Steeda Lowering Spring Set Focus ST Early 2013



  • Drops The Front By 1.0"
  • Drops The Rear By 1.4"
  • Reduced Body Roll
  • Less Nose Dive
MSRP $309.99
You save $5.00

Steeda Lowering Spring Set for Early 2013 Focus STs.

Upgrade your early model 2013 Focus ST with this Steeda Lowering Spring Set 555-8305. These precision-engineered springs lower your ST's center of gravity and give your hatchback superior handling that you’re bound to love.

Features & Benefits:
- Spring kit will fit 2013 Focus STs built before July 8th, 2013
- Drops the front by 1.0”
- Drops the rear by 1.4”
- CNC wound with high tensile strength chrome-silicon spring wire
- Reduced body roll
- Less nose dive
- Minimizes wheel hop
- Increases traction
- Considerably reduces understeer
- Overall improved handling
- Made in the USA

Steeda Focus ST Lowering Springs are CNC wound with high tensile strength chrome-silicon spring wire. These springs go through a heat treatment, are shot peened, then re-heat treated and finally powder-coated to ensure corrosion resistance and no spring sag over the course of their service life. With these springs, your Focus will be lowered 1” in the front and 1.4” in the rear. This will lower the center of gravity, as well as give your hatchback a cool, sleeker appearance. Steeda designed these lowering springs to increase traction, reduce built-in understeer and improve cornering ability.

Like most front wheel drive cars, the Focus ST is susceptible to severe understeer when pushed to the limit. Steeda’s lowering springs provide front to rear balance by increasing the rear spring rate proportionally more than they increase the front spring rate. This will considerably reduce the understeer while still being conservative enough to produce mild understeer so that the car is easy to drive.

Please Note: This spring kit fits 2013 Focus STs that are built before July 8th, 2013.

Order a Steeda 555-8305 Lowering Spring Set for your Early 2013 Focus ST from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We're gonna show you how to make your Focus ST handle and look better.

The Focus ST is a great looking and handling car right from the factory, but there's always room for improvement. So, today we're gonna make our 2013 Focus ST even better by installing the Steeda lowering springs.

These springs are designed to fit the factory struts on your Focus ST made before July 8, 2013, but they'll fit most aftermarket struts for the 2013 - 2018 Focus ST.

We're going to directly replace the factory springs to lower the front of the car 1" and the back 1.4", helping to lower the car's center of gravity to reduce body roll and understeer, as well as giving the car a killer stance.

For more information and pricing on these springs, click the link down in the description. Now, let's get to the install.

Tools you'll need for this installation:

A lift and a jack; or a jack and jack stands

8mm socket

1/4" ratchet

10mm socket

13mm socket

15mm socket

3/8" ratchet

t30 torques bit

5mm hex key

6mm hex key

17mm wrench

18mm wrench

A trim panel removal tool

A pry bar

A knife or razor blade

You'll also need a coil spring compressor.

Alright, the first thing we're gonna do for installing these springs is remove the cowl right here. There's a couple of screws and clips holding it in place. There's a t30 torque screw on each side of the cowl that needs to be removed. Pop off both covers right here. There's a 10mm bolt under each cover that needs to be removed. Then, remove the four clips.

Once you've removed all four, you can separate the cowl. Pull the seel off. We'll just lay that up front. Remove the lower piece. We'll just set that forward as well. We can now lift up the cowl to access the three bolts that hold on each strut. There's two up front and the one in the back. Right now we're just gonna loosen these. We're not gonna fully remove them just yet. Do the same thing to the other side, then we'll go down and work on the lower part of the suspension.

Remove the wheel. We're gonna disconnect the sway bar end link here. You'll need a 15mm wrench and a 5mm hex key. Remove the nut, and disconnect the end link. Then, remove this bracket for the brake hose. It's an 8mm bolt. There's a 15mm bolt on the back of the steering knuckle that we need to remove in order to get the strut out. Remove the bolt, but don't set it aside just yet.

