Who Is Jim Hackett?

Who Is Jim Hackett?

Last Updated February 5, 2020

After spending 20 years leading the Grand Rapids-based company, Steelcase, a global leader in the office furniture company, Jim Hackett is Ford Motor Company’s new President and Chief Executive Officer as of May 22, 2017.

Graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 1977, Hackett played for their football team which kickstarted his career to do so many good things for the office furniture industry and guiding Steelcase to becoming a global leader. With over 30 years under his belt at Steelcase, Hackett led the charge for Steelcase becoming a traditional manufacturer to an industry innovator in its own market. Hackett spent the majority of his career focusing on the ever-changing needs of consumers in the office furniture industry.

In 2013, Hackett became a member of the Ford Motor Company Board of Directors. He was actively involved in launching Ford’s Smart Mobility Plan. Then, on March 10, 2016, Hackett was named chairman of Ford Smart Mobility LLC which is a subsidiary of Ford with the goal in mind of building, growing and investing in emerging mobility services.

Fast forward to now, Bill Ford has expressed a lot of excitement in the fact that Hackett will be taking the President/CEO seat. Under his leadership, Ford is hoping to expand their share of the automotive industry in a constantly-changing mobile world.

Jim Hackett Ford

Who Is Jim Hackett?

Recently named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Ford Motor Company, succeeding Mark Fields, meet Jim Hackett. Jim Hackett has an exceedingly long list of credentials to run one of our nation’s largest corporations. Serving as CEO of Steelcase for nearly 20 years, Hackett steps up to the plate in light of falling share prices during the reign of Fields’ tenure as CEO.

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