Jeep Father's Day Gifts

Jeep Father's Day Gifts

Last Updated May 27, 2022 | Alison Smith
Father's Day Jeep Gifts

We all know how difficult it can be to choose the right gift, especially for Father’s Day. Most dads aren’t particularly expressive when it comes to what they want. And you don’t want to accidentally buy the wrong thing, because then they’ll never let you live it down. Luckily, there are lots of cool gifts for Jeep-owning Dads. To help prevent a gift-buying faux pas, we’ve put together a list of the best Jeep gifts for Father’s Day.

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Equip Dad with Jeep Tools & Supplies

There’s no such thing as too many tools. That’s something both you and Dad can agree on. Make sure your dad has all the tools he needs for the trail.

A tire deflator kit will come in handy if he needs to air down his tires for more grip. Popped tires are also a common hazard of off-roading, so you can’t go wrong with a tire repair kit.

The Smittybilt trail axe is an all-in-one survival tool that comes with medical tape, a fishing line, match sticks, a sewing needle, and a built-in compass. It’ll come in handy for clearing obstacles or for chopping firewood. If there’s a tool your dad didn’t even know he needed, this trail axe is definitely it.

Both the Wrangler and Gladiator come with top and door removal tools. But if your dad bought a used Jeep or easily loses things, a new Mopar Torx tool kit has all the tools needed to remove the doors and top. If you aren’t around to help, a Hoist-A-Top system will allow your dad to easily remove his Jeep’s hardtop by himself.

Brighten Dad’s Day with Jeep Lights

Don’t keep Dad in the dark. There are a variety of aftermarket lighting solutions for Jeeps. Off-road LED lights are perfect for trail riding at night. Cube lights and light bars will greatly enhance visibility.

If your dad is running larger wheels and tires, he may need a new third brake light if the factory light is no longer visible. An LED ring brake light adheres to safety standards and adds a cool look. For a dad that likes options, many rock lights and accessory LED lights can mount virtually anywhere.

Camping Equipment for Family Adventures

Jeep camping is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your dad. That’s why camping gear makes a great Father’s day gift. Of course, your dad will need a tent if he doesn’t already have one. A rooftop tent will sit right on top of the Jeep and provide protection against the elements and insects.

A good camping chair is a necessity for sitting around the campfire or by the lake fishing. When it comes time for an afternoon nap, a Jeep hammock is the perfect spot to doze off.

A cooler with a built-in cutting board will keep food and beverages cool while giving you a place to chop veggies. If a cooler isn’t enough, you can get your dad a mini fridge and freezer for his Jeep. When you’re ready to cook, a tailgate table can serve as a kitchen and create more space. Some tables also have a bottle opener, so Dad can crack open a cold one while he cooks. That’s what we call multipurpose.

Recovery Gear So Dad Doesn’t Get Stuck

The last thing you want is for Dad to get stuck on the trail! If your dad does any off-roading, then recovery gear makes a great gift. Plus, recovery gear will help prevent your Dad from phoning you every time he gets caught in a sticky situation.

In addition to a recovery tow strap, heavy-duty winch shackles and tow rope connectors are always good to have on hand. If your dad has a winch, a winch accessory kit will have everything he needs to get unstuck: a recovery chain, tow strap, snatch block, D-ring shackles, tree strap, and gloves.

Every off-roader should have a jack in case of emergencies. A mounting kit will allow your dad to secure a jack to his Jeep’s hood for easier access. A folding recovery shovel is easy to store and is handy for digging in case more traction is needed. There’s no such thing as being too prepared when it comes to off-roading.

Jeep Accessories for Dad

Does your dad love to display his Jeep pride? If so, Jeep branded accessories make great Father’s day gifts. A spare tire cover will show all those who drive behind him how much he loves Jeep. Jeep seat covers and floor mats will protect your dad’s interior and pay homage to his favorite brand.

Adjustable tire deflators make it easy to air down tires when your dad is trail riding. They attach to the tire’s valve stem and bring down the pressure to a set PSI. A four-piece kit will let your dad air down all four tires at once.

An electronic road flare is always good to have in case your dad has to pull over on the side of the road. A magnetic back makes it easy to mount to the vehicle while red LED lights alert oncoming traffic. It’s safer than traditional flares, environmentally friendly, and waterproof.

Jeep Gift Cards

CJ Pony Parts gift cards with logo and text

Gift cards are a great option for pickier dads. A CJ Pony Parts gift card will let your father get exactly what he wants and save you the stress of picking out a gift. They’re available in any dollar amount and never expire. The gift cards are also easy to redeem, so there’s no extra hassle.

No matter what present you choose, spending time with your Dad or any paternal figure in your life is the best gift of all!

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Jeep Father's Day Gifts

Jeep owners love nothing more than to outfit their rig and proudly display their passion. If your dad falls into that category, we’ve put together a list of Jeep Father’s Day gift ideas. Help him maintain his Jeep with tools and supplies or give him some camping gear so you can plan a family trip. When in doubt, a gift card is always a solid option as well.