Scott Drake vs. Standard Reproduction

Scott Drake vs. Standard Reproduction

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One of the most popular vendors for Ford Mustang parts is Scott Drake. While Scott Drake offers Mustang parts for every year of Mustang, from the earliest 1964.5 Mustang to the newest Mustang, what sets them apart from the competition is the attention to detail and quality that can be seen in each of their products.

Scott Drake versus Standard Reproduction Mustang Lower Control Arms

Many Mustang part manufacturers offer a front lower control arm for 1965-1966 Mustangs, but only Scott Drake offers this part with the little details correct, making it exactly like the original part found on '65-'66 Mustangs, with a lot higher quality than the standard reproduction replacement lower control arm. To start, Scott Drake finished their lower control arm with a brighter paint and in the factory-correct two-tone black and gray color scheme. Scott Drake also offers an all-black lower control arm, with the same high quality, for customers not requiring the factory-correct color scheme.

The biggest difference is in the ball joint. Scott Drake's lower control arm features a heavier duty castle nut, which is almost twice the thickness than the one on the standard reproduction. This means the Scott Drake castle nut is much stronger when threaded on than the standard reproduction, and makes the Scott Drake lower control arm much less prone to failure than the reproduction. The cover over the boot is also superior on the Scott Drake product, as it is a much heavier plastic and fits much tighter than the standard reproduction. The same is true for the rubber boot on each part. Scott Drake's boot uses a much heavier, thicker rubber, while the reproduction is thinner.

On the backside of the part, Scott Drake continues to demonstrate their attention to detail. The Scott Drake Lower Control Arm includes the factory-correct style rivets and is also grease-able, which can greatly extend the life of the Scott Drake part. Continuing along the back of the control arm, Scott Drake correctly features a two-piece heavy-duty bracket and tabs that are correctly spot welded, versus the edge welding on the standard reproduction.

Scott Drake vs. Reproduction Mustang Deluxe Interior Door Panel Inserts

Another popular product from Scott Drake is their Deluxe Interior Door Panel Inserts for 1969-1970 Mustangs. Like all of their products, Scott Drake developed these door panel inserts to exactly mimic the original, factory door panel inserts on 1969-1970 Mustangs, right down to the smallest details. To start with, Scott Drake matches the factory finish, with the correct dark walnut look and the correct wood grain. The standard reproduction has an incorrect high gloss finish with much more texture than the original. On our example standard reproduction deluxe door panel insert, the finish even has a crease in it, where the adhesive stuck to the panel.

The chrome edging on the Scott Drake Deluxe Interior Door Panel Inserts is also perfect, with the chrome running right up to the edges, while the standard reproduction's finish is much more uneven. Also, on the reproduction, the black paint along the edges is very uneven and spotty and is the incorrect shade of black. Scott Drake's panel inserts feature a high gloss black that is very evenly spread around the edges.

Scott Drake offers a few factory correct options for customers to consider. First, the wood grain inserts are available separately, in either dark walnut or light teak, each as high-quality 3M adhesives. They also offer the correct door emblems that fit on the Deluxe Door Panel Inserts.

Scott Drake versus Standard Reproduction Mustang Glove Box Doors

For many Mustang owners, even the smallest details can make or break the look they desire in their classic restoration. With parts from Scott Drake, like their 1965-1966 Pony Interior Glove Box Door, customers can rest assured that the little details are perfect.

The first thing that any customer would notice is the little bit of work that Scott Drake saves you with this part, as the Pony Emblem is already installed on the glove box door, which the standard reproduction requires you to mount. The wood grain finish on the Scott Drake part is much more correct, with the proper texture, while the standard reproduction has practically no texture at all. Our standard reproduction even had some bumps in the finish and you can see the glue holding it on.

The chrome finish on the Scott Drake Glove Box Door is also of the highest quality. It's bright and very even, versus the standard reproduction's uneven finish with some pitting along the inside edges. Since the standard reproduction doesn't come with the emblem mounted, it's also easy to see that the wood grain overlay doesn't properly line up with the holes, nor does it go all the way over to the edge, meaning you can see the black camera finish behind it. The edge on the Scott Drake part is nice and tight and looks great on your glove box.

