Ford and BlackBerry Form Partnership

Ford and BlackBerry Form Partnership

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | Drew Goodman

Did Ford Motor Co. take a giant step towards the development of driverless cars?

It certainly appears that way.

On October 31, 2016, Ford revealed a new partnership with BlackBerry that will open the door for all kinds of new technological advancements in the future.

Upon the announcement of the partnership between the automotive and software giants, BlackBerry confirmed that its popular QNX software will see an increased presence in Ford vehicles going forward. Though more details will come to light in the coming weeks and months, the purpose behind the agreement was to provide Ford cars with a new wave of embedded intelligence, that will be unmatched by anything else on the market.

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On the heels of forming this partnership with Ford, BlackBerry announced that it would assign a team of engineers to work alongside the Ford Motor Company to combine the existing technology with more modern developments. With the understanding of the present components combined with smarter technology, the advancements will provide people with better control of the vehicle’s operating system without forcing the driver to operate all of the control devices manually. This new wave of touch-free intelligence will enhance the in-vehicle cockpit and infotainment options thanks to the magic of telematics.

Though BlackBerry is most prominently known for its smartphones, Ford will entrust BlackBerry to create user-friendly technology that will enable drivers to digitally customize their cars, similar to the way they use their other electronic devices. From tailoring what they see at any given time to selecting which music to play throughout their cars, this new wave of technology will allow Ford customers to personalize their cars like never before!

With new technology always comes the risk for hacks and identity theft. In addition to adding more user-friendly enhancements to Ford cars, this new partnership with BlackBerry will increase the vehicle’s safety from cyber-attacks.

"hacks and other forms of cyber warfare"

Already renowned for the security of its mobile devices, BlackBerry will employ the same safety measures as the in-car communication systems that are present in Ford vehicles. Boasting years of experience in shielding mobile customers from hacks and other forms of cyber warfare, BlackBerry will use similar technology that will allow Ford drivers to enjoy all of the scientific advancements in steering, accelerating, and braking, without fearing any foul play from hackers.

This blockbuster partnership between Ford and BlackBerry could potentially allow the Ford Motor Company to move ahead of schedule in its long-term goal for driver-less cars. In April 2016, Ford announced its intention to produce a fleet of fully-autonomous cars for commercial use by the year 2021. Ford’s lofty five-year commitment to manufacturing driver-less cars centers on the elimination of steering wheels and gas pedals, and would force Ford cars to rely solely on the autonomous technology that the company will have developed in the meantime.

In recent years, ride-sharing apps such as Uber have changed the game in the transportation industry. In less than 10 seconds’ time, people are able to digitally order a car to come pick them up and drop them off where they need to be, without having to deal with the rigors of both driving and parking. Many believe that Uber and other ride-sharing apps will raise the bar even higher in the coming years, with the introduction of driverless cars.

If Uber is successful in launching these autonomous cars, it is projected that vehicle sales will plummet as a result. Realizing that it must adjust based on the current market, Ford quickly formed this agreement with BlackBerry to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape.

With Ford’s new partnership with BlackBerry, it is clear that the company is wasting little in revitalizing the automotive industry once again!

Ford and BlackBerry Form Partnership

It's crazy to think that autonomous vehicles could be taking over the roads in the near future. Well, it could be coming sooner than you think thanks to a new partnership between BlackBerry and Ford. With this partnership, Ford aims to have a fleet of fully-automated vehicles for commercial use by the year 2021.