Starkey Puddle Light LED Kit 2005-2012

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Starkey LED Puddle Light Kit for all 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Mustangs.

You asked for it and Starkey Products listened. Originally only found on some of the 2013-2014 Mustangs and other premium sports cars, Starkey has created this high quality puddle lamp kit for all 2005-2012 Mustangs. These lamps use LED bulbs and are designed to be low profile and very easy to install! Not only are they a great aesthetic upgrade, the puddle lamps provide increased visibility at night. Available in White or Blue LED's, you'll have the color options you need to add a little unique touch to any 2005-2012 Mustang.

The Starkey Puddle lamps will come on automatically when the vehicle is unlocked or the doors are opened, and then they will dim once the vehicle is turned on. You can also manually turn them on or off at any time using the map light dimmer switch. The lamps simply require an 11/16" hole to be drilled in the bottom of the side-view mirrors. An easy to use template is included to make drilling a breeze. You don't need to purchase anything else. Lamps, wiring, connectors and a template for drilling are all included. Installation is straight-forward, and most installations take about 2-3 hours. Starkey has included a detailed step-by-step instruction manual with pictures.

Features and Benefits:
- Available in Your Choice of White or Blue LED's
- High Quality Weatherproof Construction Insures Trouble Free Operation
- Simple installation ­No Complex Wiring or Mounting
- Adds a Unique Look to Your Mustang
- Aesthetic and Safety Upgrade
- Only Tools Required are a Flat Head Screw Driver, Adjustable Wrench (or Socket Set), a Drill with a 11/16-inch Drill Bit and a T30 Torx Bit/Driver.

Kit Includes;
- (2) LED Puddle Lamps
- Wiring with Weatherproof Connections
- Mounting Nuts and Zip Ties
- Detailed Installation Manual

*For maximum light output, Starkey recommends the White LED Puddle lamp kit.

Order the Starkey White or Blue LED Puddle Light Kit for your 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Puddle lights are safety and convenience feature found on many new vehicles that illuminate the ground next to the vehicle when you unlock it. Mustang enthusiasts are no doubt familiar with Ford's version of this which appear on the 2013 through 2015 Mustang and illuminated the ground the shape of a running horse. Unfortunately, the only way to get the running horse lights is to buy one of those Mustangs, but if you like the idea and safety and convenience of puddle lights for your 2005 to 2012 Mustang today we're going to show you how to install them using this puddle light kit from Starkey Products.

Starkey offers 2 versions of the LED. You're going to have either a white light or a blue light. We suggest the white for maximum light output but the blue can give you a nice custom touch depending on the color of your car. Starkey provides everything necessary to add a standard puddle light to your 2005 through 2012 Mustang. Installations will require drilling and some custom wiring but it's going to be too extensive. Today we're going to show you how to install it.

For this installation you need a 1/4 inch ratchet, 7mm socket, 8mm socket, 11mm wrench, T20 Torx bit, T30 Torx bit, Panel removal tool, Needle nose pliers, Wire cutters, Wire strippers, Flashlight, Drill, 11/16 drill bit, and Safety glasses.

Because we're messing with the electrical system, the first thing you want to do is disconnect the battery. Before you do that though, put your windows up. It'll make some of the later steps a little bit easier. Once that's done, the first step is taking off the mirrors by taking off the trim panels inside. To get the mirror cover off, you want to pry it from the top here. If you need to, put a small screwdriver or something up in here, but I've found it you give it a good squeeze and pull it'll pop right off. You leave cover hang. Get the mirror off, then remove these 3 nuts. It'll be pretty easy to drop these nuts down in the door panel. If you do, don't worry about it the door panel will be coming off later. It's easy to retrieve them. The nuts off, disconnect the power harness. Push the mirror through and remove.

The next step's going to sound a little bit scary but take your time. It's not so bad to do. The mirror glass has to be separated from the mirror assembly since we're going to be drilling a hole. To do that, basically you want to push down and angle it in. Look inside you'll be able to see little clips. What we're going to do is give you a close-up of the clip and then we're going to pop them off. This is the clip right here, so what you want to do is pop it off. Once you get that one popped usually the rest of them are going to come of pretty easy. Remove the glass.

With the glass off, you'll want to cut out the correct template and put it on the bottom of your mirror. Make sure you get the correct one. They're size specific but they're also year specific, '05 through '09 uses one template. 2010 through 2012 is going to use another. Get it in place and tape down so we can drill our hole.

