Your Top Ten S650 Mustang Questions Answered

Your Top Ten S650 Mustang Questions Answered

Last Updated June 14, 2022 | Meghan Drummond

The seventh-generation Mustang is right around the corner. While we wait for the launch of the highly-anticipated S650 Mustang, we’re answering some of your top questions. Everything is speculative at the moment. But we’ve read every article, specs sheet, Ford-employee-Instagram post, and more for the best answers available.

1. Will the S650 Mustang Have AWD?

This is such a good question. Obviously, the Dodge Challenger has offered AWD since 2017. It’s one of the very few points the Challenger wins when compared to the Mustang. It’s not unreasonable to expect Ford to want to compete.

We’ve theorized on the possibility of an AWD Mustang before. Not only because it is such a good idea, but also because the new modular platform allows for it. The Mach-E is available in an AWD setup as well, so Ford’s obviously not opposed to the running pony appearing on a vehicle with a non-RWD drivetrain.

Then, a spy shot showed what appeared to be a dual brake caliper setup. This SEMA post breaks down why this is a good indicator of an AWD system.

A side by side shows the S650’s new dual-caliper setup

Our Verdict

This rumor seems all but confirmed, so expect to see an AWD option available on the newest Mustang.

The real question is whether or not the AWD Mustang will be right for you. If you plan to hit the drag strip, an AWD system is extra weight. If you’re interested in modding a Mustang for autocross, then an AWD Mustang might be a great fit for you. Likewise, if you’re planning on using your Mustang as a daily driver, you might be able to finally go in the snow.

2. When Will the S650 Mustang Be Released?

Ford has confirmed that the S650 will start to be produced in March 2023. That would technically make it a 2024 release, but you’d be able to buy one as early as April.

This is kind of a perfect timeline, so we hope Ford makes the most of it. The Mustang’s birthday is April 17, and the 1964.5/1965 model differences might shed some light on the kind of 2023/2024 differences we’ll be looking at.

Ford’s current CEO, Jim Farley, is a car guy through and through. He’s said his mission is to make a Mustang cool enough people want to hang posters of it. With that much respect for the Mustang’s heritage and that much hope for its future, Farley’s just the guy you want to be coordinating the 7th-gen launch. And debuting on the Mustang’s birthday? It’s a confident move that hopefully pays off.

A red coupe Mustang at the 1964 World’s Fair

Our Verdict

Sounds like you’ll probably be able to buy a 2023.5 model in April, assuming production goes smoothly. (Given the chip shortage…this might be a huge assumption).

3. How Much Will the S650 Cost?

Currently, the 2022 Mustang starts at $27,205 for a base trim EcoBoost fastback model and the GT Fastback starts at $36,285. If you look back at the Mustang’s prices through the years, that’s pretty much in line with the rest of the S550 generation.

Compare the S550’s prices to the previous generation’s (adjusted for inflation), and you’ll see that Ford has kept MSRPs consistent.

We can probably expect an adjustment for inflation, and this year that might be a heavier hit than many of the previous ones.

Our Verdict

Part of what makes the Mustang appealing is its low-cost entry models. While GT500s aren’t cheap, EcoBoost models are very affordable and can be modified and improved upon.

The EcoBoost Mustang will likely get a bump for inflation but stay under $30K. Base S650 GTs will likely stay under $37K.

4. Will There be a Hybrid or Electric New Mustang?

The 2024 Mustang will debut with all carryover engines. That doesn’t rule out anything for the future…but it does mean there won’t be a hybrid or electric option at launch.

Some rumors have surfaced about a hybrid S650 potentially being offered as early as 2026. That seems like a good bet. The new Ford Maverick has shown that hybrid engines can be an attractive option when the rest of the vehicle is a winner. A hybrid Mustang would have better torque, fuel economy, and wouldn’t need to look different.

On the other hand, electric vehicles tend to be significantly heavier than their ICE or hybrid counterparts. That means heavier-duty suspension components, a completely different underhood layout, and a lot of other changes that aren’t as easy as an engine swap.

A white Mach-E Mustang front view

Our Verdict

You’ll be able to pick between the EcoBoost and Coyote at launch. With any luck, a hybrid engine option will be available for the Mustang in 2026.

5. Is This the Last Mustang to Use an ICE Engine?

By 2030, half of new vehicles will be electric. Will the Mustang be among them? Probably not, quite honestly. Or if it is, there will still be an ICE option.

Mustangs have always existed outside of “popular” demographics. The average commuter vehicle sits higher off the ground and doesn’t offer a stick shift. But Mustangs are as low as ever and still offer a manual option, bucking all trends. Even though the Mach-E is outselling the traditional ICE Mustang, Ford’s kept both in their lineup, and probably will for a while yet.

Coyote engine on display

Our Verdict

Predicting what engines will be like in ten years is an impossible task. But the Mustang’s an enthusiast vehicle. It’ll keep a stick shift and an internal combustion engine until the end.

6. Will the S650 Use SYNC 4?

SYNC 4 is Ford’s newest infotainment system, with SYNC 4A providing additional support for electric vehicles. But honestly, even though SYNC 4 seems promising, Ford’s never excelled at creating their own infotainment.

