Jeep Wrangler Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Jeep Wrangler Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Last Updated February 25, 2022 | Meghan Drummond
Jeep Wrangler Gift Ideas

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be wondering what to get for the Jeep lover in your life. Don’t worry, we have Jeep gift ideas for every Jeep enthusiast.

Our Holiday Jeep Guide has something at every price point and the resources to help you make sure that the part you’re purchasing will fit correctly and that you have everything you need for the perfect install (because what’s the fun of a new toy without the batteries, right?).

Some gifts are perfect no matter what model of Jeep your loved one has, but others do require specifics and for that we hope our article on types of Wranglers is helpful. If not, there are a lot of options that will delight any Jeep enthusiast.

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Jeep Stocking Stuffers

Getting your Jeep enthusiast something small and thoughtful is a great way to show that you care about them and their interest without breaking the bank. Or, if you’ve already picked out a present that’s going to wow them then adding a little Jeep touch creates a personal element that turns a jaw-dropping present into a heart-touching one as well.

Keychains make great presents, because they’re something that has to be carried everywhere, and changing out a plain ring for something that feels special is sure to spark joy. For Jeep lovers, having a keychain like this one with LED lights to help you out at night, is an especially good idea.

Have you ever seen a Jeep sporting a trailer hitch covered in rust that looks like it’s thinking about attacking the Jeep’s undercarriage next? It’s a common sight due to the scraping and jostling that trailer hitches endure. If you have a Jeep fan in your life that needs a trailer hitch but doesn’t always do a good job of covering it then a trailer hitch cover is a great present.

In addition to being useful, trailer hitch covers can also be decorative, creating a personalized aspect to a Jeep that makes it a little extra special.

Another great decorative touch for a Jeep is this stainless-steel license plate. The silhouetted trees and Jeep grille make this attractive and a great pick for a Jeep fan who’s also really into the outdoors. The stainless-steel means that it doesn’t just depict the outdoors, this license plate can also survive them.

Jeep Gift Ideas Under $30

One of the reasons that people love Jeeps is that the top and doors are removable, as long as you have the right tool at least. A top door removal kit is a great present for someone who maybe needs a little help letting the top down so they can have fun.

If who you’re shopping for has taken their Wrangler's top off a little awkwardly a few times, then it’s likely that it has a few chips and dings. Hard tops can get scratched up from low hanging branches or being removed, but with this Mopar touch up paint pen, fixing those scratches is a breeze.

With Jeeps, it’s not “if” they’ll get muddy, but “when.” It’s a Jeep Thing, and it’s one of the reasons why a great set of seat covers might make a good present. Seat covers are always a good bet for holiday presents, but adding Jeep specific touches lets them know that you really were thinking of them.

Jeep owners love to personalize their vehicles and upgrading the antenna base mount is one of those small modifications that no one immediately thinks of but that makes a big impact on the overall appearance of their Jeep.

Jeep Gift Ideas Under $50

Red and black paracord grab handles for a rollbar

All Jeep Wranglers are trail rated, but despite having a fender badge on the driver’s side, there isn’t a corresponding passenger’s side one. This badge is a perfect OEM match. Let someone know they’re your passenger of choice by adding a trail rated badge to your passenger’s side as well.

Though many of these upgrades are primarily cosmetic, adding grab handles will definitely be appreciated and can be very practical, as anyone who’s ridden with a Jeep owner knows. These Mopar grab handles are sold in sets for the front and rear passengers. Both sets are sturdy steel with a sculpted handle to ensure comfort and durability.

Though everyone loves having a Jeep Wrangler at the beach, they certainly can get hot when the sun’s beating down on them. This Coverking sunshield can help protect the inside of a Wrangler from heat as well as from harmful UV rays which can bleach out its interior.

When the weather’s nice, it’s great to have a Jeep that can let its top down and enjoy the sun. The only problem is that getting the top off can be a chore. Changing the original fasteners out for these that have an easier to use wingnut design is one way to make it a little easier to have a good time.

