Roush Suspension Kit FOX 2.0" 4WD F-150 2015-2022

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  • Fits All F-150 Models
  • 2.0" Fox Suspension
  • Improved Stability
  • Made In The USA

Roush 2.0" FOX Suspension Kit for all 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 4WD Ford F-150s.

Buy your 2015-2022 4WD F-150 this Roush 2.0" FOX Suspension Kit to give you the confidence for high-quality performance on and off the road. This kit has been torture tested and well proved to provide your truck with a quality performance and style upgrade that will be sure to impress.

FOX Suspension Kit Includes:
- Pair of Front Adjustable Coilover Shocks with Matching Coil Springs
- Pair of Billet Aluminum Mounts
- Pair of Aluminum Body Shocks with Internal Floating Pistons
- Pair of FOX Mud Guards/Roost Guards

This suspension kit contains a pair of coilover shocks that are adjustable and are made from Nitrogen charged aluminum. These front shocks come with matching tuned performance coil springs. You'll also receive a pair of rear body shocks that are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum and include internal floating pistons. Roush also throws in a pair of fox mud guards/roost guards for added shock protection.

Upgraded Suspension System Features & Benefits:
- Fits all 4WD F-150 Models
- Provides 2 Inches of Front Leveling
- Increases Ride Height
- Improves Stability with Less Body Roll
- Includes Specific Shock Valving
- Made in the USA

This suspension kit will provide your truck with an awesome look with a full 2 inches of front leveling. It is preset with 2.0" but can be adjustable from 0-2" of leveling. You'll also enjoy an increase in your ride height to accommodate for bigger wheel and tire packages. Completely made in the USA, Roush makes sure to include specific shock valving for these upgraded packages. Once mounted into place, your F-150 will see increased stability and less body roll so you can drive it however you need.

Roush designs their 422014 suspension kit to specifically fit all 2015-2022 F-150 models and has its top-notch off-road performance validated in the lab and field by the engineers at ROUSH Performance. For a more complete system, it is recommended to add Roush's Fender Flare Kit (Part # 4220123) along with upgrading your wheels and tires so your pickup will perform as great as it looks.

Like all of the parts available from Roush Performance, you can achieve a major performance overhaul or add some visual styling that will make your F-150 stand apart from the crowd. CJ Pony Parts is a Roush Top 10 Dealer and has over several parts from Roush Performance for many different years and models of F-150, many of which are in stock and ready to ship today.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

If you've been following our project F-150, you've seen we've done a bunch of upgrades to improve the performance and look of our truck. We've been reading your comments and we agree that one area that still needs a lot of attention is the suspension, so today we're going to be installing this Roush suspension kit, engineered by Fox. This suspension kit will significantly improve the handling and off-road capabilities of our truck allowing us to raise the front of our truck up to 2 inches with the adjustable coil louvers. This kit also includes rear aluminum shocks with mud guards which will significantly improve the off-road capabilities of the truck. It comes with everything you need for installation and today we're going to be installing this awesome Roush suspension kit on our 2016 F-150 EcoBoost.

For this installation, you'll need a lift and a pole jack, or a jack and jack stands, a 3/8 ratchet, 8 millimeter socket, 10 millimeter socket, 15 millimeter socket, 1/2 inch ratchet, 17 millimeter socket, 18 millimeter socket, 19 millimeter socket, 21 millimeter socket, 27 millimeter socket, a torque wrench, 17 millimeter wrench, 18 millimeter wrench, channel locks, Phillips head screwdriver, a big pry bar, and a sledge hammer.

The first step of the installation is obviously get the truck up in the air and take the wheel off, now we're going to disconnect these brake lines right here. There's 2 10 millimeter fasteners and 1 8 millimeter. Removing these lines are just going to give us more room when we disconnect the steering knuckle, so we have more room to get the strut out. I like to put the bolt back where it came from just so I don't lose it. Remove the sway bar end link with an 18 millimeter socket. Remove the 21 millimeter nut on the outer tie rod. Remove both 18 millimeter nuts on the bottom of the strut. Loosen, but don't remove, the 18 millimeter nut on the ball joint. Keep a couple threads on the nut and then we're going to hit this with a hammer to pop the ball joint out.