You're going to be drilling 11/16 hole which is on the larger side. It'll go through plastic easily but I still suggest; put a small pilot hole in the middle, make it easier. Now we can remove our template. Make sure you get all the plastic that we drilled out of the mirror as well. Remove the white nut from the puddle light. We're going to fish the wire through the hole we just drilled. Reinstall the nut and tighten it down. It's a plastic nut and a plastic light. As long as you get your hand in there, it should be plenty tight, no reason to put any tools on it. Now you want to start fishing the wire through the mirror, this area here. Keep it tucked down as best you can so that way it doesn't get stuck with the mirror's mechanism.

On the 2010 through 2012's you have a lot more room for the wire, but we decided to do on our '05 just to make sure the wire didn't get pinched, drill an extra hole over here in the plastic and take a little piece out there. That way the wire can sit right here and sit flush without risking being crimped.

Reinstall the mirror, we'll start by fishing our puddle light wire through. Light up the mirror, studs, and the bolts. Then reinstall the nuts.

With the mirror mounted, now we're going to remove the door panel so I fish the down and inside interior to connect it inside. To do that, start by taking the bolts off the outside edges here and move towards the center. Now for the door handle itself, try pulling on it. You need a little small screwdriver or pick, little plastic panel here you want to remove it. Then remove the screw behind it.

Now the window switch panel, same idea. Use a small pick or screwdriver go underneath the corner here. Lift up, there's just plastic clips holding on. Unplug the switch panel, put it out of the way. Remove the 7mm bolt right behind the switch panel. Moving back on the handle here, pop this plastic trim panel off. Then remove the T30 screw behind it. Now you want to slightly pull up and out on the door panel to release it.

You'll find to disconnect the harness you'll need a set of needle nose pliers then to remove the wire from the door. The door panel off, we're going to start fishing the wiring. You want to use an existing hole to get the wire into the door. This one up here works pretty well. Simply punch a hole in it, put the wire through there and then we'll pull it out and fish it into place.

Now we need to do is fish the wire through this black connector right here. It's unfortunate to be very impossible to show you. It's also going to be little bit difficult to do and can be tedious. You kind of want to leave the door plug connected so I'm fishing the wire through. Just pull this back a little bit so you can see what you're doing. Once you finally get the wires fished in the interior ready to connect it to the dome light.

The way it's going to work is this harness is include by Starkey. These connections here are going to connect from the A-pillar to the wires that go to your dome light. This is going to connect to the passenger side puddle light. I'm going to fish this across and take this to the driver's side. The first thing you want to do with a coupe is pop off the A-pillar. If you have a convertible like ours you're going to start by taking this visor off first. Then this comes off next. At this point, the pillar is just held on by clips. Hold down the front here and separate it.

We need to get our wiring harness from the kick panel area up to this plug here. There's 2 ways to do it. You can try fishing the harness up. With the ends on it's probably a little bit harder to do. Better let gravity help you, start from the top and fish it down. Once we have the wiring through, pull the rest of the harness down through. Make sure all the puddle light connections are down there and this harness stays up here for now.

The connections for 2005 through 2009 Mustang, the red wire is going to go to the black with the blue. On 2010 through 2012, the red wire goes to gray with purple. The black wire on '05 through '09 goes to green with yellow. The black wire on 2010 through 2102 goes to black with yellow. You see the black with the blue and the green with the yellow. We're going to install the supplied wire taps on those. The tap in place, squeeze it down until it clicks. Our red wire then we'll connect to the black with the blue. Our black wire to green and yellow. At this point, we're going to leave this open like this, make the connections at the puddle lights and then we're going to test everything before we put it all back together.

Starkey provides wire taps to connect the wires from the puddle lights to our main harness. I'm actually just going to use some solderless connectors because I think it will be a little bit easier to use. Now, we're going to fish the harness over to the driver's side puddle light. There's a main harness here that goes across the front of the floor pan and then goes behind the radio across to the other side. This is the easiest place to try to fish your wire through. Now when you're done you could also tie the harness right to that factory harness. Now we'll strip the wires, make the same connections on the driver's side.

Okay, with the connections made, now we can reconnect our battery, test out our puddle lights. You'll want to hit the unlock button to disarm and your puddle light should turn on. We'll also check and make sure our puddle lights are working properly. Now we can go back hide all our wiring, reinstall the panels, and your installation is finished.

The puddle lights add a nice element of safety and convenience to your 2005 through 2012 Mustang and overall the installation is pretty straight forward. The hardest part is fishing the wire from the door to the interior. If you take your time you can probably do the whole installation around 2 hours and be back on the road in no time.

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