What Is the SMS 302 Mustang?

What Is the SMS 302 Mustang?

Last Updated October 8, 2020

The SMS 302 Mustang is the brainchild of Steve Saleen, founder of the legendary Saleen Automotive company, which made a number of Saleen Mustangs. Saleen broke from his old company in 2007 to create SMS Supercars. One of the first products of this new company was the SMS 302 Mustang, which was available as a special order through select Ford dealers in the spring and summer of 2010. The SMS 302 took as its base the 2011 Mustang GT — already a formidable car — and added a number of upgrades to further refine its appearance, handling, and performance at the track.

SMS Mustang 302

The SMS 302 Mustang started at just $54,990 — here's a look at what that got you:

  • Engine: All great Mustangs start with a great engine, and the SMS 302 is no exception. The car takes as its starting point the GT's newly introduced 5.0L Coyote V8, refining its performance to produce over 440 horsepower, as opposed to the stock engine's 412. Drivers also had the option of adding a supercharger on top of that, delivering over 535 horses. Saleen's team claims the non-supercharged SMS302 can run the quarter-mile in just 13.5 seconds; adding the booster pack knocks that number down to an impressive 12.1.
  • Exterior: To compete with these under-the-hood upgrades, the SMS 302 features an aggressive new body kit with a new front and rear fascia, a custom hood with heat extractors, a rear wing, and rear diffuser, and side skirts. Several custom colors were available, including Pineapple Express Yellow, Sour Grape Green, and Plum Insane.
  • Suspension: The Mustang's suspension also gets the SMS treatment, with new springs, front struts, rear shocks and linkages, anti-roll bars, and upgraded brakes with high-performance pads and cross-drilled rotors.
  • Transmission: Either of the SMS 302's engines could be mated to a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. With the manual gearbox, a leather-wrapped billet shift knob was included for faster throws.
  • Interior: Of course the SMS 302 Mustang also got a makeover inside, with Alcantara suede/leather seats and a new gauge cluster.

SMS eventually folded when Saleen returned to the company he founded. A version of the SMS 302 — now called just the 302 — is currently available through Saleen Automotive.

Image Credit: conceptcarz.com

What Is the SMS 302 Mustang?

The SMS 302 Mustang is based off the 2011 Mustang GT and is capable of producing over 440 horsepower with an option of adding a supercharger on top of that. Other upgrades included an aggressive new body kit, new springs, front struts, rear shocks and linkages, and upgraded brakes.