Roush Grille Opening Lower High Flow EcoBoost/GT 2018-2023

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  • Fits 2018-2023 GT/EcoBoost
  • OE On Roush Mustangs
  • Injection Molded Plastic
  • Designed With OEM CAD Data
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Roush High Flow Lower Grille Opening for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 EcoBoost and GT Mustangs.

Are you searching for a way to upgrade the look of your 2018-2023 GT or EcoBoost Mustang's front end while also adding some extra function? Than this all-new Roush High Flow Lower Grille Opening (422081) is screaming your name! Order yours from CJ Pony Parts now!

Features and Benefits:
- Original equipment on Roush edition Mustangs
- Adds an aggressive yet functional touch to your pony's front fascia
- Provides a larger airflow opening for better powertrain cooling
- Constructed from injection-molded TPO with OEM-style black stipple finish
- Includes graphic for integrated appearance in the fascia
- Lightweight, impact-resistant, durable and flexible
- Designed with Ford's OEM CAD data to ensure an exact, precise fit
- Includes templates and hardware for install
- Proudly manufactured here in the U.S.A.

*This lower grille opening will NOT fit on the Mach-1 or any Shelby model Mustangs.

Roush understands that you want the outside of your brand-new pony to look as good as it does on the inside, which is why they've decided to release this Lower Grille Opening to the general public! Originally only found on 2018 Roush edition vehicles, this High Flow Lower Grille Opening will give your front fascia an aggressive look while also providing additional airflow for improved powertrain cooling. Your all-new lower grille opening is constructed from injection-molded TPO with an OEM-style black stipple finish, so it'll look like it was always meant to be. You'll love this high-end touch to your pony's front end, so don't hesitate and grab yours now from CJ's!

Please Note: For proper integration, mounting, support and appearance, this lower grille opening will require the 2018+ Roush 3-Piece Chin Spoiler and Shroud Kit (NOT Included, see P/N: 422082). From the factory, a lot of support is built into the lower grille. When you remove the factory lower grille, you will then be removing a lot of the support. Adding the additional downforce with the larger available spoiler will compound the problem, so Roush has added heavy duty brackets and support to the chin spoiler kit. With removal of the factory grille and without the brackets included in the 3-Piece Chin Spoiler and Wheel Shroud Kit, the front spoiler may sag and deflect at high speeds.

Tech Tips: 
- This grille opening will require minor modifications to your factory lower grille section during installation.
If your Mustang is equipped with the factory shutter system, you will be required to remove it in order to complete installation of this grille.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We're going to finish off that Roush look on the front end of our 2018 Mustang GT.

What I actually have in front of me is going to be two separate part numbers from Roush. These are designed to work together, which is how we're going to install them on our 2018 Mustang GT. We're going to start with their High Flow lower grille, then we're going to add the Lower Chin Spoiler to match it up and give it a complete finished look. Now, while you could install the chin spoiler and wheel shock kit by itself, it really is meant to work with a lower grille. The lower grille, however, is gonna require the chin spoiler and here is why. On the 2018 Mustang, the lower grille is far more structural than it was on the 2015 through 2017. So if you just replaced the grille, your factory splitter or specifically the Roush splitter could push down and cause the grille to actually come out. So basically when you buy the splitter kit, it includes additional support to properly support that lower grille. Now the entire kit is made here in the USA and is made of TPO thermal plastic.

It has a race inspired look with a matching texture and will look great on the front your 2018 GT or EcoBoost Mustang.

For this installation, we'll need a lift or a jack and jack stands, 1/4" ratchet, 5.5 millimeter socket, 8 millimeter socket, 10 millimeter socket, 13 millimeter socket, panel removal tool, plastic pry bar, awl, punch, drill, 1/4" drill bit, 1 1/8" hole saw, and safety glasses.

We're gonna begin the installation with the lower grille. Now what we're gonna have to do first is remove our bumper cover. So to do that, we'll start by taking off the radiator cover.

We're gonna remove these screws across the front.

The bumper's gonna have mounting brackets up here. So to get that off, you're gonna remove these clips and pull back the splash shield.

Okay, with the clips out, we can pull back on the splash shield here. You can see these two nuts right up in here.

Then repeat the process on the other side. Moving under the car, we're gonna remove the clips and screws from under here so we can remove the belly pan and the bumper all as one piece.

All right, now make sure you separate the Christmas tree clip bracket that holds the fender onto the bumper on both sides and we're ready to remove the bumper cover. You want to make sure when you get this off, don't forget to disconnect the harness.

Then carefully remove the bumper cover. With the bumper off the car, we put it up on a table. What we're gonna do first is remove this impact absorber and then remove the lower grille. To get this off, there's gonna be little clips. What you want to kind of do is sort of pop up with a screwdriver and then pull outward.

With the lower grille, it's basically the same process except a lot more clips. Kind of the easy thing to do is start in the corner and pull out a little bit. Just want to push up on the clips until they pop out.

Once you get a couple, usually, you can get them by hand. It makes it a little bit easier.

Alright, while we're here now, we're gonna remove these six pushpins. There's three on each side that hold the factory splitter to our factory fascia.

All right, now back underneath the bumper here, we're gonna remove the rest of the screws that hold the splitter and belly pan on and then remove the screws for the splitter.

We're gonna remove the rest of the screws in here to separate the chin spoiler.

