhancements for their Focus ST, with a cp-e blow off valve kit or MBRP cat-back exhaust system.

To view our full range of products, take a look at all of our Focus ST parts and Fiesta ST parts to find that perfect gift for the holiday season. No matter what your budget is or who you’re shopping for, you’ll find the best Ford Focus and Fiesta ST parts right here at CJ’s.

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Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST Holiday Gift Guide

For Focus ST and Fiesta ST owners, customizing their rides can be just as much fun as driving them. This handy holiday gift guide will help you find a great gift at any budget, even if you’ll just be “giving” it to yourself!