Jeep Gift Ideas Under $75

The great thing about spare tire covers is that they’re easy to put on, and because of how prominent they are on the back of the Wrangler, it’s the easiest way to change up and personalize an entire look. Because these covers take such a beating, it’s important to get ones that are designed to be durable. Both of these are perfect for the wide range of “Jeep things” that enthusiasts tend to get into.

Because all Jeeps have four-wheel-drive, they can get their owners where they’re going despite inclement weather. These splash guards can help to protect a Wrangler’s undercarriage, preventing rust. Because of the design of these splash guards, they can be painted. Customizing a set of splash guards sounds like a pretty great present idea if you’re artistically inclined.

A receiver hitch is a great present idea for any Jeep owner that doesn’t already have one. After all, one of the reasons that people get a Jeep is to explore the great outdoors, and with the Wrangler’s towing capacity there’s no reason that it can’t be responsible for hauling most of your camping gear so the seats can be occupied by passengers.

Speaking of camping, or Jamping as Jeep enthusiasts tend to call it, this camping chair is rugged, practical, and durable, three of any Jeep lovers favorite things!

Jeep Gift Ideas Under $150

Upgrading headlights and taillights to LEDs is a great safety upgrade for anyone who drives at night, and many headlight upgrade systems are plug and play. Because you’re looking for a Jeep enthusiast though, those aren’t the only lights to think about. These LED light kits allow the wheel wells to project light underneath a Jeep, which is an incredibly practical feature when you’re attempting to find the best route during an off-road venture.

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean Jeep enthusiasts don’t want to breathe in the fresh air. These window deflectors are designed exactly for that. The sleek design of these is meant to be low-profile, preserving the looks of their Jeep while allowing them to roll the windows down even if there is a little drizzle.

This hitch receiver is designed to work even with the JL Wrangler’s stock bumper. Though it can be installed on a plastic bumper with ease, this hitch is all steel and powder-coated for added durability.

Every off-roader wants a winch, but it can be a tough balance to strike when you live in a state that requires a front license plate. This license plate bracket allows a Jeep Wrangler to have a license plate that can mount and dismount with ease. Even better, this license plate bracket is easy to install and requires no drilling. So, you can surprise your recipient by having it already installed for them.

Jeep Gift Ideas Under $300

A Jeep with LED lights rockcrawling.

LED light options are some of the most popular safety and aesthetic upgrades. Whether you’re looking for LED headlights to help your Jeep fan see better at night, or looking for LED taillights that give a more customized look than the stock ones, there are plenty of options.

One of the most definitively Jeep LED options that you can get is a set of LED lights designed to help give additional under-Jeep visibility at night. If you love rock-crawling and don’t want to stop when the sun goes down, then these lights are a great find.

For the Jeep fan that loves camping or tailgating, a retractable awning is the easiest way to make their Jeep feel like a home away from home. Even if you’re just hanging out by the river, this awning will help make sure the bright sun or occasional rain doesn’t spoil your fun.

One upgrade that almost every Jeep owner makes at some point is upgrading the exhaust system on their Jeep. It’s no secret that the stock exhaust isn’t exactly the exhaust note that most Jeep lovers dream about, but this axle-back exhaust can change that in a hurry!

Jeep Gift Ideas Under $500

A windshield-mounted LED bar

If you’re looking for a present with a lot of wow factor, these should get the job done.

LED lights can help to add visibility to a wide variety of situations. Whether you’re looking at amazing LED headlights for night driving, an LED light bar for off-roading adventures, or a front bumper that has an LED loop.

Front bumpers are a popular Wrangler modification, and this one kinda has it all. From the LED lights to the winch plate, it’s got a lot going on. The solid steel construction makes it durable and heavy-duty enough for whatever they’re winching.

If they’re looking to do some serious modifications in the long run, then these auxiliary switch systems can help to give them the blank slate they’ll need to get started on those. By providing power enough for four-or six-devices, you’re just giving them the power to pick out what they need for wherever they’re taking their Jeep.

Still Unsure?

If you’re having trouble picking out a gift for your Jeep enthusiast, then CJ Pony Parts offers gift cards. Starting at just $5, gift cards can be a great way to let your loved one get exactly what they want and have the fun of picking it out.

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

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Jeep Wrangler Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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