How To Choose A Ford Dealership

How To Choose A Ford Dealership

Last Updated September 22, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

Whether you’ve got your attention set on a Ford Mustang or you’re just looking for another vehicle, you first need to find a reputable Ford dealership from which to purchase it. While this may seem like a tough task, we’re here to help by breaking down the process of finding a Ford dealership to give you the confidence you need.

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Ask Family & Friends

The first step to finding a great Ford dealership is by asking family and friends, who drive a Ford. They will know more about their experience with that particular dealership than any internet research could tell us! Try to get as much information from them as possible before researching online.

Whether you have a couple referrals from family and friends, or you’re starting from scratch, it’s time to do some internet deep diving. Start by looking for dealerships that are convenient to your location. You may be taking your vehicle there for parts and service so you’ll want something convenient to your house or work. Then look at reviews on the dealership. Check third-party sites like Google or Yelp for reviews. When looking at the reviews, take into consideration how long the dealership has been in business. Solid reviews over the course of 5 years or more, is a good sign.  The Better Business Bureau is also a source for additional information.

Exchanging keys at a Ford dealership

Is it In-Stock?

Through your research, you’ve identified a dealership that checks all the right boxes. If you have a specific model you’re looking for, you need to make sure it is in stock. Most dealerships have their inventories online, however, the online inventories might not be updated often. It’s time to pick up the phone and get some additional information. Find out if that vehicle is in stock. Ask about how much you could get for your trade. Ask what typical payments would be for the vehicle you’re interested in. If the dealership can’t give you ballpark estimates over the phone and needs you to come in to answer your questions, it’s a huge red flag.

Once On-site

You made it this far, and you’re on your way to the dealership! As you enter the premise, take care to note the following:

  • Is facility clean and well organized?
  • Do employees project a professional image?
  • Do you notice a comfortable waiting area with clean restrooms?
  • Was a salesman quick to help you?
  • When a salesman does help you was that person friendly and helpful, listening to what you are looking for or are they ignoring what you want and pushing you to look at vehicles you aren’t interested in?
  • Was the particular vehicle and price you were interested in still available or is it suddenly no longer available?

These questions can either help you get more comfortable with the Ford dealership or help raise some red flags that could be an indication the dealership isn’t necessarily looking out for your best interest.

In the end, you should always go with your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, and you’re not getting a positive vibe, it’s always better to leave and look for another dealership than get sucked into buying a car you settle for rather than the one with the features you really want, with terms and conditions that are not favorable to you or with a service facility that isn’t professionally run.

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How To Choose A Ford Dealership

Whether you are looking to buy your next car or trade in an older model for something faster, finding a quality Ford dealership can feel like daunting task. Now there's help at hand thanks to this guide which will arm you with information to increase your confidence