2020 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX

2020 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | C.J. Tragakis

March 21, 2019 - Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Mule Spotted

Will there soon be a Ram T-Rex coming to fight the Ford Raptor? The off-road pickup truck market may soon look like the end of Jurassic Park.

Car and Driver has landed some sneaky shots of the upcoming 2020 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX being tested on public streets in the Detroit area. And there are reports indicating very strongly that the engine powering this beast will in fact be the supercharged V8 motor from the Challenger Hellcat. Those present noted a distinct supercharger whine coming from the Ram Rebel TRX mule that was seen, which is sure to excite truck enthusiasts across the country, no matter their brand loyalty.

2020 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Front View

Confirmed since June of 2018, the Ram Rebel TRX has been around in concept form since way back in 2016, when it made a surprise debut at the State Fair of Texas. FCA is positioning the TRX explicitly against its only real competition: The Ford F-150 Raptor. While Chevy's new Colorado ZR2 Bison is also an incredibly capable off-road machine, it falls into the compact pickup truck class. The existing Ram Rebel has a few rugged accouterments to help increase its off-road prowess, but the F-150 Raptor is simply in another league. For now, at least.

So, what separates this new Rebel TRX from a regular ol' Ram 1500? One of the most obvious differences is the increased ride height and the wide fender flares (note the exposed fasteners). There's plenty of room for some beefy off-road rubber, and the model shown looks to be rocking wheels that are not currently available. We'd say they're 17-inch wheel wrapped with 33-inch tires, but it's tough to be certain from these images.

2020 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Rear View

Car and Driver also notes that "closer inspection reveals a seriously beefy rear control arm and mount, constructed out of the no-nonsense type of square-wall tubing used in military vehicles, and an internal bypass/reservoir damper of a type not seen on the Rebel before."

We expect some serious updates to the suspension, including off-road-tuned shocks, plus lots of protective plating underneath. There will likely be some modest interior upgrades to add some character in the cabin, and a handful of exterior add-ons like a new grille, maybe with a brush guard. We'll have to wait for the next iteration to get a better idea of what the final product will look like.

Given the success of the F-150 Raptor, it's definitely going to be exciting to have another insanely capable off-roading truck on the market. Stay tuned for more updates to follow, but for now, we leave you with a quote from Car and Driver's photographer who snapped these spy shots: "Boy, is it fast."

Image Credit: Car & Driver | Motor Authority

2020 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX

Long-awaited since being confirmed by FCA in June 2018, the Dodge Ram Rebel TRX began as a concept that caught a lot of eyes. There’s no question that it’s engineered to be rugged and capable enough to compete squarely with the Ford F-150 Raptor, whose off-road prowess has been unmatched by any other pickup to date.

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