Scott Drake Interior Courtesy Light Bulb LED Kit Mustang 1967-1968

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  • Direct-Fit Replacements
  • Increase Visibility In Vehicle
  • Modern Interior Lighting
  • Sold As A Kit Of 14 Bulbs
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Scott Drake LED Interior Courtesy Light Bulb Kit for 1967-1968 Mustangs.

Classic pony cars are not known for their bright lighting due to dingy lenses and aging circuit systems. CJ Pony Parts is here with LED bulbs -- the lighting of the future. The 14-piece, aftermarket Scott Drake LED Interior Courtesy Light Bulb Kit for 1967-1968 Mustangs allows a modern edge to a vintage interior that will enhance quality and visibility.

Features and Benefits:
- High-quality Scott Drake aftermarket kit
- LED lighting bulbs, which emit a blue-white glow
- Includes 14 bulbs
- Increased visibility in your car
- Modern look for your interior lighting
- Specifically designed to work with classic Mustang lighting circuits
- Direct-fit replacements, easy installation

This high-quality Scott Drake aftermarket kit was specifically designed to work with your classic, 1967-1968 Mustang’s lighting circuits. This convenient kit's LED lighting emits a blue-white glow after a simple direct-fit installation into the factory sockets of 1967-1968 Mustangs. 

*This LED bulb kit is generic for each year, so some bulbs may be unusable, depending on your specific application.

LED Bulb Kit Includes:
- (2) Under-dash courtesy light bulbs
- (2) Console panel bulbs
- (1) Map light on roof of console bulb
- (1) Dome light bulb
- (2) Quarter-trim bulbs
- (2) Door panel bulbs
- (1) Transmission-control selector dial bulb
- (1) Glove compartment bulb

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Classic cars aren't known for their bright lighting. Mustangs are no exception. Factory headlights and taillights are weak at best; the interior lights are near useless. Thankfully the aftermarket has us covered with lots of bright options for headlights and taillights, but, due to the factory wiring, interior options have always been limited. Most of the brighter bulbs on the market today won't work with the Mustang's factory wiring. Scott Drake has a solution. This is their Courtesy Light Kit for the '67 through '68 Mustang using white LED replacement bulbs specifically designed to work with your factory wiring.

Scott Drake includes 14 white LED replacement bulbs that will fit all the courtesy lights in your '67 through '68 Mustang regardless of body style or trim.

We're going to be installing the Courtesy Light Kit in a '68 Mustang GT we're restoring over in our shop. Installation of the lights is pretty straight forward. You remove the bulb, find the matching one with the correct amount of contacts and replace.

For this installation you'll need a Phillips Head screwdriver, a small flat head screwdriver, and a 5/64 Allen key.

We're going to start the install with the Courtesy Light located in the door of our '68 GT. Before you get started, make sure you disconnect your battery. Since the door is open the Courtesy Lights will be on, the bulbs can get quite hot. First step is remove this panel by removing the six retaining screws.

Next step is to remove the cover for the light. You want to remove the first screw all the way and simply loosen the second screw. With a couple turns, it will slide down out of the way. To remove the bulb you simply press in, turn and it will release.

Courtesy Light in the door uses a bulb with two contacts. Grab the equivalent two-contact LED from your Courtesy Light kit. Install the new bulb, line up the tabs, push it in, turn it clockwise and it will lock in place.

Now would be a good time to quickly reconnect your battery just to make sure LED light is working properly before you put your door panel back together.

If, for whatever reason, the dual contact would not light up, simply remove it, turn it 180 degrees and reinstall it.

Next we're going to install the Under-Dash Courtesy Lights.

The Courtesy Light socket is going to require a slight modification for our LED bulb. The modification can be done with the socket in the car, but we're going to remove it to give you a better look on how to do it.

Start by removing the bulb by pushing in, twisting and turning like we did with the door bulb. Once you remove the bulb you'll see the six little tabs around the outside. They hold the socket to the bracket and also hold the bulb. The LED won't clear that so you have to actually push each one of them down. Push to the outside to make additional clearance. Once you clear those tabs, the LED bulb will go right in.

Once you modified the socket and installed your LED, hook the battery up one more time for a quick test.

The next bulb we're going to replace is the bulb that lights up the shift pattern on our automatic. The first step is to remove the T-handle from the shift lever. The T-handle is held onto the arm by a small 5/64 Allen Key right in the back. Loosen the Allen Key and your T-handle will come off. Now we're going to remove the four screws holding on the shift plate. Slide the plate up over the shifter.

The light for the shifter is in a small housing attached the shifter arm. It's held in place by a spring clip, simply squeeze it, you can pop it out. This top cover will slide off, and there's our bulb.

The kit includes a specific bulb that's labeled just for this application. Once you replace the bulb again you'll probably want to check it to make sure it's good before you put everything back together. This bulb will only work with the key on so once you connect your battery, turn your key forward.

Our '68 Fastback has additional courtesy lights mounted inside these quarter trim panels. To remove the light, put your finger inside, pull from the inside, it will pop out. They're simply held in place by springs.

Again we're going to twist to remove the factory bulb. Grab our new LED bulb. Install. Just pop back into place.

As you can see the white LED Courtesy Light kit is a nice visual upgrade to the interior of our Mustang. Installation is just as simple changing a light bulb so you'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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