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Are you looking to give your Chevy Silverado a more aggressive stance? If so, adding a custom set of Silverado Wheels & Tires can change your truck’s appearance in a hurry! Trading in your original Silverado wheels for new rims can help lift your truck higher off the ground while creating more performance-driving opportunities on the trail. After you have selected new Chevy Silverado wheels, adding a matching set of Silverado tires can help complete your truck’s transformation in no time. CJ’s is your one-stop shop for brand new Silverado wheels and Chevy Silverado tires that won’t let you down!

Though you may be extremely proud of the way that your Chevy Silverado looks and performs, there is always room for improvement. Because the Silverado is such a multi-purpose pickup, Chevy owners have countless reasons for wanting to personalize their trucks with aftermarket upgrades.

In addition to allowing for greater towing capacity and increasing their pickup’s possibilities on the terrain, many Silverado owners seek aftermarket enhancements in order to visually set their trucks apart from the pack. If you are eager to take your truck to the next level, both visually and performance-wise, a new set of Silverado wheels & tires would be an excellent place to begin!

When it comes to Silverado wheels, bigger always means better in the eyes of many Chevy owners. The bigger the Chevy Silverado wheels, the more aggressive that the truck looks. Replacing stock wheels with larger Silverado rims is a popular upgrade that many Chevrolet owners take advantage of, in order to increase off-roading capabilities and allow their trucks to take on a whole new attitude.

If you are thinking about increasing the size of your Silverado wheels, it is imperative to purchase the correct Silverado tires that directly correspond with your new rims at the same time. Obviously, the need for larger Silverado wheels comes the need for bigger Chevy Silverado tires as well. In addition to looking cooler, adding larger Silverado tires will reduce the tire’s sidewall height, which will improve your overall handling capabilities. Once you have installed your new Silverado wheels and Chevy Silverado tires, you are ready for whatever lies in your path on the highway and in the wilderness.

Even if you have no intention of ever increasing the size of your wheels and tires, it still important for you to routinely check on the condition of your pickup’s wheel well. After many years of battling the crowded highways and the shaky conditions of the trail, your Chevrolet Silverado wheels could literally become bent out of shape. Bent Silverado rims can cause increased vibration, particularly at higher speeds, which can be detrimental to your vehicle’s suspension system.

If you live out in the country, or even if you stick to primarily to city driving, your Silverado tires will undoubtedly face uneven road surfaces throughout their lifespan, which if not treated properly, could severely harm their rubber material. Operating your truck with semi-deflated Chevy Silverado tires could impact your overall handle on the truck, and could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere if you are not careful!

Find the Best Silverado Wheels & Tires at CJ’s

Though they all perform the same task, Silverado wheels come in all different measurements. While deciding that you want larger Silverado wheels might be easy, locating a matching set of Chevy Silverado tires can be challenging at times. Luckily for you, CJ’s would love to assist with all of your Silverado wheel and tire needs! Ranging from aftermarket Silverado wheels, to premium Silverado tires, to Chevy Silverado wheel accessories, CJ’s has everything that you need to properly equip your wheel well for the future!

CJ’s sells a growing selection of Chevy Silverado wheels and wheel accessories from a variety of respected brands, including fuel. Regardless of which outlet that you select, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting reliable Silverado wheels that will not let you down. These Chevy Silverado wheels measure 20”X9”, and feature an aggressive-styled 10-spoke design with a deep concave appearance.

Each of the 10 spokes end at the rim of the wheel feature a bolt that provides a unique bead-style lock appearance, which will give your truck an added edge on the trail. CJ’s sells these aftermarket Silverado wheels with either matte black or gloss black finishes. These Silverado rims are available as complete sets of four as complete kits with Silverado tires included. Be sure to note the product’s backspacing, bolt pattern, and offset before you purchase any Chevy Silverado wheels from CJ’s.

In addition to replacement Silverado wheels and Chevy Silverado tires, CJ’s offers lug nut kits that can not only help you attach your new rims, but can also enhance your wheel well’s appearance. Once you have selected the appropriate Chevy Silverado wheels and Silverado tires, you are ready to customize the rest of your truck. While you’re on the site, feel free to check out CJ’s selection of Silverado engine, exhaust, and interior parts!