So, what we're gonna be doing, the bolt that we just removed, we're gonna install it on the back side of the steering knuckle, and we're gonna re-thread it in, because there's a slit right here.

What we need to do, we need to put a piece of steel, or anything, really, in that slit, so when we tighten this bolt, it'll hit the piece of metal and spread the knuckle, releasing the strut.

Alright, it's compressing the piece of steel that I put in. Once you feel it get tight, just give it a couple rotations and it'll spread it, releasing the strut.

You'll know that you've threaded the bolt enough when you can wiggle the steering knuckle, and you can see it moves independently from the strut, just like that.

Remove the three bolts from up top that you loosened earlier. The strut can now be completely removed. This part might be a little tricky.

We have our strut out of the car. It's on the table. Now we need to separate the strut from the spring. We're gonna put our spring compressor on the spring to compress it so we can swap in our lowering spring.

Compress the spring. With the spring compressed, we can remove the 18mm nut on top of the strut. Sometimes you can get lucky removing this nut with an impact, but in our case, it's started to rotate on us, so we need to put an 18mm wrench on the nut and then hold the strut with a 6mm hex key.

Remove the nut, and disassemble the top of the strut. Make sure you keep everything in order. Remove the strut from the spring. Remove your old spring from the compressor.

Okay, we have our factory bump stop right here. Steeda recommends to trim 1/4" off of both the front and the rear bump stop, so we're gonna trim about 1/4" off here. Alright, we trimmed about 1/4" off. It's good to go.

Grab your new Steeda spring, and put this into the spring compressor. Make sure that the spring is seated and rotated properly on the bottom of the strut, and reassemble the top portion. Make sure you have the top spring perch properly aligned, then reinstall your nut.

Double-check and make sure everything is still properly aligned, then you can decompress the spring.

We're ready to install our strut back into the car. Make sure that these two bumps on the top of the strut face inside of the car, and also make sure that the label on the strut is facing outward as well.

We're gonna use a jack to lift up the lower control arm so we can align the strut up top. Once you get the strut in place up top and aligned, install your upper strut bolts.

Once you get all three bolts tight, we can move down to the bottom. Remove the bolt on the steering knuckle, and move it to the other side. Make sure you still have your jack on the lower control arm pushing up on this whole assembly to make sure the strut is properly in the steering knuckle, and then install the bolt.

Reattach the brake hose, then the sway bar end link.

The cowl can now be reassembled. Reinstall all the bolts and clips. Reinstall the torque screws on both ends. Install all four clips. Then, install the weather strip. Install the vent covers. Then you can move onto the rear.

Okay, we're at the back of the car. This is a lot simpler than the front. The first thing I'm gonna do is put a pole jack right under this control arm.

The first thing I'm gonna do is put a pole jack under this control arm, and remove this bolt right here with a 15mm socket. Remove the bolt, and lower the control arm slowly. To lower the control arm, just lower the pole jack. Pull down on the arm to remove the spring.

Install the top isolator on top of your new Steeda spring. When you install this, you wanna make sure you can read the font. Put it up in the upper perch, and raise up the lower arm.

You'll know if you installed the spring correctly if the end of the spring seats right here on the lower control arm. This is where it's supposed to stop. Now, lift up the lower control arm with the pole jack to install the spring.

You might need a pry bar or a screwdriver to manipulate the arm to get it back into its place.

With it properly lined up, install your bolt, and then tighten up the bolt. Once it's tightened up, you can trim the bump stop. Just like with the front bump stop, we're gonna trim 1/4" off the top. You can use whatever method you would like to do this.

Once you get it trimmed, repeat the same process for the other side and you're finished.

Okay, we got our Steeda lowering springs installed on our 2013 Focus. It's looking so good now. It's got the perfect stance, and it's driving so much better. It handles like it's on rails. I'd plan on about four hours to do this install, and before you know it, you'll be heading down the road.

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