Top Tundra Mods

Top Tundra Mods

Last Updated March 4, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

There are several possible ways to go with Tundra builds. From increasing performance to maintaining your Tundra, there is a mod out there for everything. Whether your Tundra is a workhorse, a daily driver, or an off-roading monster, there are modifications that can help it perform better.

Whether you have a first or second-generation Toyota Tundra, there is an abundance of modifications available.

Exhaust Mods

MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust on Tundra

Exhaust mods are what you make of them. They can augment the sound of your exhaust, they can increase performance, and they can also improve the looks of your rig.

An upgraded exhaust helps air travel through your engine. By decreasing the backpressure created by a restrictive exhaust system, your truck can breathe with ease. The performance enhancements of an upgraded exhaust can be further amplified with a cold air intake and a tuner as well, meaning that an upgraded exhaust is a key component for a better functioning, more powerful engine. Additionally, the right exhaust can really beef up (or tone down) the sound of your truck. If you are a fan of your V8's roar, then an upgraded exhaust is for you.

The look of a new exhaust can add flair to your Tundra as well. Any vehicle driving behind you will be able to see your upgrades before they even see the rest of the truck, so an upgraded exhaust is a great way for your Tundra to make a striking first impression. If installing a whole new exhaust system is too much effort, then there are always exhaust tips. These can help with your Tundra's sound and looks at a fraction of the cost and installation effort.

Tonneau Covers

BAK Hard Bed Cover Toyota Tundra

Tonneau covers are a great way to protect the contents of your Tundra's bed. These covers can either be flexible, or completely rigid and can sit on top of your bed in a variety of ways. Depending on what you tend to haul, or the general climate conditions of where you do most of your driving, there are several different styles of tonneau covers to chose from that will fit your needs.

Overall, tonneau covers make your Tundra's bed a much more convenient place to store items. No longer do you have to worry about the weather or thieves when leaving things in your truck's bed. Some tonneau covers allow you to keep them locked, but even the ones that don't are still great theft deterrents. If thieves can't see in the bed, then they'll be less likely to steal from it.

Running Boards and Side Steps

AMP Research Retractable Running Board

Side steps and running boards are a great upgrade for your Toyota Tundra, especially if you've installed a lift. There are several types of running boards and side steps that you can install on your truck, from heavy-duty rubberized nerf bars to simple loop steps. Besides increasing your Tundra’s accessibility, side steps and running boards can give your truck a killer look.

Overall, installing a running board or a side step is quite simple. Most of them come as a plug n’ play mod, and can quickly be bolted to the vehicle’s frame. Given all the benefits of this upgrade, the right set of side steps can be a quick and easy way to improve the overall feel of your Toyota Tundra. Also, a more accessible truck cab means that more people can enjoy your truck with you, and at the end of the day, what good is a truck if you can’t share it from time to time?


Smittybilt Winch With Steel Cable

A winch is a great mod to install on your Tundra if you, or something else, is stuck in a pinch. Winches can perform many different tasks, from helping to pull a stuck vehicle out of a slippery or sticky situation, to pulling objects that would be too heavy for people.

Despite their small size, winches can haul an impressive amount of weight. Because of their gearing, these seemingly small motors have a greater weight to power ratio than an ant. While these are important pieces of recovery gear, their flexibility makes them a great addition to any vehicle.

Keep in mind, winching without the right safety equipment can be very dangerous. Since winches can pull with such power, anything coming loose and breaking can cause a lot of damage to both you and your truck. Equipment like kinetic ropes and winch strap dampeners are key tools for safely using your winch. Remember, you can't recover a vehicle if you need to recover, too.

Floor Mats

Driver Side Weather Tech Floor Mat

The part of any truck that can quickly become the nastiest is the floor. Even if you exclusively drive on pavement, mud will find a way to sneak its way onto your Tundra's floor. With a nice fitting floor mat, you will not have to worry about keeping your Tundra's floor clean ever again. Floor mats are a great mod for those who want to keep their Tundra stock otherwise. A dirty floor can really make the whole truck feel filthy, so a nice pristine interior goes a long way in terms of enjoying your ride.

A quality floor mat is precisely cut to the dimension of your truck and cab size. Once they are installed, you don't have to worry about messing up your carpet. From mud-caked boots to a leaky juice box, a nice durable floor mat has got your back. Remember, even if you never plan on going off-road, a single child can produce a mess significant enough to warrant floor mats.

Leveling Kits

Rough Country Leveled Toyota Tundra

Any truck meant to haul heavy loads comes with a bit of rake from the factory. This rake isn't the type you use to clean up your yard, but rather, it's the term for the difference in height between the front and the back of the vehicle. To keep the truck level when the bed is hauling something, the bed is raised a bit above the front of the vehicle. This is where leveling kits come in.

Leveling kits do exactly what they are called, they level out the truck. This can not only make it ride better when not handling any loads, but it will also make your Tundra look better. If you want your Tundra to have a more intimidating and larger presence, or want to run larger tires, then a lift kit is what you are looking for. Because these both sound rather similar, they are often confused. They are both excellent choices for Toyota Tundra mods, however.

There are plenty of easy ways to improve your Tundra's performance, no matter what your ideal build looks like. Wheels and tires can make a huge difference when driving on the trails, and proper lighting is a must when going off-road. If nothing here strikes your fancy, then check out the rest of CJ Pony Part's inventory.

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Top Tundra Mods

The Toyota Tundra is a fantastic truck to mod. From running boards and side steps to upgraded exhausts, each part of this already capable truck can be upgraded to be the ultimate workhorse and off-roading machine. To help you decide where to start modifying your truck, we've made this guide for the top Toyota Tundra mods.

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