Top Changes for the S650 Mustang's Exterior

Top Changes for the S650 Mustang's Exterior

Last Updated September 14, 2022 | Meghan Drummond

The changes to the S650 Mustang’s exterior are still unrevealed, and will be until the big reveal this September. But fortunately, we’re able to put together a lot based on the spy shots that have been released so far.

There haven’t been many big surprises. Most of the styling is borrowed from the 2018+ S550 Mustangs. But here are some of the big changes we’ve seen so far.

More angular and streamlined front

The steeper windshield angle and elongated hood create a front-end appearance that’s more angular and streamlined.

2023 S650 Mustang prototype in heavy camouflage on a test track

2023 S650 Mustang prototype front view showing angular grille and thinner headlights

Taillights return

The rear of the car is wearing much more camouflage, so it's harder to tell what design differences we'll see here. Camouflage isn't too heavy around the taillights, where it's clear the S650 will retain the three-bar vertical design of its predecessor.

2023 S650 Mustang prototype rear closeup showing vertical taillights lit up

Slimmer headlights

The headlights we see feature a familiar tri-bar LED setup. But they’re definitely slimmer than the headlights we’ve grown to love. In some ways, the smaller headlights make the front look a little more like the early S550s.

Familiar grille and badge

The hexagonal grille shape also looks like the 2015-2017 Mustang’s, but the size is definitely smaller. This is accentuated by the headlights. The grille on the leaked GT image (shown below) looks larger than the base model’s.

The central grille badging that leaked shows the running pony emblem, floating rather than corralled. This is basically what we've seen on the front of the Mustang for the S550 generation. Though special editions like the Shelby Mustangs have come with unique badging. So far no unique grille badges have been spotted for the S650, but that doesn't mean they aren't coming!

The front of the new s650 Mustang in black

GT Exterior Details

Functional fender vents

If this model is the next-generation GT, the addition of functional fender flares is exciting. Fender vents help keep the engine bay cool while adding style. Does this mean that the engine redesign is expected to generate more heat (and power?). If so, it would explain the rumored 500 horsepower.

Front view of camouflaged S650 Mustang GT

Quad exhaust tips

The rear of the GT model has extra room for quad exhaust tips. That means we’ll likely see the return of active exhaust as well. These changes perfectly complement the lower profile of the car.

A view of the S650 Mustang GT’s exhaust tips

GT hood intake

It’s hard to tell from the blurry image released of the GT, but it looks like the GT is getting a hood intake. That, coupled with the larger grille and functional fender flares, may be additional methods of cooling for the engine.

A blurry image shows the front of a silver S650 GT Mustang

GT badging

The fender emblem on the GT appears to be different than the current ‘5.0’ we’ve all grown to love. Could it be we’re returning to the “GT” badging? Or does Ford have a surprise in store? While rumors about the S650's engine would perhaps lead you to believe that we're going to see a new displacement, there's no real confirmation of that at this time.

Little Changes, Big Difference

All of these changes are relatively small. But added up? They make for a whole new Mustang. Coupled with the improvements to performance and the added interior technology, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the S650 generation.

A lot of these features will also look entirely different depending on what color they’re in. Check out our list of S650 colors for a run-down on the paint options we think we’ll see on the new 7th-gen Mustang.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our 2024 Mustang specs page for the latest info, and check out our answers to your top S650 questions here.

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Top Changes for the S650 Mustang's Exterior

While most of the S650 Mustang prototypes we’ve seen have camo, we’re still able to make some pretty good assessments about major changes. Here are the biggest we expect to see in 2024.