Scott Drake vs. Standard Reproduction Mustang Kick Panels

While a kick panel might seem like an awfully simple part of your classic Mustang, if it's poorly fitting or doesn't match the rest of your Mustang's interior, it can be a major eyesore. However, just like they do with all of their parts, Scott Drake pays attention to the little details on their 1965-1968 Mustang kick panels. Scott Drake offers them in four different versions, one of which will fit your Mustang: 1965-1966 coupe/fastback, 1965-1966 convertible, 1967-1968 coupe/fastback, and 1967-1968 convertible.

When comparing the Scott Drake kick panels to the standard reproductions, it's easy to see quite a few differences where Scott Drake really pays attention to the details, making their kick panels much closer, if not exactly the same as the factory originals. To start, while the reproduction does have a texture to it, it's not a texture that's found on a Mustang. The reproduction is also made of a very rigid plastic, while Scott Drake uses a heavier grade plastic that's flexible, like the original.

When looking at the contour between the Scott Drake and the standard reproduction, the Scott Drake kick panels follows the very smooth contour of the original, factory kick panel, while the reproduction has a far more abrupt contour. This carries from the edges, all the way to the center. The area of the kick panel where the windlace comes in is a perfect fit on the Scott Drake, and the windlace will fit tightly. The standard reproduction is much larger than it needs to be in this area, which results in a much looser fit. Finally, Scott Drake pre-drills each hole where you attach the kick panel to your Mustang and provides a reinforced boss behind the hole, each making attaching to your Mustang much easier. The standard reproduction only includes one boss, and no pre-drilling, so attachment can be a challenge and could easily crack the plastic.

Scott Drake versus Reproduction Mustang Interior Courtesy Lights

Like many of their products, Scott Drake's Interior Courtesy Lights for 1969-1970 Mustangs might seem very pretty standard and basic upon first glance, it's when digging deeper and comparing it to the standard reproduction interior courtesy light that it's clear that the Scott Drake product, which goes on the Interior Quarter Panel is far superior in almost every way. To begin comparing, start by picking up both products. You'll notice that the Scott Drake interior courtesy light is significantly heavier. It's fully manufactured from high-quality metals, while the standard reproduction is only made from plastic, meaning it's going to be much less durable over the long term.

Next, look at the surface of both interior courtesy light products. Scott Drake's Interior Courtesy Light features an even, black painted surface, while the standard reproduction has an uneven, highly glossed paint job. From there, the Scott Drake part features the correct style of spring clips, the correct wiring, correct size light bulb, and the correct socket. The standard reproduction has none of these items correctly designed to match the original factory part. Scott Drake also has the lens as a separate part, versus the lens and plastic mounting bracket as a combination piece in the standard reproduction.

Scott Drake vs. Standard Reproduction Mustang Door Courtesy Light

The door courtesy light is a basic, simple part of your Mustang, yet when Scott Drake developed their version of the door courtesy light, they paid attention to all of the little details, unlike the manufacturer of the standard production version. These parts are found in the door panel of the 1965-1966 Mustang Pony Interior, though they will fit the standard interior as well.

The first way that Scott Drake demonstrates their attention to detail is with the screw, as Scott Drake uses the correct oval headed stainless steel screw, where the standard reproduction uses a flat-headed, chrome screw. Scott Drake also has the part number on the back of the product, which is factory correct, and uses the correct OE style zinc housing. The standard reproduction excludes the part number and uses a chrome housing. The white gasket used on the Scott Drake is concourse correct, versus the incorrect black gasket on the standard reproduction.

When comparing the wiring harnesses, Scott Drake uses the OE style seal, versus the generic glued on seal found in the standard reproduction. Scott Drake also labels the part with orientation and side indicators, so you know you’re installing them in the right way. The standard reproduction does neither. Finally, the Scott Drake door courtesy light uses the correct, factory-style bulb, versus a generic bulb found in the standard reproduction. With the cover off, this differing bulb has a noticeable difference in brightness, favoring the Scott Drake part, but when the cover is on, it is clear that the Scott Drake bulb is superior, as portions of the standard reproduction door courtesy light are not even lit.

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Scott Drake vs. Standard Reproduction

Scott Drake is one of the most popular vendors for Mustang enthusiasts everywhere, offering parts for every year the Mustang was available to buy. See what sets them apart from the competition.