Off-Road Themed Gifts For Father's Day

Off-Road Themed Gifts For Father's Day

Last Updated March 15, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Usually, they have everything they need, and most gifts (while appreciated) end up occupying some dusty corner in the garage. However, if that special father in your life likes to go wheeling in his off-road rig of choice from time to time, then getting him a gift is quite easy. There is always something that can improve on an off-roading vehicle. Don’t feel stumped, we’ve got some great gift ideas for your dad’s Wrangler, Tacoma, Bronco, F-150, or whatever vehicle he may drive.

Don’t worry if you don’t even know that much about off-road vehicles. There are gifts here that don’t require any automotive knowledge to pick out for dad. But, if you do want to really flatter your father this June and go for a very serious upgrade for his rig, then CJ Off-Road's Resource Center has you covered. From superchargers to lift kits, there are explanations and guides right here to help make your gift giving much easier.

Off-Road Accessories For Dad

Wet Jeep Wrangler

Remember, it isn’t the value of the gift the matters, but rather the intention behind it. Here are a few gift ideas that are relatively small and affordable, but can make a big impact on your dad’s off-roading experience. Anything from a decal to put on his truck or SUV, to something as small as a keychain can help make your father’s off-roading vehicle feel truly unique.

Small and Useful Tools

Small gifts can be quite functional as well! Off-roading requires quite a lot of toys, and they are a great way to improve your dad’s experience off-road. From tire deflators to a simple set of wrenches, these are some gifts that truly keep giving. Not only do the right tools allow for on the trail repairs, but they can help your father install future mods and upgrades as well.

Upgrades for the Interior

Modded Ford Bronco In Country

Additionally, a convenient comfortable interior can go quite a long way. From interior power splitters to an easily stashable first-aid kit, there are hundreds of ways for you to help spruce up the interior of your dad’s off-roading rig. While his vehicle’s performance is, of course, a top priority, nothing can beat a comfortable and useful interior. Regardless, interior upgrades and accessories aren’t entirely for looks and convenience. A clinometer can give your father a sense of his vehicle’s pitch and roll on the trails.

Floor Mats For Neat Freak Fathers

Even though off-road rigs are supposed to get muddy, dusty, and scratched up on the outside, that doesn’t mean that the inside has to be the same way. If that special dad in your life doesn’t allow any food and drinks inside of his mud-slaked Wrangler, then you should consider getting him some floor mats. Even though floor mats may seem to cost a lot for just being a flat piece of plastic, they're a good value. The right floor mat can keep the floor of your dad’s off-road vehicle clean for a long time.

Vehicle Recovery

EcoBoost SEMA F150 Crossing Puddle

A great gift to get dad this Father’s Day is something to help protect his rig. One of the inherent risks of off-roading is getting your vehicle stuck, and without the right tools, recovering a stuck vehicle can be quite expensive and damaging. Help keep your dad’s off-road rig safe and sound with some affordable recovery tools. Something as simple as a kinetic recovery rope can help pull a vehicle out of some dire situations.

Gift Cards

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

Even though there are plenty of great off-road themed gifts for dad, sometimes he knows what he wants the best. If you want to leave the thinking to pops, then get him a gift card. Gift cards range anywhere from $5 to $500, so you can give your dad the freedom to pick the exact thing he needs.

There are many ways to give a meaningful gift to your off-road loving father. Whether he drives a Wrangler, a Tacoma, or a Bronco, there are plenty of gifts that can both improve his ride, and be a pleasant reminder of your relationship. At the end of the day, a family that wheels together, stays together.

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Off-Road Themed Gifts For Father's Day

If your father or any other special dad in your life is an avid off-roader, then this guide is for you. Find out some quick and easy gifts for Dad this Father's Day.