Light Duty Truck Gift Guide

Light Duty Truck Gift Guide

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Light-duty trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in America. Vehicles like the Toyota Tacoma, the Ram 1500, the Chevy Silverado, and the GMC Sierra make up a large portion of the truck driving population. Most everyone has a special truck driver in their life, and the holidays are the perfect time to show them how much you care about them and their ride. Regardless of which model of light-duty truck they drive, we’ve got the perfect gift for them here at CJ Pony Parts.

Stocking Stuffers: For The Light Duty Truck Enthusiast

Regardless of how silly this expression may seem, good things really do come in small packages. Below are some stocking-sized gifts that can make a huge impact on your loved one’s light duty truck. For example, bed ties are small enough to fit in your pocket and can allow you to secure large things in the bed of your truck. Additionally, a phone mount can really make a huge difference. Don't sleep on these small gifts; you don't have to give your loved one a lift kit or a whole new set of wheels to make a big difference.

A tire repair kit can help them out when they are in a pinch. There's nothing more frustrating than a punctured and leaky tire. If whoever you are shopping for has ever helped you out when you were in need, then it might be time to return the favor.

Light Duty Truck Gifts Under $30

Ram 1500 Seat Covers

For under thirty dollars, you can seriously spruce up your loved one’s truck with a seat or center console cover. Trucks can be dirty on the outside, but no one appreciates a messy truck interior. Regardless of which light-duty truck they may drive, we have the seat cover that will fit their truck like a glove. Not only do these covers help protect their seats, but they are also embroidered with each truck's respective logo, allowing them to show off their brand loyalty. At the end of the day, you can't go wrong with more comfort. Even the toughest truck owners can't deny the pleasures of a softer driver's seat.

Light Duty Truck Gifts Under $50

Regardless of how affordable these gifts are, they can make great impactful gifts. A tailgate cap, for example, can help protect their tailgate from getting too scratched and dinged up, while also giving it an improved look.

Replacement parts are great ideas for gifts as well. Gifting that special truck owner in your life a replacement part like another set of license plate lights can seriously help take the headache out of their truck owning experience. If their truck is always in tip-top shape however, something fun and flashy like a tailgate lightbar can really take their truck’s look to the next level (while being easy on your wallet).

Light Duty Truck Gifts Under $75

For less than 75 dollars, you can gift that truck fan in your life one of the most iconic truck mods ever: splash guards. These tasteful splash guards will protect the undercarriage of their car while making it look capable and rugged. Beyond all else, there are plenty of trucks that look naked without a pair of mud flaps. If the light-duty truck fan you’re shopping for ever goes off-road, then a proper splash guard is a must. They can be installed quickly and easily, and will immediately give their truck an improved look and better protection.

Light Duty Truck Gifts Under $150

Illuminated Ram Truck Logo

Much like how a seat and console cover can make a truck’s cabin feel cozier, a heavy-duty floor mat can keep a truck nice and tidy. The right floor-mat will cover every soilable inch of their truck’s floor with an easy to clean and removable surface.

A set of aftermarket pod lights can also add both flair and functionality to your loved one's light-duty truck of choice. This is a rather modular mod and can work well on pretty much any vehicle. These lights come in a variety of colors, and can significantly increase their truck's light output.

Light Duty Truck Gifts Under $300

Front Fasica on Blue Toyota Tacoma

These are some of the more serious mods that you can install on your truck. An oil separator is one of the most highly recommended mods for your truck as it can really help increase its engine’s lifespan. Additionally, a side exhaust system can both increase your truck’s performance and give it a killer sound. There are plenty of substantial mods in this category, and it all depends on what that special truck owner in your life values.

Additionally, an oil separator is a great addition to any truck. By filtering out the oil that can build up over time in the intake manifold, an oil separator can help keep their truck in working order and avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic. Once you see how much oil an oil separator catches, you'll probably never want to drive without one installed again.

Light Duty Truck Gifts Under $500

Here are some of the ultimate truck mods that will have a significant impact on their rig. Although they are small, an engine tuner can unlock a truck’s true potential. These can alter engine output and response for much stronger performance. If that doesn’t sound like something up their alley, then a good pair of side steps can both give their truck a nice new look and make it easier to enter and exit.

If you've ever struggled to enter and exit a lifted pickup truck, then you understand how helpful a good pair of side steps can be. Getting into a truck shouldn't require a whole gymnastics routine, so help make your loved one's truck owing experience easier by gifting them some side steps.

CJ Pony Parts Gift Cards

Personalized gifts are nice, but sometimes that special truck owner in your life knows what they need better than anyone else. Don't risk treading on their specific desires for their truck and buy them a CJ Pony Parts giftcard. These gift cards start at $5, so you can help them buy something special for themselves.

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

Light-duty trucks are frequently work vehicles and daily drivers, so they can be modded to serve many different functions. From comfortable and convenient interiors to rugged exteriors, a truck like a Toyota Tacoma, a Chevy Silverado, a GMC Sierra, or a Ram 1500 can be the only vehicle someone will ever need.

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