Take a sledge hammer and hit right here on the steering knuckle to pop the ball joint out. Now you can fully remove the nut, and be careful. The steering knuckle might come falling down, so just hold it nice and carefully. Make sure you have plenty of slack on these lines. Make sure they don't get tugged on. Everything seems good.

The final thing to remove are the 3 nuts on the top of the strut here. It's kind of hard to see, so I'm using this strut here. There's going to be a nut here, here, and here up on top of here. All 3 of these are 18 millimeter. To make this as easy as possible to remove, I'm going to put this pry bar underneath the strut right here so it doesn't fall down in here and then the studs get caught up here and hard to remove. I'm going to leave this pry bar right here and then remove the other 2 nuts up top.

While I remove the 3rd nut up top, I'm going to be pressing down on the pry bar because as you can see, there's studs on the bottom of the strut here that protrude down, and if the strut falls down in here and these studs fall in, it can be difficult do get them back up in the holes to pull it out. I'm keeping the strut up in the holes up here while I remove it so it's going to be easier to pull it out. As you can see right now, the control arm is kind of bottoming out and there's just not enough room for these studs to come out, so I'm going to loosen up the control arm bolts just a little bit and see if we can get the control arm to lower a little bit more. Let's see if that gave us enough wiggle room.

Here's the new Roush strut by Fox. It is fully adjustable and it allows you to adjust the ride height from 0 to 2 inches. We're going to leave it the way it came out of the box which should give us a 2 inch lift on the front. Line up the studs with the holes up top and put on the washer and nuts that's supplied in the kit. Now if you'll notice, right now this part of the strut, it's kind of at a bad angle. If the bolts were going to come up, they would not thread into here right, so you can adjust this actually. Just grab a pair of vice grips or channel locks and you can turn this to line it up properly.

We're going to be using a pole jack to lift up the lower control arm to make it flush with the strut so we can get the bolts in. If you're on the ground, you can just use a regular jack for this. Stick the bolts in through the bottom and thread them into the strut. While the pole jack is under here, I'm going to use it to lift up the lower control arm to connect the steering knuckle to the ball joint. For this you basically have to use all of your body weight to pull down on the ball joint. Get the thread started, then you can tighten it up.

Once the ball joint starts to get tight, you'll notice that it spins when you turn the wrench so you need to take an 8 millimeter socket and put it on the bottom of the ball joint to hold it so you can tighten it up. Reinstall your tie rod. Tighten all 3 of the nuts up top. You can reinstall the sway bar end link now, but you actually might have to undo it again when you do the other side.

We can now go ahead and torque everything that we touched. We're going to torque these top nuts to 70 Newton meters. The lower strut bolts get torqued to 90 Newton meters. Tighten up the lower control arm. Reinstall your brake lines. Okay. Now you can repeat the process on the other side and then move on to the rear.

With the front all finished we can now do the rear shocks, and I almost want to bet you can do these faster than you can change the oil in this truck. This top bolt here is 15 millimeter bolt. Now this bottom bolt you will need a wrench and a socket. You're going to need a 18 millimeter wrench and a 15 millimeter socket. When you install the new rear shock, make you install the mud cover. Don't tighten it all the way, you need to install the bottom bolt first. Now when you go to install this shock, it's going to be a little bit long and it won't line up, so you're going to have to compress it and then get it in place. Now tighten up the top bolt. Torque both the upper and lower bolts to 90 Newton meters, repeat the process on the other side, and your installation's finished.

Our Roush suspension kit is installed and I know what you're thinking. It looks a little funny because we don't have some wheels and tires on it, but now that we have the room for it, I promise in the future we can get some nice wheels and tires for this thing. Installation should take about 3 to 4 hours, and you may need alignment when you're finished, and before you know it, you'll be heading down the road.

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