What Is the Mustang Saleen H281?

What Is the Mustang Saleen H281?

Last Updated February 5, 2020

The Saleen S281 was a Ford Mustang variation that was available from 1996 to 2009. The vehicle was named for Saleen Inc., now known as Saleen Automotive. Saleen is an American automotive manufacturer that took stock Mustangs produced by Ford and modified them into high-performance vehicles known for their superior handling. By 2005, Saleen had become an original equipment manufacturer that produced its own vehicles, including many Mustang variants.

Saleen H281 Mustang

The Saleen H281 Hit the Streets in 2007

Saleen produced numerous S281 Mustang variations over the years, including the H281. Introduced in 2007, the H281 was designed as a “throwback” Mustang with retro styling reminiscent of the pony car’s heyday in the 1960s (the “h” actually stands for “heritage”).

The H281 was equipped with a beefed-up engine that included a significant horsepower boost over previous Saleen S281 models, courtesy of a special Saleen engine tuning process known as “Powerflash.” Other features included buttery leather seats along with eye-catching exterior graphics and badging.

A True Limited-Edition Mustang

A Mustang Saleen H281 sighting is a relatively rare occurrence, as only 100 of these vehicles were produced. The H281 could only be purchased directly from the Saleen store or from authorized Saleen dealers. With an MSRP of around $42,000, the H281 was priced beyond what the typical American car buyer could afford.

Image Credit: Motor Authority

What Is the Mustang Saleen H281?

The Saleen H281, the "H" stands for "Heritage", was designed by Saleen Automotive as a throwback Mustang with retro styling similar to the first generation pony cars. Only 100 Saleen H281s were produced which makes seeing one of these on the streets a rare occurrence.