Scott Drake Gas Cap Pop-Open GT 1969

Scott Drake:
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  • Pop Open Gas Cap
  • Features Red GT Emblem
  • Polished & Brushed Finish
  • OE Correct Design
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Scott Drake GT Pop-Open Gas Cap for all 1969 Mustangs.

Do you want to add something rare to the outside of your 1969 Mustang? When restoring your classic ‘Stang, adding interesting pieces to and customizing your pony car is part of the fun and what makes your 1969 Mustang so special. CJ Pony Parts carries an exact, Scott Drake C9ZZ-9030-B GT reproduction of the rare GT Pop-Open Gas Cap, which was equipped on a few thousand GTs in 1969, but fits on any Mustang from that year. Order your own today to add a little something special and subtle to the exterior of your 1969 Mustang.

Features and Benefits:
- High-quality, Scott Drake reproduction of the rare, 1969 GT Mustang gas cap
- One of the rarest classic mustang gas caps
- Only equipped on approximately 5,000 1969 GT Mustangs
- Pop-open gas cap design
- Polished and brushed finish
- Factory-correct “cog pattern” on the door
- Red GT emblem
- Fits all 1969 Mustangs
- Direct-fit replacement and easy installation

This deluxe, Scott Drake reproduction is an exact replica of the rare, 1969 GT Mustang pop-open gas cap, which was one of the rarest gas caps found on a classic Mustang. Only approximately 5,000 1969 GT Mustangs were equipped with this particular gas cap. With a pop-open design, this gas cap has a beautiful polished and brushed finish. It features the factory-correct “cog pattern” on the door and is embossed with a red GT emblem.

This 1969 GT Mustang pop-open gas cap is a direct-fit replacement and easy to install on any 1969 Mustang.

Scott Drake has become an iconic brand, redefining quality for reproduction and aftermarket Mustang parts from 1964 to present Mustangs. CJ Pony Parts offers a wide variety of Scott Drake parts, which have become so popular that many customers ask for the brand by name. Once you try their parts on your Mustang, we're sure you will, too.

Order a Scott Drake C9ZZ-9030-B GT Pop Open Gas Cap for your 1969 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Buying a new car today is a lot different than it was in the '60s. Today, options come in packages. Many times forcing you to get three or four options you don't want, just get that one that you do. Back in the '60s, it was completely different. Options were pretty much ala carte, allowing you to order everything down to the smallest details, including the gas cap. In 1967 alone, Ford offered four different gas caps, including two racecar inspired pop opens, which have become very popular upgrades for '67 thru '70 owners today. Today, we are going to show you how to install one using our '69 Mach 1.

These are all the parts that are included in pop open gas cap kit for the '69 Mustang. It actually gives you two options as far as how to mount it. The pieces over here for the original pop open style; if you want the look without the pop open function; they include a gas cap as well. We are going to show you how to assemble it before we install it on the car.

For this installation we used a regular Philips-head screwdriver, a small tip Philips-head screwdriver and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

The first step in the assembly is to mount the emblem. You'll line up the holes and press in. You will use the retaining washes and put them on the back to keep it in place. You will use the pair of needle-nose and crease them just slightly before you put them on so that they fit tight.

The next step is the spring. It's gonna go on the door right over the clips we just installed. I'm going to grab the cap itself. You want to put the washer in the center. Now put the screw in the center. Then, push down on it while tightening. Next, we'll install the gasket over the cap here. Make sure you line up the holes. Now we'll install the cap and the retaining screws. Now our cap is ready for installation.

Our '69 Mach 1 came with factory pop-open gas cap, but, like the rest of the car though, it could use a little bit of brightening and so we are going to install our new gas cap. The first step, pop open the gas cap and remove the retaining screws. Once you have all the screws out, grab the bottom and give it a little tug and it'll come right off. We are going clean it up a little bit before we put the new one on. We are now ready to install our new cap. The four screws on the outside were removed. This stud here is for a fifth screw that comes from the inside to make it so no one can steal your cap. We'll install the outside ones first. You can reuse the original hardware or we do offer new hardware as well. Now, you are ready to install the last screw from the trunk and our installation is complete.

Remember, if you chose to use the pop-open assembly, you do not use the gas cap that is included in the box. Our new pop-open gas cap really glows on the back of our otherwise original '69 Mach 1. You will probably spend more time assembling the cap then it actually takes to install it. Figure no more than 20 minutes for the whole process. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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