Alright, so now we're ready to prep our lower grille for installation. It includes five pieces of double stick tape. What we're gonna do here is make sure the red tabs are reachable from the front. We're gonna put one here and here, middle over here, then another one on this corner. First what I'm gonna do is clean it with alcohol to make sure the tape sticks.

All right, so the way the grille's gonna attach, for starters anyway, is gonna be these tabs. These eight tabs here will line up with these eight slots on the grille. Now what you have to do is basically bring this through from the front, but then sort of twist it up over so it can go into place. It's gonna come up at an angle like this. Then we can start lining up these tabs.

Then make sure you have then all in place and you're gonna push down to lock them in.

Now we're gonna flip it over and remove all of the red tape. Now on our website, when you're installing the Roush spoiler, we recommend the use of performance pack belly pan and this is why. It will actually fit on both models. But your performance pack belly pan is actually designed to reach this splitter. So what you're gonna do, the next step on a performance pack car is you're gonna take the splitter and provide a template and you're gonna drill out and mark basically all 12 of these holes. Now if you don't have a performance pack, you can still do the installation, which we're gonna show you how on this car here. But in the end, we'll show you the difference so you can determine if you want to buy the belly pan or use your existing one. All right, we're ready to prepare the splitter now to be mounted to our factory front fascia. What's you're gonna do is grab these little clips here. We're gonna slide these over, basically line them up with the holes with three on each side.

One you put the clips on the ends, you're gonna put eight more clips right on these holes here. This is actually where your original hardware's gonna go. All right, so the front spoiler uses factory alignment points. You've got one there, one there and one on the side. Now what you want to make sure, all these little clips, these are all part of the lower grille. These actually go up inside here. Then these end pieces go underneath. Then we're gonna install. It's just a couple screws to get us started. Just put a couple in the middle to get you started and make sure everything is lined up. All right, once the middle ones are tight, we're gonna install these on the outside edge here. Get them all started before you tighten everything down. Then repeat on the other side. With the spoiler mounted, we're gonna grab the impact brace absorber again here. Click that back into the factory location. Okay, then we can put this aside. The next modification will take place on the car. If you have a factory performance pack car, you're not gonna have this shutter system.

But in our case, we're gonna have to remove it basically because the way the lower grille support was designed, it was designed to mount down here and the shutter's gonna interfere. Two screws in the back here that'll separate the upper and lower so you can get them off over the bumper bracket. Once you remove the sensor here from the shutter, there's actually two factory holes. Just move it over a little bit and press it back in. All right, now at the bottom of the radiator, remove these four factory screws. All right, you're gonna grab the hardware that you just removed. You're gonna grab this piece provided by Rough. This part here is gonna face backward. You're gonna reinstall it using the factory hardware. Now if you have certain cars, like the performance pack car, you'll have to actually install these J clips and they're provided by Roush. All right, we're ready to install these pencil braces. What this is gonna do is go right on this stud here for your bumper bolt. Now performance pack cars or your car may have a nut. If it does, remove the factory nut and put this on.

If not, you will need a 13 millimeter nut to hold this onto the stud. We'll put the nut in here. You want to snug it down. But make sure you still have movement as you will need to make some adjustments. With that in place, you want to grab these corner brackets. They are side specific. The 771 bracket is the one again for your passenger side. What you're gonna do is grab the provided hardware, put it through here and thread it on the bracket. Come in the other side, again, with the provided hardware and again, we can keep this loose for now. We'll tighten that up later. All right, the Roush spoiler was a three piece design. There's the normal split on the bottom. But then there's two pieces that come up the side here as well. You want to grab this factory bracket, put that up into place. These little L shaped bracket is gonna go up on top of the stud in the back here. What you're gonna do now is get your fender liner up into place. We're gonna mark where we're gonna drill a hole for the mounting bracket.

What I'm gonna do is bring the bracket out. I'm gonna pull the liner down, put that where it was before. I'll drill a hole right there in the center. The plastic is soft enough that actually my punch made a big enough hole there. You want to drill it out to a 1/4 of a inch. Now the next step in the process, an extra set of hands will help. It's time to reinstall the front fascia. Don't forget to plug everything in. We're gonna reinstall the nuts here on the factory bracket. Now make sure you start with the front one and the rear one, you're gonna install that bracket first on the stud. Then tighten everything down. You want to make sure at this point this bracket is on top of these here. So when we put our belly pan back on, there's gonna be two screws that go through here and hold this in place. Now this happens to be underneath this. Just loosen those bolts up and move the bracket around. All right, now we're gonna go back and tighten all this hardware down.

Alight, we're working on the third piece here the canard on the outside. You want to grab this little splitter. Again, you won't have this on a performance pack car. But if you have the standard one like we do, basically, you're just gonna line this up right in here for now. We'll take these J clips and put one up here. The other one goes on here. Make sure this is centered over the hole. You're gonna take your factory push pin, put it back in your original location here. Then grab the fender extension. You're gonna line it up with these clips that we just installed.

You're gonna reinstall the factory screw on the other side of the air deflector.

Then reinstall the push pins.

Back up top, we're gonna reinstall the original hardware for the upper part of the bumper.

And the final step, we're gonna reinstall the radiator cover.

And the installation's finished.

The Roush three piece spoiler along with the lower grille really finishes off the Roush look on the front of our 2018 Mustang. Now again, we installed this on a nonperformance pack car. But I would suggest at least getting in a performance pack belly pan as it will provide a little more finished installation than what we've shown here. But as far as the installation goes, it is a little time consuming. I'd say figure about three to four hours. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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