2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2019 Chevrolet Colorado

2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2019 Chevrolet Colorado

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | Chris Cervenka

The Jeep Gladiator has finally made its official debut and many eyes are looking to Jeep’s latest creation to see how it stacks up with other vehicles in the same segment. One popular option in the mid-side truck segment is the Chevrolet Colorado, so it’s only natural that these two trucks should be pitted against each other to see which one comes out on top.

The Gladiator has many standard Jeep amenities that other vehicles don’t have standard. Jeep’s division of FCA takes pride in the fact that every vehicle with those four letters on the front equates to off-road capability. Obviously, Chevrolet has many options aside from the Colorado, but the ZR2 certainly raises the bar on how well one can tackle the road less traveled.

Whether you’re looking for a base model work truck or a completely loaded off-road-ready ZR2, Chevrolet has nearly every base covered when it comes to the Colorado and its broad target market. On the other hand, Jeep’s focus is more of the off-road realm with their Gladiator. Is it better to cast a mile-wide net that goes an inch deep, or an inch-wide net that goes a mile deep? Regardless of which you may believe is the way to go, these two trucks are impressively capable in many ways. Check out some of the stats as we delve into the details.

Gladiator vs Colorado: Quick Stats
Length 218.0 inches 212.7 inches
Height 73.1 inches 70.7 inches
Width 73.8 inches 74.3 inches
Ground Clearance 10.0 / 11.1 inches 8.20 / 8.20 inches
Wheelbase 137.3 inches 128.3 inches
Horsepower + Engine 285 HP/260 TQ 3.6 liter V6 200 HP/191 TQ 2.5 liter I4
308 HP/275 TQ 3.6 liter V6
181 HP/369 TQ 2.8 liter Diesel
Towing Capacity 7,650 lbs 3,985-7,700 lbs
Payload Capacity 1,650 lbs 1,492-1,574 lbs
MPG 22 hwy/17 city 4WD (est) 24 hwy/19 city, 2.5L I4 4WD
24 hwy/17 city, 3.6L V6 4WD
28 hwy/20 city, 2.8L Diesel 4WD
Bed Length 60 inches 61-74 inches
Price $37,000-$59,000+ (est) $20,500-$51,955+

Jeep Gladiator vs Chevrolet Colorado Exterior

Most vehicles nowadays look quite similar. It’s seriously difficult to differentiate a Toyota Camry from a Honda Accord when they’re driving by at 50 mph. One automaker stands out from the rest in this regard, and that’s Jeep. The Gladiator’s exterior appearance screams Jeep and everything that it stands for since their roots in WWII. The seven slots, round headlights, external hood latches, fold-down windshield, removable doors, swing door in the rear -- the Gladiator is a Jeep through and through.

Jeep Gladiator Red Side
Jeep Gladiator

As for the Colorado, you get a little more of an actual "pickup truck" vibe in comparison to the Gladiator. The rounded edges offer a smooth, sleek appearance that is starting to look a little dated, but screams Chevrolet. Add the ZR2 Off-Road Package and you’re looking at more aggressive front and rear bumpers, a lifted suspension, and knobby tires to complete the look and capability. The benefit the Colorado has over the Gladiator is its versatility with the order sheet - there truly is a Colorado for everyone depending on how you option it out.

Colorado ZR2 Off Road
Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Jeep Gladiator vs Chevrolet Colorado Interior

Jeep Gladiator Interior
Jeep Gladiator Interior

In our personal opinion, the Gladiator’s interior seems to stand out a bit more than the Colorado. It simply feels a bit more refined in comparison to the interior on the Colorado, which looks quite a bit similar to almost every other GM vehicle out there right now.

The Jeep features a nice nav screen, with all your necessary HVAC controls at finger’s reach. The cool part that showcases the Gladiator’s off-road mindset are the controls for the electronic locking differentials, sway bars, and auxiliary switches. Between those switches and the old-fashioned transfer case selector, the new Wrangler has a luxurious, yet rugged and capable vibe to the interior.

In the Colorado, comfort is more of the focus than anything else. Everything seems to be easily within the driver’s line of sight. Additionally, the most commonly touched surfaces seem to be padded well - like the steering wheel, gear selector and center console top. However, much of the dashboard, door panels, and console remain an unsightly hard plastic that GM just can’t seem to shake. Hopefully, in future models, they’ll make the Colorado a bit more friendly to soft touch interiors.

Chevy Colorado Interior
Chevrolet Colorado Interior

Jeep Gladiator vs Chevrolet Colorado Performance & Capability

Both the Jeep Gladiator and Chevy Colorado are incredibly capable vehicles both on and off the trail. Chevrolet truly did an awesome job taking the Colorado and making it off-road ready with their ZR2 package. You can say the same for the Jeep with its natural Jeep heritage.

Chevy Colorado ZR2 Dirt
Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Did we forget to mention the Gladiator can handle up to 30 inches of water fording? Talk about conquering the unknown! One thing that sets the Colorado above the rest is its available engines - specifically the Duramax 2.8L Turbo-Diesel engine. Quite impressively, that little diesel will deliver 369 lb-ft of torque, allowing the Colorado to conquer any terrain that comes its way.

It really boils down to what you’re looking for in a truck when it comes to the Chevy Colorado vs Jeep Gladiator. There’s a lot of lineage behind the Jeep, but there’s also a ton of capability that comes out of the Colorado ZR2. You really can’t beat the option list for the Colorado and how there truly is an option for any kind of prospective buyer out there, regardless of your lifestyle. However, if you lean towards more of the off-road realm, both the Colorado and Gladiator are great options for you!

Jeep Gladiator Through Water
Jeep Gladiator

Image Credit: Jeep | Chevrolet

2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2019 Chevrolet Colorado

The Jeep Gladiator lines right up next to the Chevrolet Colorado when it comes to the mid-size truck class. With many creature comforts available on the interior and rugged, utilitarian options on the exterior, both trucks could be the perfect driver for many people across the world. To dive further into the pros and cons, read on!