What Is the Mustang SMS 25A?

What Is the Mustang SMS 25A?

Last Updated February 5, 2020

No one can say that Saleen Automotive doesn’t know how to celebrate an anniversary! In 2009, the California-based high-performance automobile manufacturer commemorated 25 years of producing popular Mustang variants in a big way by unveiling the SMS 25A.

SMS 25A Mustang

This Mustang concept car offered a remarkable combination of superior power and breathtaking visual appeal. The SMS 25A also marked the first time Saleen designed and built a Mustang from the ground up, as opposed to enhancing Ford’s original design.

720 Horses Under the Hood

The Mustang SMS 25A featured a muscular 5.0L V-8 engine capable of delivering a whopping 720 hp at the crank and an equally astounding 612 hp at the rear wheels. Other highlights included a Red Butterfly Induction System and a prominent bank of LED taillights, along with a Billet Aluminum Watts Link System and CNC Aluminum Heads.

Mustang SMS 25A Style Features

The SMS 25A wasn’t just a powerhouse — it also offered a wide range of style features that enhanced its aesthetic appeal. The exterior was adorned with gleaming Chromosome silver paint and sporty two-piece aluminum hood scoop. Leather dominated the interior of the vehicle, as evidenced by the plush two-tone leather seats, leather dash and leather door inserts.

The Mustang SMS 25A Wasn’t for Sale!

Unfortunately, Mustang enthusiasts who wanted an SMS 25A for themselves were out of luck. Company founder Steve Saleen designed this automotive masterpiece to be his own personal supercar. The SMS 25A, however, did serve as a prime example of the many technological and stylistic advancements that Saleen Automotive had to offer at the time. Complex Ride ranked the SMS 25A at #22 on its list of “The Best 100 Mustangs of All Time.”

Image Credit: Automobilesreview.com

What Is the Mustang SMS 25A?

Saleen Automotive celebrated its 25th anniversary of producing Mustang variants with the SMS 25A. The Mustang SMS 25A was built from the ground up and featured a 5.0L V8 engine capable of delivering 720 horsepower. The exterior featured a gleaming Chromosome silver paint and two-piece aluminum hood scoop.