Ridetech 4-Link Bolt-on 1965-1970



  • Improves Ride Quality
  • Improves Handling
  • Direct-Fit
  • Minor Welding Required

Ridetech Bolt-on 4-Link for 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970 Mustangs.

Replace the outdated OEM leaf spring system with Ridetech's bolt-on 4-link setup. Ridetech's 4-link system will lower your vehicle while improving handling and load capacity. The 4-link simply bolts into your Mustang without any cutting or fabrication. There are just four small tabs to weld to the axle for your upper bars. The entire system can be welded to the car if you prefer. Ride quality will be dramatically improved over stock. With the addition of Ridetech coilovers or air bags, you will experience a crisp controlled ride instead of a wallowing soft ride that the stock suspension gives.

Ridetech's bolt-in 4-link setup typically lowers a Mustang's ride height by approximately two inches. This new stance will give your Mustang a great look while lowering the car and increasing handling aspects. By installing the 4-link, you will lower the vehicle's center of gravity which helps prevent body roll. The largest improvements are handling and cornering performance. The 4-link bars offer more precise positioning of the rear axle to eliminate flexing and increase stability through corners. Standard polyurethane bushings fight deflection while decreasing a harsh ride and road noise.

Ridetech's 4-link is designed to fit a variety of Ridetech shock and spring solutions. Equip your Mustang with either coilovers or air springs. Air springs can give you adjustability on the fly but require more work as an air tank and electronics must be installed as well. A show car will benefit from air springs as you can deflate to approximately five to six inches lower than stock. Ridetech also offers coilovers for a simple installation and great handling. Non-adjustable and adjustable coilovers are available. Adjustable shocks allow you to tune in your preferred shock damping for ride quality or performance. Non-adjustable shocks are tuned for the best ride quality possible.

If you want your classic muscle car to ride and drive like a modern performance car, the bolt-on 4-link system is the perfect solution. Ridetech thoroughly tests all of their components before releasing them to the public. The cars are regularly used in a wide range of performance driving environments along with normal highway time. With multiple suspension parts and setups available, Ridetech has something to offer for the weekend cruiser to road race warrior, and everything in between.

*Coilovers/air springs NOT included.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Advanced skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

The parts are starting to roll in for our 50/30 project car. We've got the car completely stripped down by removing all the factory suspension. Now, we're ready for the reassembly process. The first step is going to be to install the rod and custom cross member to allow us to put our mod motor under the hood. After that, we're going to this RideTech full air ride suspension. Josh is going to tell you a little bit more about some of the components we're going to be using.

Josh:First of all, we're going to start out at the rear. We're taking out the old 88, or old 8-inch. We're going to put an 88 in because of all the modern upgrade options we could use. Hanging that rear end is going to be the Ride Tech four-link set up. It's a bolt-in four-link adjustable upper bars. The basic starting point of the whole RideTech rear four-link set up is this triangulated bracket, which will work with any rear end 9-inch, 88, 8-inch rear that you could use in your '65, '66. It bolts into factory suspension mounting component places. So, it's a really easy installation.

Along with that, you get your lower link bars, which are polyurethane bushings that are fully greaseable. You have upper link bars that are fully adjustable with high-end joints on one end and urethane bushings on the other, and all the brackets that are needed to bolt it in. These are the front RideTech bags which are double-convoluted bags with adjustable rebound settings for valving for the shocks.

Bill:These are the ShockWaves?

Josh:Yes, they're the ShockWave. Then the rear ShockWaves are the sleeve-style bags. They're also adjustable valve shock valving and adjustable for obviously pressure and height.

Bill:Now this kit is obviously going to be specific to our build, but they do make this kit for pretty much any Mustang, correct?

Josh:Yes. We have kits that follow a whole way from your '64 1/2 Mustang all the way up to your 2014, definitely obviously different configurations for the cars, but yes, you can put any Mustang ever made on air.

Bill:Now, while that stuff is specific to your car, all the electronics that run everything, I'm assuming are pretty much universal.

Josh:Yes, they're universal. You got the same computer compressors, wiring, valves, control unit, everything's the same for any year car that's all going to be the same.

Bill:Now what's unique about the Ride Pro Digital? I know the iPhone tie-in, iPhone or 'droid tie-in with the Bluetooth is very cool. Tell me a little bit more about that system there.

Josh:Well, that's an add-on to your system. The RidePro Digital, it's an electronic system. You don't have a gauge that's an analog-style gauge. You have a digital gauge. You can read tank pressure. You can read pressure in each bag. Basically, there are whole of different controls you could have electronically with this system. Everything's controlled from this control panel, instead of having rocker switches to put your air in and let your air out. Everything's controlled electronically.

Bill:The controller, I see with the iPhone app here, it's pretty much the exact same controller that's mounted in the car, just a digital version that you control straight from your phone.

Josh:Absolutely, yeah. It's the exact same thing. You can just do it wirelessly away from your car or play around, do whatever you want, impress your friends, whatever. It allows you to just do what you would do in the car out of the car.

Bill:The remote controls that come with it are, I'm assuming, presets?

Josh:Yes, they're presets. You'll get a low, a middle and a high and you set them for what you want to set them.

Bill:So, you have your low for a parking lot, your medium would be your normal driving, performance driving. Then you can have a high for going over speed bumps, whatever.

Josh:Speed bumps, whatever, potholes, construction, whatever. So you could have that car, it rides low, looks awesome, but you don't have to worry about running in, scraping the bottom of your car, or ripping your lifts off or whatever else you put in your car.

Bill:It seems something like this with the tank that we're using, roughly how long is it going to take to go from that slam-the-ground setting up to a normal ride setting?

Josh:Seconds. Probably five seconds, something like that. It's very quick. This is the RideTech three-gallon tank that we're using for our build. They also offer a five-gallon tank. We have that kit available also. This Ride Pro Digital that we're using with the three-gallon tank is our part Pro 3 and we also have a Pro 5 with the five-gallon tank, if you need a larger capacity.

Bill:A larger tank, does that speed up the process at all?

Josh:It just gives you a more reserve of air when you've got to pump it up if you're playing with it a lot. The compressor's not running as long, but in a light little car like this, three gallons is plenty. These are your Ride Pro valves. They're a full-billet valve. You got all your exhaust and pressurizing valves in there.

Everything is controlled by the computer and it just tells these what to do. You put all your sensors in here. It reads all your gauges. It will read on this, tell you what your pressures are in your bag. Also, there'll be another sensor for your tank pressure also. So you'll always know what pressure's in your tank and what pressure's in your bags. That's how you can set your presets. Then you got a supply line that gives it air. Then on this side is where all the air gets pushed out to the bags to actually fill them up.

Bill:This is what the control looks like on the car, that we can also program from our iPhone or android device. Each of these boxes will show the pressure in each ShockWave device. The bottom there will show how much tank pressure you have so can keep an eye on everything from your phone or the controller in the car.

Now we have our killer suspension setup ready, the next thing I'm going to do is put our cross-member in. You got the rear ready. You can start off by putting the suspension in the car. You can subscribe to our You Tube channel for more updates on our project 50/30.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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