For the S650 Mustang, Ford decided to let Google handle making the infotainment. Android Automotive (not to be confused with Android Auto) will replace SYNC as the new Mustang’s full infotainment system.

If you’re still confused about the difference between Android Auto and Android Automotive, we understand. Think of this as the difference between using Chrome to surf the internet and having a Chromebook that’s fully powered by a Google operating system. Android Automotive is the full operating system, and it won’t require you to have an Android phone to use it.

A SYNC 4 screen on display in a Ford vehicle

Our Verdict

Android Automotive is sure to be popular. While SYNC systems have a lot of promise, and can be made to do a lot, they’re not as user-friendly as most smart phone systems. Letting Google handle the infotainment is a good choice. Ford will still be working on the Mustang's digital dash cluster to provide all of the exclusive features we love, like line lock (which Farley has also expressed a fondness for).

7.How Fast Will the S650 Be?

As we’ve mentioned, the S650 is going to be using carryover engines. But what’ll be the displacement on those engines? We’ve already seen that it’s not a 5.0 badge on the GT. Even upgrading to one of the Coyote’s 5.2L models could increase the horsepower substantially.

So the real question is, how heavy is the S650 going to be?

From the spyshots, it’s hard to tell if the overall size dimensions are equivalent. If they are, and if the overall materials are the same, then curb weight will be the same.

That means we should see an increase in top speed.

And just like with this generation…we fully expect you all to figure out ways to make it go even faster.

Our Verdict

The EcoBoost’s top speed will probably bump slightly from 145 to 150 mph. But we’re hoping to see the GT go from 180 to 190 mph. Perhaps even more importantly, we’re hoping for a faster acceleration.

8. Will We Get a Shelby S650?

Everyone wants a performance edition for the Mustang. And we’ve had at least one in every generation.

We’ve had Shelbys, Bosses, Mach 1s, Bullitts, and Cobras. But at the end of the day, they’re all doing one spectacular thing: Creating a better Mustang. Carroll Shelby once quipped that he was making a race horse out of a mule. While we take offense to the mule part, he definitely created a race horse.

Carroll Shelby and Ford didn’t part on good terms. Their use of his “Cobra” name for vehicles he wasn’t involved with didn’t sit well. But he came back for the S197 generation, and since then we’ve had a constant stream of Shelbys. Since Shelby’s passing, there’s no real way for him and Ford to get into another altercation.

Considering they’ve already spotted a mule that looks suspiciously like a GT500, this rumor seems strong.

A camouflage S650 Mustang cruises around

Our Verdict

The real question is what other performance models will we see this generation. A GT500 (and corresponding Super Snake) seem like a given. But what else will we see? Before the 2016 GT350 and GT350R we hadn’t seen those names since the ‘60s. Another name we haven’t seen since then? Boss 429. Just saying. If anyone from Ford is reading this…

9. What Colors Will the S650 Come In?

Have we got a treat for you! Check out our S650 colors page. That’s where we’ll keep all the latest and greatest details on the colors that will be available.

Torch Red, Screaming Yellow, Sonic Blue, and Black were the only four colors that made the transition from New Edge to S197.

Deep Impact Blue, Race Red, Ruby Red, Black, Ingot Silver, and Oxford White made the jump from S197 to S550.

Rapid Red, Shadow Black, Iconic Silver, and Antimatter Blue are at the top of our pool. But for now? Nothing has been confirmed.

Front of an Antimatter Blue S550 Mustang

Our Verdict

The S650 will definitely come in a shade of black, white, and silver (which accounts for like 60% of you anyway). At least one red and one blue usually make the jump between generations, too. These five shades also round out the list of most popular Mustang colors. Hopefully, Ford gives us some more exciting options, though.

10. What Will Be the Top Mods for the S650?

We love that this Mustang isn’t even out yet and people are already talking about how they’re going to mod it. That’s why the Mustang community is so great!

A lot of the S550’s equipment is going to carry over. And that means a lot of the same mods that are amazing on this gen will also be great on the next one. (But don’t buy now and wait…fitment will for sure be slightly different).

Our Verdict

Aftermarket wheels and a sweet exhaust are some of the first mods people make. That won’t change. Personalizing your Mustang is one of the best parts of owning one.

In terms of big performance mods, lowering, adding a cold air intake, and tuning are all likely to continue to reign as the most popular mods.

One new one we expect is a lot more grille modifications. In the spy shots we’ve seen so far, the new grille looks massive. That’s a lot of real estate to leave empty.

What Other Questions Do You Have?

As we get closer to the S650’s release, we anticipate more questions, more rumors, and more excitement! Be sure to check out our social communities if you’re looking for people just as excited as you are. Read up on the S650 Mustang’s specs, and sign up for our newsletter for the most up-to-date info.

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Your Top Ten S650 Mustang Questions Answered

While details have been slowly released, we can make a lot of assumptions based on the Mustang’s history, trends, and more. Here are the top ten questions about the S650 Mustang and our answers.