Mustang Facts, Quotes, & Trivia

Mustang Facts, Quotes, & Trivia

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Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” That particular quote has lived in lore within the automotive community long after Mr. Ford’s death, but in that particular circumstance, he was referring to the Model T.

The now-famous line took place over five decades since the genesis of the Mustang, and since its 50-plus-years on the production line, there have been plenty of famous quotes that describe the pony car and its greatness.

Drag Race at Mustang Week

Famous Mustang Quotes

"Presenting the unexpected, Mustang has the look, the fire, the flavor of the great European car. Yet it's as American as its name... and as practical as its price."

- Advertising copy for the 1965 Mustang

“The Mustang set off a revolution almost to the level of the Model T in terms of making a cool sports car affordable to the average person. When you were driving a Mustang, you were special. You were noticed. You stood out. And today the Mustang delivers the same attributes.”

- Bob Witter, Ford Global Brand Entertainment

"And the Mustang was more than just an automobile. It was an explosion of joy and libido. Before the pony car, there were dreadnought Buicks and Chevys and Chryslers, titanic and finned. Or sleek vehicles of impossible price, mostly foreign jobs you could buy only if you wore an ascot."

- David Von Drehle, Washington Post

Movie Mustangs

Mustang from Goldfinger

Several months after the much-anticipated debut, the Ford Mustang was racing through the hills of Switzerland in the smash hit Goldfinger. The thrilling appearance in the James Bond was classic was the pony car’s first of many cinematic cameos, but the most famous Mustang to ever hit the silver screen is undoubtedly the Bullitt Mustang.

In the 1968 classic Bullitt, Steve McQueen hopped behind the wheel of a Mustang GT 390 Fastback and engaged in arguably the most exciting car chase scene in movie history. The Dark Highland Green muscle car became an iconic symbol throughout the Mustang community, and the Ford Motor Company eventually resurrected the build in 2008, 2009, and 2019.

Goldfinger was the original and Bullitt is the most famous one ever, but the Ford Mustang continues to be a fixture in Tinsel Town in the present day.

Mustang from Bullitt

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most famous Mustang movies ever. Our list includes the title of the movie along with the type of Ford Mustang that appeared.

Gone in Sixty Seconds- 1971 Mustang Sportsroof

Diamonds Are Forever- 1971 Mach I

Basic Instinct- GT Convertible

Shelby GT500 Elenaor

Gone in Sixty Seconds (Remake)- 1967 Shelby GT500

Thomas Crown Affair- 1968 Shelby GT500

John Wick- 1969 Fastback

The Princess Diaries- 1966 Convertible

The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift- 1967 Fastback

I Am Legend- Shelby GT500

Knight Rider- 2008 Shelby GT500KR

Transformers- 2007 Saleen S281 Extreme

Mustang Facts

Did you know?

The Mustang was not named after a horse. The Ford Mustang’s name derives from a World War II fighter jet.

The Ford Mustang made its debut at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City.

Lee Iacocca was the primary designer of the Mustang.

Larry Shinoda is credited with designing the first Boss 302.

The original Ford Mustang was the exact same length as the Ford Falcon.

The first Mustang to roll off of the assembly line was a white convertible.

The first Mustang came with only three gears.

The original Mustang sold for a base price of $2,368.

1966 marked the year in which the most Mustangs were sold (607,500), followed by 1965 (559,500), and then 1967 (472,000).

Mustang sale numbers graph

The first major Mustang redesign occurred for the 1967 model year.

In 1969, the Mustang Mach I was first introduced.

In the first year of the Fox Body Generation (1979) 370,000 Mustangs were sold, which is the fifth most units ever in a single year.

Coyote Swap Fox Body

The Fox Body Generation spanned three decades and marked the Mustang’s longest era to date.

The Mustang has won Motor Trend Magazine’s coveted “Car of the Year” award twice (1974, 1994).

The 2015 Mustang was the first of its kind to come with Independent Rear Suspension.

Despite its macho image, the Mustang was originally marketed towards women.

The most powerful Ford Mustang to date is the 2015 Shelby Super Snake.

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Mustang Facts, Quotes, & Trivia

Few cars have captured the world's imagination the way the Ford Mustang has. For almost 50 years, this American classic has been a staple in movies, television, radio, and in print. It has been an enduring object of desire and a symbol of the freedom of the open road. Because the Mustang is such a popular vehicle, the pony car has been subject to a great deal of dialogue and pop culture exposure over the years. Check out our list below of key Mustang facts as well as Mustang trivia and notable quotations.