Top 10 Things Not to Do at Mustang Week

Top 10 Things Not to Do at Mustang Week

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | C.J. Tragakis

We’re all heading to Myrtle Beach for a good time, so be sure you’re not making these rookie mistakes during your trip! There are some things to know that will apply to any beach trip and others that are specific to car enthusiast meet-ups. Take a look at our top 10 tips to help both you and those around you have a safe and enjoyable Mustang Week.

  1. Don’t Touch a Car without Asking

    This rule should apply to the beige Camry parked next to you at the Waffle House and probably exponentially more so to the cars at a show filled with auto enthusiasts. Respecting other people’s property is always important; just because somebody is proud to show off their ride doesn’t mean that you have open range to get your gobby hands all over it. If you do want to get a hands-on experience, politely ask the owner if you can touch the car or hop in the cabin. Just be sure to leave your food and drink outside.

    Mustang Headlight

  2. Don’t Neglect Wearing Your Seatbelt

    Like virtually all states, South Carolina law requires that drivers wear a seatbelt while on all public roads. The same also goes for all passengers, including those in rear seats. Moreover, cops can pull you over for violations immediately (without any other traffic offenses), being a primary enforcement state. Seatbelts are a wonderful invention that have drastically cut down on auto accident injuries and death; it goes without saying that they should be worn. Even if you’ve got a devil-may-care attitude about your own well-being, remember that your unbuckled body can become a missile in a crash, liable to gravely injure or even kill fellow occupants.

    Mustang Seatbelt

  3. Don’t Speak Ill of the Cars

    Ok, totally understandable, the wood panel Mustang in the next row is not your cup of tea. But guess what? The owner likes it, and they’re proud to show it off in this setting. Your mother said it best: If you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. If you do feel the need to comment on a unique design choice, keep it positive and constructive.

    Wood Panel Mustang

  4. Don’t Take Vertical Pictures

    This is an easy way to nail the basics for some great photos at the car show. Although it’s often more comfortable to hold your phone vertically, it sets your pictures up for a much more awkward layout. The only photo opportunity in Myrtle Beach that is tall enough to be an exception here is probably the SkyWheel, if you're standing right next to it. Otherwise, keep your photos in landscape orientation to get the best shots!

    Ferris Wheel

  5. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

    The Carolina sun will punish you if you decide not to wear sunblock. And there’s really no excuse not to put it on. Good sunscreen is widely available and very affordable. Besides, the cost of good sunscreen pales in comparison to trying to treat skin cancer or melanoma. Be sure to stop by a local store for a bottle if you forget to pack it.

    Sunscreen Bottle in the Sand

  6. Don’t Litter

    Like wearing your seatbelt, this is absolutely the law and should be basic moral sense. Keep track of your wrappers, bottles, and other disposable items, and ensure that they make it into a trash can or recycling bin. If in doubt, adhere to the timeless environmental adage: “Leave no trace."

    Plastic Bottle Litter on Beach

  7. Don’t Splurge on a Hotel

    This is Myrtle Beach, not downtown Manhattan, so you can skip the luxury accommodations and go for something more laid back. There are plenty of great options in the heart of it all. Don’t forget to compare prices on sites like and If you’re looking for a more homey and often cheaper alternative, AirBnB is a great source as well. Although it will be crowded for Mustang Week, there’s plenty of real estate to go around.

    Hotel Room

  8. Don’t Try to Park by the Ocean

    If your lodging doesn’t have parking available or is far away from the city center, it can be tough to find a good place to leave your car. Parking is prohibited on Ocean Boulevard until November, and while the beach lots are free of charge, they fill quickly. It’s generally easier to park a few blocks inland. As an alternative, you can avoid hourly rates by parking right at the Convention Center lot for $5/day.

    Mustang Ocean

  9. Don’t Forget that the Ocean Can Kill You

    Despite being feared by many, the statistical chances of getting attacked by a shark at Myrtle Beach are highly improbable (there hasn’t been a fatal attack in the area since 1852). Even the typical jellyfish that end up off the coast here are mostly harmless. However, riptide currents are an extremely real danger that can catch even the most experienced swimmers off guard. If caught in a current, remember to calmly swim parallel to the shore, then back at an angle, to escape its reach. Even the shallowest water can pose a risk, so we highly recommend swimming with a buddy at all times.


  10. Don’t Be an Idiot

    The Mustang-owner stereotype is a hilarious internet trope, and it makes us happy that we can have a good laugh at ourselves. However, take steps to ensure that you’re not being an idiot with the actions you take in real life. Manage your power, drive carefully, don’t speed, and save your burnouts for the contest, NOT public roads. Showing off is all in good fun until, at best, a curb shaves off your front bumper and you end up in a YouTube compilation. At worst, somebody ends up seriously hurt. Be responsible, and have fun in a safe manner.


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Top 10 Things Not to Do at Mustang Week

Mustang Week has become one of the biggest Mustang events in the country. Whether this is your first time making the trip to Myrtle Beach, SC or your fifth, we've compiled a list of the ten things that you should not be doing during Mustang Week.